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If you have decided that a Finding Nemo Birthday Party is the way to go, then swim on over to this page and discover how you can turn your home into a fun underwater sea adventure. You'll find lots of great ideas for theme invitations, decorations, party food, favors, and much more.

However, if you ready to plan your Finding Nemo party games, then keep scrolling and check out all of these fun-filled under the sea games and activities. Your little guests will be swimming in no time with delight! Discover how you can create a fun-filled Nemo party that is sure to make a splash! Dive right in--no need to worry, there's nothing fishy about this page!


FINDING DORY QUEST – If you want easy Finding Nemo games, this one is extremely simple. To prepare for the game, you need to find some pictures of Dory online and then print them out. You can print them in black and white and color them yourself, or if you have a color printer, you can print them in color. Before the party, hide the Dory pictures all over the party area. Since Dory was always forgetting things, tell the kids that Dory forgot where she was and they have to find her. Send them on a “finding Dory” quest and have them see how many pictures of Dory they can find all around the party area. Put starts on the back of specific Dory fish, and kids that find the fish with stars on the back win a special prize.

FISH DECORATING ACTIVITY – For this game, get some wooden fish from a craft store, purchasing one fish for each child at the party. Then you will need some finger paints in various colors. Set up a craft table and as children arrive at your Finding Nemo birthday party, let them take a fish and use the finger paints to pain their own fish in a fun design. Kids will have fun creating their own fish designs. Let the fish dry during the party and then make sure kids take their fish home with them. Since you will be working with paints, have some old t-shirts for kids to wear so they don’t get paint on their clothing during this activity.

Finding Nemo Games

JELLY FISH JELLY FISH JUMPING GAME – All you need for this game is 3-5 hula hoops. To play the game, you will need to play the hula hoops on the floor (or the ground if you’re outdoors). Make sure you place them close enough together so your young guests can jump from one to another without a problem. Tell your guests that the hula hoops are actually jelly fish. To play the game, they have to jump from jelly fish to jelly fish, but they have to land inside the hoop. If they touch the outside of the hoop, they have been stung by the jelly fish. After one round, increase the distance between hoops and keep playing. See who can make it without getting stung by the jelly fish the longest.

BLOWFISH BUBBLE COMPETITION – This is an exciting bubble game, and since kids love bubbles, they are going to enjoy this Finding Nemo game. Start out with plenty of small jars of bubbles and some bubble wands. Let kids take turns blowing five bubbles in a row and have a couple adults help you judge the competition. See who can blow the biggest bubble. The child that blows the largest bubble is designated the “Blowfish” and wins a prize. You can play this several times to give several kids a chance to win. Once one child wins, they aren’t allowed to win again, but they can still have fun blowing the bubbles.

Finding Nemo Games

UNDER THE SEA DIVIDING – This is one of the Finding Nemo games that your party guests are sure to enjoy, and it’s easy too. You’ll need plenty of stuffed sea creatures as well as a big blue sheet. On the floor, place all the stuffed sea creatures. Then, have all your guests, as well as your parents or helpers, hold on to a blue sheet. Shake the sheet to make it look like ocean waves. When you lead the game, start out by asking one guest to go “diving” for a specific sea creature. For example, you could say, “Jenny, Jenny, go diving for an octopus.” Continue the game until everyone has a chance to go diving for one of the sea creatures. To make it really seem like they are diving, play some ocean sounds during the game.

FREE PLAY IN FISH TANK - Make a large fish tank out of a refrigerator box. Paint it blue and have the kids make various colored and decorated fish from construction paper. Then glue or tape the fish to the fish tank. Kids can then play inside the tank and act like little fish.

FISHING FOR NEMO - Glue small pieces of magnets onto plastic fish, fill wading pool with water, and add fish. Create fishing poles with a sturdy stick or dowel with a yard "line" and a magnet "hook" and let kids go fishing.

Finding Nemo Games

NAME TAG FISHING - Make a fish-shaped name tag for each child using colorful poster board. Decorate tags with stickers, glitter, sequins, wiggly eyes, etc. Attach a paper clip to the mouth of each fish. Place all the name tags into a decorated box. As each child arrives, give them a fishing pole made from a sturdy stick or dowel with a yarn "line" and a magnet "hook." Have them throw their line into the box, catch a fish, write their name on the fish, and they wear the fish during the party.

SEA LIFE MURAL - Tape butcher paper on a wall at the kids' eye level and have them create a mural of sea life activity with markers, paints, glitter pens, etc. To provide visual ideas, have posters and pictures of Nemo characters, various fish, sharks, dolphins, sea otters, and other sea animals for ideas.

OCTOPUS TAG - Birthday child starts the game as the Octopus by standing in the middle of the play area. Everyone else is a fish. The fish try to run past the Octopus to the designated finish line. If the octopus tags a fish then that fish becomes an octopus tentacle and must hold hands with the octopus and help the octopus tag more fish. The last fish that remains without being tagged, wins.

Finding Nemo Games

FISH BEANBAG TOSS - Place candies and small prizes into 3-4 pails against a wall. Each child tries to throw a fish-shaped bean bag into a pail. Give each child 2-3 throws. Make beanbags from felt filled with dried beans. Child selects prize from pail that their fish goes into.

WATER RELAY - Fill plastic pails with water and split kids into teams. 1 child from each team runs to finish line with pail of water, while trying not to spill any, and then runs back and hands the pail to their next teammate. Whichever team is the first to have all their teammates have a turn, wins. A prize can also be awarded for the team who has the most water left in their pail.

TORNADO TUBES - Each child will need: 2 2-liter clean plastic bottles, water, 1" metal washer, duct tape or tornado tube (obtain from science store) to connect the 2 bottles together.

Fill one bottle two-thirds full of water. Place metal washer or twist tornado tube over opening of bottle. Turn second bottle upside down and place it on washer or twist it onto tornado tube. Use duct tape to secure 2 containers and metal washer together so water doesn't leak out. If you use tornado tube, just twist together tightly. Turn tornado maker so bottle with water is on top. Swirl bottle in circular motion. A tornado will form in top bottle as water rushes to bottom bottle.

You can also add food coloring to give tornados color and glitter and plastic confetti to represent debris.

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