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If you have decided to create a high seas adventure for your toddler, then you might want to check out my page of some fun ideas for Pirate Birthday Parties; that is if you are still in need of some blarney good ideas for things like your invitations, the room decor, costume ideas, favors, and of course lots of pirate food and cake ideas. Otherwise, I assume you have made your way over to this page because you're in need of some pirate games for your tip-top and ever so terrific toddler. If this is the case, then keep your finger on the scroll button and start your scrolling and you will discover lots of games and activities that are sure to create a swashbuckling good time.

Ahoy Mateys! If you are ready to board the ship and sail the Seven Seas, then let's get to creating a fun-filled pirate theme party that is guaranteed to have all your little pirates celebrating in swashbuckling style! Here are some pirate games that are sure to have all your little pirates shaking their booty with delight!


FIRE THE CANNONBALL BALLOON GAME – Make sure you have a bag full of black balloons for this exciting game, and you’ll probably want to blow up the balloons before the party. To play the game, each child gets a “cannonball” (the black balloon). The “cannonball” is tied around the ankle of each child. When the game is started, instruct the kids to try to fire the cannonball of the other kids by popping their balloons. The goal is to keep your cannonball from firing. The child that makes it to the end with a balloon wins. If you are playing this outside, you can make them water balloons for some wet, hilarious fun. Kids love getting wet, so they’ll love using water balloons.

PIRATE FRUIT GATHERING GAME – This is one of the free pirate games that your young guests are going to love, since it requires them to get creative. Start by filling up a small wading pool with plastic balls in various colors – the plastic balls will represent fruit. Blue ones will be blueberries, orange balls will be oranges, yellow ones will be lemons, green will be limes and red balls will be the strawberries. To start the game, have kids try to gather as much of the “fruit” as possible in just 90 or 120 seconds. Kids are sure to get creative as they try to gather “fruit.”

Free Pirate Games

CANNONBALL PIRATE “WAR” GAME – Divide the party area, preferably outdoors, in half. Then, split up your guests into two teams. Put one team on each side and tell them that is their pirate ship. Before the party, crumple up some balls of newspaper and spray paint them black. Make sure you have plenty of “cannonballs” for each team. To play the game, have kids play the game like dodge ball, except you’ll be using the newspaper “cannonballs” so no one gets hurt. If someone is hit, they are out of the game. See which team lasts has the most “pirates” left at the end of the game.

PIRATE TRAINING OBSTACLE COURSE – Create a fun obstacle course for your little pirates to have fun with, calling it a “pirate training obstacle course.” Make the course by adding cool obstacles, such as jumping over hot sand, swimming through part of the ocean (made from a blue tarp), eating several goldfish for extra energy, blasting off a couple cannonballs (made from black balloons), or jumping over toy sharks. You could even include a wading pool in the course that kids have to wade through as part of the training obstacle course. Get creative with the course and make it age-appropriate so kids will have a blast.

Free Pirate Games

BREADSTICK PIRATE SWORD FIGHTS – While you don’t want to have real sword fights for your little pirates, a breadstick pirate sword fight is sure to be tons of fun and it’s one of the free pirate games that doesn’t take much work to prepare. All you’ll need is plenty of breadsticks for this game. You can buy some at a local bakery for a reasonable price. Have two kids start the pirate sword fights and give them each a breadstick sword. They have to duel until one “pirate” is able to bread the opponents “sword.” Once one person is out, have a new contestant step up to challenge the winner. See which child is able to stay in the pirate duels the longest. Make sure that you let kids know that they are not supposed to hit the person with the breadstick – they can only hit the other “pirate’s” breadstick with their own breadstick.

PIRATE TREASURE CHESTS - Prior to the party collect empty plastic diaper wipe containers. To keep things under control, since you are entertaining toddlers, rough up the surface with sandpaper and spray paint them. When it's time to do the activity, give everyone stick on jewels and stick-on earrings, pirate stickers, pom poms, feathers, glitter, ribbons, etc. for the kids to decorate their treasure chest with. You can plan to fill these up later with the kids' pirate favors.

PIRATE TELESCOPES - Make your telescopes from an empty cardboard paper towel or toilet paper roll. Once again, to make things a little easier for your little tikes and a little cleaner for yourself, paint the rolls various colors prior to the party. Spray paint would be the easiest and fastest way to go. Then provide stick on jewels and earrings, pirate stickers, pom poms, feathers, glitter, ribbons, etc. for the kids to decorate their telescopes. When they're done, cover the ends with a colored piece of cellophane, held on with a rubberband.

Free Pirate Games

PEG-LEG PETE - Divide your guests into two groups. On "Go", the first group will all stand on one leg. Hopping is allowed to try to maintain their peg-leg position. Meanwhile, the second group will try to cause them to have to put their other leg down. However, no one may touch someone to knock them off balance. They will be allowed to say things, make funny faces, run around them, try to distract them, etc. Whoever puts their foot down is out of the game. Game continues to eliminate kids until one remains who is the winner.

TICK TOCK, FIND THE CROC - Use an egg timer that makes an audible ticking sound as your crocodile. Hide it and have your little pirates try to find it before the bell rings.

TREASURE HUNT - Hide chocolate coins, colorful Mardi Gras beads, pirate stickers, glow sticks, candy "gems", bag of gold nugget candies, etc. Have everyone hunt for treasure. They may put everything they find into their decorated treasure chests.

Free Pirate Games

PAN FOR GOLD - You can either use a sandbox or a kiddie pool filled with sand. Spray paint pebbles gold and bury them in the sand. Punch holes in the bottom of the disposable foil pie pans so your little pirates can sift the sand out to discover their gold. Give them each a nugget bag to put their gold into. This can be made from a piece of black fabric.

PIN THE FLAG ON THE TREASURE MAP - Play like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Make a treasure map on poster board and mark a red "X" for treasure location. Make enough small flags, as there are players. Blindfold each pirate, spin them around, and have them try to pin the flag on treasure map. Use double stick tape. Flag closest to treasure wins.

MUSICAL ISLANDS - This game is played along the same lines as Musical Chairs except you use 8 1/2" x 11" pieces of poster board. Create a course for pirates to walk and place poster board along the way. Play some pirate theme music in the background as your pirates follow the course. When the music stops, each pirate tries to stand on 1 island. The pirate who doesn't get on an island is out. Repeat until you have but one lonely pirate who still remains and that little pirate shall win the game.

Free Pirate Games

PIRATE PARTY GAMES - PASS THE PIRATE HAT - Game played like Hot Potato except use a pirate hat. Put all pirates in circle and have birthday pirate start with hat. Turn music on and let pirates pass hat to pirate sitting next to them and this continues until music stops. Whichever pirate is left holding the hat is out until 1 pirate remains who is the winner.

PINATA PIRATE PARTY IDEAS - Blindfold pirates using pirate bandana. Wrap bat with black and gold or black and silver streamers and tie bottom of bat with curling ribbons.

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