Football Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Football Party Ideas
Kick Off A Party Touch Down!

Hut One, Hut Two, Hike! Get ready to create a football theme party that will score big with your football fans. To kick off your planning efforts, I've created this page of "Fan"-tastic party ideas; they'll have all your guests rooting for the home team.

Hosting a football birthday party is a great choice for your football lovin' kid, regardless of his size or age. There are so many wonderful ideas and supplies to select from, that you're going to have to figure out how to stay out of the end zone of going broke. This theme that has a lot of potential, so don't be an armchair quarterback--get into the game. Huddle up and get ready to kick off a great party that is sure to score a touchdown. These ideas are sure to guarantee that you will be voted MVP--most valuable party planner!


Here are a few football party ideas that you might consider for creating your football invitations:

FOOTBALL STAMP INVITATIONS – These invitations are easy to make for your football party. All you need is some cardstock and some football themed stamps. Start with a light colored piece of cardstock folded into an invitation. Use the football themed stamps to create a cool border all around the outside of the invitation. You can even do the same thing inside of the invitations if you desire. On the outside of the invitation write, “The NFL Celebrates (Child’s Name)’s Birthday! Join Us at Kickoff!” Inside of the invitation, add all the party details using fun football terms, such as “Game Day” instead of the Date and “Kickoff Time” instead of the time.

SPORTS HEADBAND INVITATIONS – Purchase some sports headbands with your favorite team colors and logo on them. Make sure you have enough headbands to send one out with each invitation. Then, choose a piece of cardstock that goes along with the team colors. On the front of the piece of cardstock write “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble……..” On the back of the card you can write, “(Name) is tackling another great birthday so com celebrate with our all start player!” Then, include the important party info beneath it.

Once you have decided on your football invite, be sure to add a football-related slogan for added fun. Also, don't forget to give everyone the necessary party info. To get your wheels turning, I've come up with the following slogans:

  • Join us as we kick off to a great birthday celebration for (Name)

  • Take a time out and join us for (Name's) Football Birthday Party

  • Get your backfield in motion and join us for (Name') Football Birthday Party

  • Are you ready for some football?! Get ready to celebrate (Name's) football birthday party

Football Party Ideas For Football Birthday Invitations

FOOTBALL SHAPED INVITATIONS - Fold a piece of brown card stock in half and cut out the shape of a football, while leaving the top portion attached so the invite can open up. Hole-punch holes on the top of the invite and thread white ribbon or shoes laces through the holes and tie it in a bow. Write all your party details inside.

FOOTBALL JERSEY SHAPED INVITATIONS - Cut out the shape of a football jersey from a piece of colored card stock that coincides with your party colors or your favorite team. You can add a football sticker on the front for the emblem and party details on the other side.

FOOTBALL REFEREE JERSEY SHAPED INVITES - From black and white striped cardstock, cut the shape of a referee jersey. Put the party info on the reverse side.

Football Party Ideas For Football Birthday Invitations

TICKET INVITES - Print out your invites to look like a football game ticket. Say "Admit One" and provide all the party info.

FOOTBALL CARD INVITES - Print a picture of the birthday child in a football uniform on the front of the card and add his/her stats; party info goes on the back. Laminate and mail or hand-deliver the invites.

PENNANT INVITES - Cut the shape of a pennant out from colored card stock that coincides with your party colors. Write out party details and add a logo on the reverse side that coincides with your favorite team.

Football Party Ideas For Football Birthday Invitations

FOOTBALL BALLOON INVITES - Blow up a balloon but don't tie it off. Write out the party details onto the balloon. Deflate and insert the balloon into an envelope and mail it with instructions to inflate for an invite.

COLLECTOR'S CARD INVITES - Take a photo of the birthday child dressed in a football jersey or uniform, with party info hand written on the reverse side, and slide the picture into a hard plastic baseball collector's card holder.

FOOTBALL FIELD INVITES - Cut some green strips out of card stock and cut a rectangle from white card stock. Glue the green strips to one side so they hang over the edges of the white card to look like a football field. Write all the party info on the white card.


