Fire Truck Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Coolest Fire Truck Cake

Coolest Fire Truck Cake

The fire truck is a cake that was cut and pieced together to form the truck shape. Then I covered it with fondant and hand-painted it to give it color and detail.

This fire truck cake has all the details, including the firehouse dog and the fire hydrant. What a fun cake! This awesome cake submission made my brain start thinking about some exciting fireman birthday party ideas. Here are a few of the ideas that immediately came to mind.

Fireman Birthday Party Invitations

Make your invitations fabulous by going with a 3-D invite idea. Purchase a bunch of mini fire truck toys you can use as invitations. On a piece of cardstock, write out the party information. Punch a hole in each piece of cardstock and then use a nice white piece of ribbon to attach the cardstock to the toy fire truck. Deliver these cool invitations by hand as a great preview to your fireman birthday party.

Party Favor & Activity

As your guests arrive, give them each a cool toy fire helmet. Be sure to have some stickers available that they can use to personalize their helmets. Once everyone has arrived, get all the kids together and take a group picture of the little firefighters. This will definitely be a cool keepsake for all the parents.

Field Trip Idea

To add some fun to the party, why not pack up the kids and take them to a local fire station for a short tour. The kids are sure to love hearing the fire sirens, the ability to sit in a real fire engine and the fun of talking to real firemen. Just make sure you get their parents’ permission before going on an outing to the fire station. You may want to enlist a few adults or older teens to help you keep track of all the kids.

Fireman Birthday Party Favors

End the fireman birthday party with some great favors. Some wonderful ideas to use include coloring books about firefighters and crayons, books about firefighters or even some fire extinguisher squirt guns.

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