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There’s something special about fondue that makes any occasion special. Fondue has its history in the country of Switzerland where the Swiss would often combine creams, wines and cheeses to create delicious sauces that were used for dipping along with breads and meats.

The French also had a hand in the history of fondue. Of course, through the years, many people have also adapted the idea of fondue to chocolate, creating various chocolate sauces that offer a tasty dessert fondue.

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If you want to throw an extra special birthday party, a fondue party is an excellent choice. So many great fondue options exist and you can theme the entire party around the fondue theme. If you’ve never thrown a fondue party before, you may be looking for some great fondue party ideas to help you plan an incredible event. Here are some helpful tips and ideas for favors, invitations, games, foods, decorations and more. Use these great ideas and you’ll find it easy to throw an incredible party that everyone will enjoy.


Since you’re throwing a fondue party, you’ll want some extra special fondue party ideas for invitations that really show off your theme.

CHOCOLATE INVITES - If you’ll be having some chocolate fondue at your party, you can use chocolate to help you make some incredible invitations. One great DIY invitation idea is to print out party information on some elegant cardstock. Then, attach the invitation to a small box or bag of chocolate truffles with some ribbon. Guests are sure to love receiving these invitations.

FONDUE POT INVITES - Another idea is to print out pictures of fondue pots with various foods for dipping. The pictures can be cut out and attached to cardstock invitations for a lovely invitation that will definitely communicate your theme.

READY-MADE INVITES DEPICTING CHEESE OR CHOCOLATE - Of course, if you don’t want to make the invitations yourself, you can always look for premade invitations that will go along with your fondue theme. Premade invitations with cheeses or chocolate on them will make an excellent invitation choice. Don’t forget to ensure that your invitations include all the important information on them.


When decorating for a fondue party, you can keep your decorations pretty low key. The main thing you want to do with your decorations is provide an elegant, relaxing and cozy atmosphere that guests will appreciate.

  • If possible, have some candles lit around the room to add some nice ambiance to the room.

  • If you happen to have a fireplace, it’s a nice cozy idea to light it for the party. Make sure you have plenty of comfortable seating available for your guests as well.

Since the food will be prepared at your food table, you’ll want to keep the table decorations quite simple. This is important because you don’t want to have guests reaching around decorations while dipping in the fondue pots.

  • To add to the décor, you can add beautiful tablecloths that add color to the party. Be sure to arrange your fondue pots nicely so they present well and look great. Keep in mind that you should be setting out one pot for every 3-6 guests, which means you will probably need several pots.

  • The party plates, cups, silverware and napkins will all help add to your décor. Choose matching items that go along with the rest of the party décor you have chosen.


It’s always nice to have some games and activities to keep your party going. If you need some fondue party ideas for games, here are a few to check out:

STACK THE OREOS - One fun idea is to play stack the Oreo’s game. Have guests around the table with a couple packages of Oreo cookies. You’ll need some dice as well. Whenever a person rolls a two, they put two cookies on the tower. If a three is rolled, then three cookies go on the tower. The person to make the tower topple is out of the game. You can keep going until you have a final winner. Of course, you can let everyone enjoy eating a few of those cookies while playing the game as well.

CHARADES - Since your fondue party is a comfortable, relaxing party, playing games like charades can be a lot of fun as well. Before the party, you can come up with phrases, book titles, movies, TV shows or other items that people can easily act out. Divide your guests in teams. One person on a team will get a piece of paper and act out what is on the paper. This has to be done without speaking while trying to get the team to guess the title before the time runs out. See how many titles each team gets right to determine who wins the game.


Of course, the food is going to be one of the biggest parts of your party. Here are a few great fondue party ideas to help you choose your menu.

CHEESE FONDUE IDEAS - One idea for food is to have cheese fondue. You can make a variety of different cheese fondues for guests to try or you can go with one simple recipe. With a cheese fondue, you can include a variety of dippers for guests to eat, such as different breads, sliced apples, cooked broccoli, cooked sausages and more.

HOT OIL FONDUE IDEAS - A hot oil fondue is another option you can serve up at your fondue party. Hot oil fondue actually uses the hot oil to cook foods like seafood, fish, vegetables and other meats. The oil is heated up in the fondue pot and then dippers are dipped in the oil until they are cooked. The hot oil fondue makes an excellent option if you are having a full fondue dinner party, since it allows you to introduce more foods that include plenty of protein.

CHOCOLATE FONDUE - You definitely won’t want to forget to have a tasty chocolate fondue for dessert. Chocolate fondue is delicious and easy to make. Some great dippers for chocolate fondue include donuts, biscotti, marshmallows, cookies, pieces of cake or fresh fruit.

DESSERT FONDUE IDEAS - Of course, chocolate fondue isn’t the only dessert fondue recipe to consider. Other ideas include butterscotch fondue, coffee fondue and caramel fondue. Popular dessert dippers include vanilla wafers, pear slices, cherries, bananas, grapes, pineapple, apples, pound cake and strawberries.


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While you’ll definitely have plenty of food at the party, you won’t want to forget to have a great cake for the party as well. The cake you decide on will probably be based on the specific theme or color palette you are using for the party.

CHOCOLATE CAKE - If you’re focusing on chocolate fondue for the party, consider a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. You can even go with a cake that is shaped like a chocolate confection, which is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

POUND CAKE - Another idea is to make a nice pound cake that can be cut up and dipped in your dessert fondue choices. If you decide to have a bakery make the cake, you can ask them to create a cake that goes along with your fondue theme.


Once the party is complete, you’ll want to make guests feel special by sending them home with a nice party favor to thank them for coming.

CHOCOLATE DIPPED COOKIES AND/OR FRUIT - One of the wonderful fondue party ideas for a favor is to send your guests home with cookies or fruit that was pre-dipped in chocolate fondue before the party. This is a tasty favor option that will allow guests to continue enjoying all the great flavors of the party, even after they have left.

BOX OF CHOCOLATES - Another idea is to give guests a nice box of fine chocolates to take home at the end of the night.

FONDUE PARAPHENALIA - Their own set of fondue forks, small fondue pots or even cooking aprons make a great favor. If you choose aprons, you may want to allow guests to use them at the party, especially if you’re using an oil fondue to cook items. This way their clothing will not get splashed by the oil.

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