One of the easiest ideas for costumes is to have all of your guests show up to the party wearing their favorite team colors. They can don their colors or come wearing football jerseys. Of course, guests don’t have to come wearing football gear, but you can make sure you have plenty of fun football accessories on hand for guests to wear during the party. Football party hats, football bracelets, whistles and other cool accessories are great items to hand out when guests arrive. You can even let guests keep their football accessories when they leave as fun football favors.


Start your decor planning by figuring out your color scheme. A great and very biased way of coming up with those colors would be to use your favorite team's colors. Once that decision has been made, here are some great ideas that will help you turn your living room into a super environment that even the Super Bowl would be proud to attend:

Football Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Find some Mylar balloons shaped like footballs or like football helmets. Place them around the room to add to the décor. They’ll look great and they can be deflated and saved as a cool memento of the party.

  • Cheerleader pom poms in your team colors make great accessories that you can use all around the party area. They can be hung from ceilings, added to tables or even hung up on the walls to add more team spirit to the room.

  • At the party entrance, turn your front door (or other party entrance door) into a display of team colors. Use butcher paper in one color to cover the entire door. Then, use the other color to add accents on the door. You could also use the contrasting color to create letters that say, “GO (TEAM NAME)!” Everyone is sure to know where the party is being held if you have your door so festively decorated for the football party.

  • Greet all your guests with a football player standee at the entrance. You can also use this life-size standee to create a fun photo area.

  • Make bouquets of balloons by intertwining the team colors together.

  • Snazz up your ceiling by hanging some football swirl decorations from it.

More Football Party Ideas For Decorations

  • To insure your room has a festive feel, hang lots of streamers in those famous team colors throughout the room.

  • Twist streamers around your window and door frames to give them a nice accent.

  • Hang streamers freely in any archways and doorways to give them an interesting add-on.

  • To add a splash of marvelous color, fill the ceiling with balloons using your team colors.

  • Another ceiling option is to cover it with twisted streamers. This will take a while so start early--perhaps the day before.

  • Accent special areas with theme Mylar balloons shaped like footballs and jerseys.


  • Place a birthday football banner on a predominant wall or perhaps across the front of the garage to welcome guests.

  • Hang colorful pom poms on the walls.

  • Jazz up your walls with posters of your favorite players.

  • You can also hang some football jerseys on the walls.

  • Hang some signs up that say things like, "Game Time", "Go (Team Name)", "Defense!", etc.

  • Hang football themed decals on the walls. If you get the removable kind you can transfer them to your kid's bedroom walls after the party is over.

  • Football pennants are a great choice to hang on the walls.


  • Cover your dining room table with football themed party ware and tablecloth for festive fun.

  • On the foot tables, place a variety of trophies and awards. Try borrowing some awards and trophies from friends and family members, or you may be able to find some at thrift stores. They’ll look cool on the party tables.

  • To add to your party table décor, purchase serving trays that are shaped like footballs. You can use the trays to hold various snacks and party foods. You may also be able to find football shaped bowls, or you could even serve snacks in upside down football helmets, adding to your table décor.

  • Purchase or make your own football themed die cuts, such as footballs, football helmets, pennants, etc. Sprinkle them on the party tables as colorful confetti. If you are picking a specific team, make sure that your die cuts match the team colors you are using for your party décor.

  • Place butcher paper over one of the party tables. Then, cover the butcher paper with different football team pennants. Attach with some double sided tape if necessary. Cover the pennants with a clear vinyl tablecloth to protect them. Your table will look amazing.

  • At both ends of your food tables, construct goal posts out of cardboard covered in tissue paper or construction paper. Attach them to the tables to add something unique to your table décor.

  • Along with all the confetti you use on the tables, sprinkle sports stickers, football cards or football temporary tattoos on the tables as well. Encourage guests to pick out favorites that they want to take home as favors, which makes them double as decorations and fun favors.


