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Fun And Fabulous Fondant Cake Decorating
Guaranteed To Give Your Cake Extra Wow Factor!

Fondant is a wonderful invention. It has a way of instantly transforming your cake from ho-hum to fabulous. It allows for those of us who have no cake decorating skills to create a cake that looks like it came from a bakery.

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If you enjoyed playing with clay as a child, cake decorating with fondant is going to be the perfect "adult" substitute.

Fondant has a dough-like consistency and is a fun and colorful way to easily decorate cakes like a pro. Its flexibility allows you to roll it, twist it, shape it, and cut it into various designs.

Before we dive into some cake decorating ideas using fondant decorating, let's review a few fondant tips:


SHELF LIFE OF FONDANT - Properly wrapped and stored, unrolled fondant will keep for 1-2 months at room temperature. Do not freeze or refrigerate.

TIMING - A butter cake covered in fondant should be served within 2-3 days of preparation. A cake with fillings or icings, should be served 1-2 days after preparation. Fondant should not be used on cakes containing perishable fillings that require refrigeration.

CAKE COOLING - Before covering entire cake with rolled fondant, be sure it has completely cooled. 24 hours is best with a cover.

COLORING FONDANT - Use gel food coloring, as the liquid food coloring alters the consistency, thus making the fondant hard to mold and shape.

PRE-MADE FONDANT COLORS - Forget about creating your own colors, just buy ready-made and pre-colored fondant. Fondant comes in numerous pastel, primary, and neon colors.

ROOM TEMPERATURE - If your room is too warm, the fondant will become gooey, and if it is too cold, the fondant will be hard to manipulate.

WORKING WITH FONDANT - When working with fondant, keep the excess fully wrapped in plastic, as it dries quickly. To keep your cake looking fresh, keep the parts of the cake you aren't working on covered with plastic. To make fondant easier to knead, microwave a few seconds to soften. To smooth fondant onto a cake, put a little cornstarch on your hands.

CAKE SURFACE - Be sure cake is smooth and free of crumbs. Cover cake with thin layer of buttercream frosting, to insure a layer of fondant will adequately adhere.

FONDANT THICKNESS - Dust work surface and rolling pin with confectioners' sugar to prevent sticking. Roll fondant to 1/4" thick, any thicker and you risk cracks.

FONDANT CRACKS - Too much powdered sugar causes fondant to become brittle and crack. If your fondant develops tiny cracks, knead or roll with a rolling pin to smooth them out. Use a little shortening on fingertips to repair small tears. Don't use water, or you will dissolve your fondant. You can also rub in a circular fashion, a small piece of the same colored fondant over the crack and then smooth out with fingertips.

STORING FONDANT DECORATIONS - Place fondant cut-outs on top of a piece of wax paper covered with shortening. Let dry for 24-36 hours.

MAKING FONDANT BOWS - Mold fondant strips around something and allow it to dry before placing on cake. The weight of soft fondant won't support the shape until it starts to harden.

LIGHTING - Keep cake out of direct florescent lighting and sunlight, as these will alter your icing colors. It's best to store cake in a covered container.



No matter how beautiful the cake, if it is served on an ugly cake cardboard or plate, you loose the wow-factor. Use fondant cake decorating to rectify the problem.

  • Cut cake board 2" larger in diameter than cake.

  • Roll fondant to 1" larger than board size.

  • Cover board with foil.

  • Put a light layer of piping gel onto foil-wrapped board to insure fondant adherence.

  • Cover cake board with a sheet of fondant while draping fondant over edges.

  • Trim excess fondant on bottom of board.

  • Smooth top and sides of fondant with fingers or Easy-Glide Smoother.


Make a square cake and cover with buttercream frosting. Then cover it with red fondant. Cut squares out of black fondant. Use buttercream icing to "glue" the squares onto the red fondant in a checkerboard pattern. Make checkers by cutting out red and black circles and "embossing" a design on top of each checker with a cake stamp.

Alternative: Make a chessboard design by using black and white fondant.

Alternative: Make a quilt design by covering entire cake in white fondant. Make 9 different colored squares of fondant and affix with buttercream frosting to the top of the cake. Make various designs (flowers, hearts, balloons, ladybug, etc.) and place in the center of each quilt square.


As ribbon curlicues instantly jazz up a gift, so do fondant curlicues instantly jazz up a cake.

  • Roll various colors of fondant to 1/16" thick and cut into 1/4" wide by 6" long strips.

  • Wrap strips loosely around dowel rods and let set for 5-10 minutes.

  • Slide curls off rods and dry overnight on a board lightly dusted with cornstarch.

  • Position curlicues on top of cakes or around their base.


    Cover cake with buttercream frosting. Using letter-shaped cookie cutters, cut out "Happy Birthday" message from rolled 1/4" thick fondant. Place the letters on the cake icing before it dries, so fondant letters will stick.

    POLKA-DOT CAKE - Cover cake with thin layer of buttercream frosting. Then cover cake with layer of fondant. Cut various sized circles out of another color of fondant. Use buttercream frosting to "glue" circles to cake. Place fondant curlicues (see above) in center of cake.


    Cover cake with thin layer of buttercream frosting. Then cover cake with layer of fondant. Roll out 4 different colors of fondant to 1/8" thick and cut out about 50-75 squares using a 5/8" square cut-out. Press squares onto cake sides, using buttercream frosting as glue, alternating colors to create a tiled appearance. Add a "Happy Birthday" message with fondant lettering.


    Cover cake with buttercream frosting. Decorate with fondant balloons and birthday presents. To create balloons, cut fondant circles of differing sizes from various colors and cluster 5 circles in the upper corners. Make balloon strings from piped out icing. Cut squares and rectangles from various colored fondants to create 3-5 presents in the two lower corners of the cake. Decorate packages with piped on bows or crate tiny fondant bows. Pipe out or create from fondant, a "Happy Birthday" message in the middle of the cake. Finish by tossing some sprinkles on top of the cake.

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