Flour Tower

by Jaycee

Flour Ain't Just For Bakin'

Flour Ain't Just For Bakin'

Empty a bag of plain flour into a bowl and turn it upside down onto a tray. Then swill a sweet under a cold tap to make it sticky and place it on the top of the tower.

Each player takes a turn to remove a scoop of flour from the edge using a spoon. The person who knocks over the tower has to eat the flour covered sweet using only their mouths!

Teens are sure to like this exciting, messy game from Jaycee. Make sure you take this outdoors, since it’s sure to result in a huge, fun mess. This cool game made me think of a few more games for teens that your party guests are sure to enjoy.


One of the teen games to try is the Candy Relay race. This game sounds easy, but there’s a twist that makes it harder. You’ll need 3-4 teams of teens, a large dish full of M&Ms or a similar type of candy for each teen, a small bowl for each team and plenty of plastic straws. Once you divide teens into teams, set a timer for 5-8 minutes. The first person in line starts by taking a straw, sucking up an M&M and then racing it to the small bowl set 10 feet away. They have to drop the candy in the bowl. Once they are back, the next person on the team goes. Continue the relay until the time is up. The team that manages to get the most candy in the small bowl will win the game. Make sure you have plenty of M&Ms on hand, since some are sure to fall and others are sure to be eaten by your guests.


Another of the games for teens that uses candy is Pass the Candy. You’ll need a bag of gummy lifesavers and straws for everyone. Have all the guests stand or sit in a circle. Give each one a plastic straw. Start the first person with a gummy lifesaver on their straw. They have to pass the lifesaver to the next person’s straw without using their hands. If the gummy lifesaver is dropped, those two people are out of the game. Whoever's left standing at the end is the winner.

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Nov 03, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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