Football Party Ideas For Games

FOOTBALL TRAINING ACTIVITY – Get your guests’ blood pumping with this fun football training activity. Football players end up doing a lot of training, so put together a fun training game that includes some of the physical activities that football players often used when training. Have guests focus on pushing heavy objects across the field, get them doing pushups, jump jacks and sit ups and have them work on passing the football.

FOOTBALL THROWING CONTEST – Outdoors, mark off some yard lines in your yard using some chalk before the party begins. Let guests step up to the starting line and throw the football three times. Measure their longest throw. See who can throw the football the furthest and give the winner a prize. You could also give a prize to the person who throws the best spiral.

FOOTBALL SPRINT JERSEY RELAY – Divide all your guests into two separate teams. Set up a starting line and a finish line for this relay. You’ll need to have two footballs and two football jerseys (make them large so it fits everyone). Have each team line up at the start line. The first person in line has to put on the jersey, grab the football and sprint to the finish line and back. Then, they have to put down the football and take off jersey. The next person has to put on the jersey, grab the football and sprint down the line. This continues until the entire team finishes. The first team finishing the football sprints wins.

Football Party Ideas For Games

FOOTBALL CANDY JAR GUESSING GAME – Fill up a clear glass jar with football shaped candies, such as football shaped chocolates. Count how many pieces of candy you put inside the jar. Place the jar on a table with a clipboard and pen. When guests have a minute, have them write down their name and their guess of how many candies are in the jar. At the end of the party, the guest who had the closest guess wins the game and gets to take home the jar of candy as a tasty prize.

FOOTBALL ACCURACY GAME – Have fun seeing how accurately guests can throw a football with this game. Hang up an old car tire (without the wheel of course) from a tree branch. Have guests stand 25 feet away and throw the football through the tire. Give each person 5-10 throw and see how many times they can get the football through the target. The person who has the best score will be the winner of this fun football game.

FOOTBALL MOVIE TIME – Some great football movies exist and if you’re not watching a football game at your party, you may want to pull out a great football movie for guests to watch while they are enjoying all the great football party food. You can even have multiple football movies on hand so guests can take a vote on which movie they want to watch. Some great football movies to consider include:

- The Blind Side
- Remember the Titans
- Jerry Maguire
- Rudy
- Friday Night Lights
- We Are Marshall
- Invincible
- Facing the Giants
- The Replacements

Football Party Ideas For Games

FOOTBALL TOSS #1 - Line up 3-4 containers of various sizes and have your guests try to toss a football into them. Depending upon the difficulty of getting a football into a particular container, assign them each a point value. Whoever gets the most points shall be the winner.

FOOTBALL TOSS #2 - Using a heavy rope, hang a tire off of a tree. Line everyone up and have them try to throw the ball through the opening. Have each person throw the football 3, 5, or 10 times. Each successful throw earns a point and whoever has the most points wins. For younger kids, you can hang a hula hoop instead.

FOOTBALL KNOCKDOWN - Stack-up some plastic bottles that are filled with sand pyramid style like you see at a carnival. Have your guests try to knock them down with a football. Whoever knocks the most down shall be the winner. Determine the distance to stand away from the target based upon your guests' ages.

BALLOON FOOTBALL - Use balloons instead of footballs. Line everyone up and have them each run and kick a balloon. Whoever kicks the balloon the farthest will be the winner. For added fun, you could blindfold the kicker each time.

FOOTBALL BLINDFOLD GAME – For this game, you’ll need a large piece of poster board. Then, draw a football field on the poster board. Be sure to draw lines for all the downs and assign a point value to each down. Then cut 3 footballs for each party guest you plan to have. To play the game, blindfold each child. Give them three footballs and have them pin their football on the football field closest to a specific down that you call out. Give them points according to the downs they pin the balls close to. Whoever racks up the most points scores the touchdown and wins the game.

