Fun Food Shaped Cakes

Fun And Fabulous Food Shaped Cakes
Learn How To Turn Your Favorite Foods Into A Sweet Treat!

Food cakes and drink cake varieties have recently become exceptionally popular among those that have a desire to put a creative spin on a cake for a celebration event, such as a birthday party.

Food Cakes and Drink Cake – A Creative Spin on Your Celebration Treat

In today’s world, it is not at all uncommon to attend an event where the cake that is served actually looks like another type of food or drink product. Many cakes may resemble pizza, hamburgers, and sandwiches. Then, there are some that may look like a grill with food on top, Chinese food, a sushi bar, or like a container that certain food or drink items are sold in. Then, there are cakes that look like coca cola, mixed drinks, beer bottles, whiskey bottles, soda bottles, or, coffee. By clicking on the links and/or pictures that we have posted on this page, you may find food cakes and drink cake ideas such as hamburger cakes and energy drink cakes.

As you explore each of the categories that we have posted on this page, you will discover that we have a wide range of images included on each page. These pictures are designed to give you a visual glance at the types of designs that others have created. Some are submitted by our visitors. In addition to the pictures, you may find that many of the images come with instructions on how to create the cake, and stories surrounding the dessert. Furthermore, many of these posts will outline what types of materials are required to construct the cake and personal stories surrounding the event that the cake was presented. Whether you want to create Chinese food cakes or a soda drink cake, you are sure to find images and information on this page to do so successfully.






Once you have looked through the food shaped cakes, you'll probably want to make your very own cake! You can choose any food or any drink that you like. When you make your decision, gather all of the necessary supplies and start this fun and exciting task! Once you start, be sure to write out how you make the cake and take a lot of pictures! Then, come on back to this page and select the category that your cake best matches. Once you are on the page, look for the submission link and share your images and information with us!

Share Your Fun & Fabulous Food-Shaped Cakes

I can't wait to see a photo of your homemade food-shaped cake, along with reading the story behind your masterpiece. Thank you sharing!

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