First Birthday Party Invitation Ideas For That Special Day!

Fun And Fabulous First Birthday Party Invitation Ideas
For That All-Important 1st Birthday Party!

There are many fun and innovative ideas for creating an invitation for a 1st birthday party. While it is true that each birthday in a child’s life is very special, the very first birthday is considered to be a highly significant event within the baby’s life, as well as the lives of the parents and siblings.

1st Birthday Invitations – Fun and Innovative Ideas

It is imperative that you make every effort to ensure that the first birthday is a memorable and successful celebration – not just for the child celebrating the special event, but for the family and friends that will share in this very special milestone. One of the best ways to initiate the process of making sure that the celebration is successful and memorable is to start with the first birthday invitations. In this brief guide, you will learn some fun and innovative ideas associated with the invitations that you will send out for your child’s very first birthday bash. As we go along, I'll give you a few ideas for the do-it-yourselfers, along with a few options for some great ready-mades.

1st birthday party invitation ideas that shouts out, "Let's Par-tay!" Make their day special by starting with the perfect invite that will set the tone for all the fun. Let your guests know there's a great party ahead with these fun invitations.

Pressed for time? Opt for pre-made invites. There's numerous invitation designs from which to select. We've pulled together a fun assortment. We're sure you'll be able to find either one that matches your theme, or one that will compliment it nicely. To help get you started in trying to figure out what kind of an invitation design you might like to incorporate into your party, here's an alphabetical list of 1st birthday party invitation options:


Your Child’s Favorite Toy or Belonging

One of the first ideas for creating fun invitations to a first birthday is to determine what your child’s favorite toy or belonging is, and then, create invitations that are shaped like the item, look like the item, or include a photograph of your child with the item. For example, if you child has a favorite teddy bear, you could actually take a picture of the stuffed animal and turn it into a party invitation. If they wear a cute little hat or bonnet, you could take a random shot of the item and place it on gift mouse pad that includes the child’s date of birth and relevant information pertaining to the very first birthday party that your loved ones may keep and cherish for years to come!


Inflatable Items

The next innovative way to create an exciting first birthday party invitation is to utilize inflatable items that are directly associated with the theme of the party. For example, if you are doing a sports theme, you could choose any type of inflatable sports-related item, such as a blow-up bat, a soccer ball, or a football – and write the information related to the party directly on the item. If you are doing a flower theme, you may use inflatable flowers. If you are doing an ocean theme, inflatable sea creatures will do the trick. If you are doing a jungle theme, inflatable monkeys and inflatable palm trees are perfect options!


Traditional Card Stock

The next way to create first birthday party invitation cards for your guests is to use traditional card stock. Instead of just putting basic information on the card stock and the same traditional pictures, such as blocks and diapers, you may incorporate various pictures from the child’s life around the invitation, or a funny picture of the child. You may also use quote clouds and other enhancements to make it appear as if the baby is directly talking to the recipient. You may create general traditional card stocks with a twist for all of the guests, or, you may customize each invitation for each person that you will be inviting – the choice is yours!


If you didn't see quite what you were looking for, here's some Kids Invitation Ideas that don't refer to "1st birthday", but rather pertain to any kids birthday party.


When creating first birthday invitations, it is important to be creative and fun. In doing so, you will not only entertain those that you are inviting to the event, you will instill a high level of excitement within each person so that they want to come to the event. In addition to this, these first birthday party invitation ideas will provide you with memorabilia that you may give to your child when they are older so that they have some idea of what their first party was like, as they will obviously not remember the event. By starting with a high level of creativity, the first birthday celebration that you are preparing for is sure to be an exciting birthday bash!

Now, in case you have decided to opt for a ready-made, no need to feel bad it is really a-okay! Just remember although a preprinted invitation includes all the basic party info, it does lack any special instructions like, "Costumes Required." So, just be sure to add the necessary extras before sealing it up and sending it on its way!

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