Football Party Ideas For Football Party Games

FOOTBALL CHARADES - This is an old favorite that works with just about any age group. Prior to the party, write down on slips of paper various football terms and place them in an upside down helmet. Divide your guests into two teams and have them take turns drawing a slip from the helmet and acting it out. As most of these are quick and easy, give them 30 seconds to 1 minute to figure it out. If they run out of time, the other team gets to "steal" away the victory and try to solve the charade. Each solve is worth 1 point. For harder charades you can award 2 points or allow additional time. Whichever teams accumulates the most points shall be the winners. Here are some charade ideas to get you started:
  • Backfield
  • Blocking
  • Blowout
  • Cheerleader
  • Football
  • Fumble
  • Goal Post
  • Hail Mary
  • Huddle
  • Kickoff
  • Pump Fake
  • Quarterback
  • Referee
  • Tackle
  • Touchdown


When it comes to food, this is a theme that lends itself to making life easy for you. Serve things that you might find at the football game concession stands. If you have an adult crowd, you might want to add for a few extra special BBQ types of items and then round out the menu with a few cold salads. Here are some ideas to start you thinking about an easy, yet yummy menu:
  • Corn dogs
  • Hot dogs
  • Hamburgers
  • Pizza
  • Nachos
  • Tri-Tip
  • Chicken
  • Chicken Wings
  • Potato salad
  • Macaroni salad
  • Pasta salad
  • Pot of beans
  • Chips and Dip
  • Peanuts in shells or mixed nuts
  • Popcorn


  • Bottled Water
  • PowerAde & Gatorade
  • Your favorite punch
  • Fruit juices


Football Party Ideas For Cakes

DIY FOOTBALL SHAPED BIRTHDAY CAKE – Bake a double layer rectangular cake in your favorite flavor. Using icing, connect the two layers. Then, use a knife to carefully cut the cake into a football shape. Decorate the cake using chocolate icing and then use some white icing to pipe the football lacing onto the cake. Place the football cake on a serving dish and sprinkle green coconut (use food color gel to dye the coconut) around the cake to look like grass.

FOOTBALL TEAM COLOR CUPCAKES – You probably chose a favorite team to use as the inspiration for your party décor, so use those colors once again for these cupcakes. Bake a batch of cupcakes, making sure you have enough for everyone to have at least one. Choose any flavor you like for the cupcakes. Then ice the cupcakes using team colors. Choose one color for the base and write the team name or draw on the team logo using the other team color. These cupcakes will look and taste wonderful.

FOOTBALL SHEET CAKE - Start with a sheet cake that is covered with green frosting. Pipe out green "grass" to cover the top. On the sides of the cake pipe out in white, the yardage lines (2|0, 3|0, 4|0, etc.). Make a football-shaped cake and frost it as noted above. Then place it in the center of the sheet cake. You can also use fondant to cover your football.

STADIUM CAKE - Make your favorite cake recipe and pour it into a stadium cake pan. Then decorate it in accordance with the pan's directions.

Football Party Ideas For Football Cake

FOOTBALL CUPCAKES - Make your favorite cupcake recipe. Pipe out green "grass" to cover the tops of the cupcakes and place a chocolate football in the center of each. These footballs can easily be made out of melted chocolate and poured into a mini candy mold.

FOOTBALL JERSEY CAKE - Cut a football jersey shape from a large rectangle cake. Cover the cake with fondant and add a birthday message and/or the birthday person's name and age.

FOOTBALL HELMET CAKE - Use a cake pan that is shaped like a helmet or cut the shape from a sheet cake. Then decorate the cake using your favorite team colors as a guide.


When all is said and done, you will probably want to give your guests a few football-related favors to serve as a reminder of the great party you just hosted. If you're trying to come up with some favor ideas, here's a few to think about:
  • Football trading cards
  • Football cap
  • Football
  • Sports bottle that has a football theme
  • Plastic football helmet
  • Pencils, pens, stickers, notepads, tattoos, or bookmarks that have a football theme
  • Football team poster
  • Football pennant
  • Football-shaped tags for luggage

YOUR Favorite Football Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite football party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your football cakes and costumes.

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