Finding Nemo Birthday Party Ideas To Create Cool Underwater Adventure!

Fun And Fabulous Finding Nemo Birthday Party Ideas
A Great Theme For A Toddler Birthday Party!

If you have a child who loves a good under the sea adventure, then you might want to consider a Finding Nemo party that is sure to provide lots of "fishy" fun for your little tot!

To help get your creative juices flowing, dive right in to this page of great ideas; I'm sure they will help you to create a fin-tastic party. As you scroll along and peruse the various options, be sure to go deep into the page to insure you create an unforgettable Finding Nemo party that is sure to make a splash!

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COLORING PAGE NEMO THEMED INVITATIONS – Finding a Finding Nemo themed coloring book. Have fun coloring different pictures of Nemo and other characters throughout the book. Have the kids help out too. Take a piece of blue cardstock and cut it in half. Fold the halves into invitations, then cut around the edges with decorate scissors for fun edges on the invites. Cut out Nemo themed images from the coloring book. Use glue to secure them to the blue invitations. On the front of the invites, write, “Just Keep Swimming.” Then, write all your party details on the inside of the invitations. You can easily stuff these invitations into envelopes and then make sure you mail one to each of your party guests.

GOLDFISH CRACKER NEMO INVITATIONS – For these fun Finding Nemo birthday party invitations, you’ll need plenty of snack size Ziplock baggies and plenty of Goldfish crackers. Make sure you have enough baggies so you have one for each guest you plan to invite. Fill the baggies with some Goldfish crackers. Then, take pieces of blue cardstock and on the front, write “There’s Something Fishy Going On.” On the back of the cardstock, write “We’ve found Nemo, you have to see, you’re invited to come over and celebrate a birthday with me.” Then, make sure that you include all of the important party information as follows:

Cast Off: (Party Date)
Port: (Party Address)
Dive Time: (Time the Party Starts)
Reply to Head Diver: (Name of Parent and Phone #)
Kids will love getting these fun, edible invitations and the little goldfish crackers are a perfect way to give a little preview of your Finding Nemo birthday party theme.

FINDING NEMO FISH-SHAPED INVITATIONS - Cut Nemo fish shapes from orange card stock. Cut white stripes and black tail from white and black card stock and glue to fish. Add wiggly eyes. On reverse side, write party details. Put invitation into envelopes, decorate and seal with Finding Nemo stickers.

FINDING NEMO BIRTHDAY PARTY BEACH INVITATIONS #1 - Cut piece of blue card stock that will fit inside snack-sized Ziploc bag. On one side write: "Dive Into (Name's) Finding Nemo Birthday Party Fun!" On reverse side write:

Casting Away On: (Date)
Dive Time: (Time of Party)
Catch The Wave At: (Party Address)
R.S.V.P. To: (Name & Phone Number)
SEA You Soon!

Add some sand, small seashells, and small plastic starfish, turtle, fish. Put invitation into blue envelopes, decorate and seal with Finding Nemo stickers.

FINDING NEMO BIRTHDAY PARTY BEACH INVITATIONS #2 - Prepare invitation as outlined above. Laminate blue card stock leaving 1/4" lamination around all edges to waterproof. Add water along with all sea-related items noted above. Eliminate envelope and hand-deliver invitations.


Have guests wear Nemo characters costumes like Nemo, Dory, Squirt Sea Turtle, etc. or have them wear Finding Nemo t-shirts and provide Finding Nemo cone hats.


All of your party decorations should set the tone for your Finding Nemo birthday party. You can create your own underwater adventure or even an exciting fish aquarium with some of these excellent decoration ideas. Great colors to use as a base for your décor include blue, yellow, lime green, black, white and orange. With these fun decoration ideas, you’ll be able to turn the party area into a spectacular place that all the kids will appreciate when they arrive at the party.
  • If you’re doing a fun underwater sea adventure for your guests, you’ll definitely want to take the time to create all the coral shapes seen off the Great Barrier Reef in the Finding Nemo movie. All you need to create coral creations are some coral colored balloons. Balloons can be arranged together in bunches to create fun coral creations, or you can tie balloons to lines of string to create long coral lines. You could even tie balloons to wires or archways to create coral creations that the party guests can crawl or walk through, adding something fun and unique to the finding Nemo birthday party.

  • Outside of the party area, create a wooden sign, or a sign that simply looks wooden, reading, “Sydney Harbor.” Add an arrow to the sign that points towards the party area. You can easily use some corrugated cardboard to create a sign that looks like wood.

  • Create your own Finding Nemo birthday banner. Print out a basic banner from your computer. Then, use coloring pages from a Finding Nemo coloring book and color favorite pages to look really beautiful. Carefully remove pages or cut out the pictures and add one picture to each end of the birthday banner for an easy, gorgeous homemade birthday banner.

  • Take brown paper and use it to cover the floor of the party area, making it look like the sandy bottom of the ocean. You can add stuffed sea animals and fish to the floor around the room, making it look like the stuffed animals/fish are around on the bottom of the ocean.

  • Using pieces of poster board, draw outlines of Nemo, Crush, Dory, Marlin and a few giant sea turtles. When the kids arrive, allow them to help you color the fish and turtles. After coloring, add the pictures of the fish and sea turtles to the walls, making it look like the favorite characters are swimming around the party area.

  • Add plenty of blue and white balloons randomly around the room to make it look like there are bubbles floating around the ocean.

  • Make your own paper bowl jellyfish to hang up around the room, adding to the ocean décor for your Finding Nemo birthday party. Take paper bowels, using water color paints to paint the bottoms of the bowls, choosing fun jelly fish colors. Use scissors to cut out eyes for the jelly fish from some cardstock or draw them on with markers. On the inside of the bowls, add some hot glue and attach ends of different colors and lengths of ribbon. Top with another paper bowl, allowing ribbon to stick out, then let the fish dry. Punch a couple little wholes through the middle of the bowls, then thread a bit of fishing line through so you can easily hang the jellyfish from the ceiling.

  • Create fun centerpieces for your tables by taking buckets and filling them with some sand. Place starfish, seashells and other fake sea creatures on top of the sand. Add a plastic shovel if desired.

  • Throw nets over the tables, then cut out paper fish in different colors. Attach the fish to the net so they hang down over the sides of the tables.

  • Take nets and stuff them full of stuffed fish. Hang the nets from the ceiling in a corner so it looks like a net is hanging down, catching all the stuffed fish.

  • Decorate ceilings with twisted streamers and clusters of balloons with curling ribbons.

  • Decorate room with Finding Nemo characters. Attach balloons or put party hats on stuffed animals.

  • Make Finding Nemo cone hats using solid color hats in party colors and decorate with Finding Nemo stickers.

  • Add Finding Nemo birthday party banner on wall.

  • Enlarge pictures of Nemo characters and hang on walls.

  • Create Nemo character posters and hang on walls.

  • Create a photo-op by lining a wall with a vinyl, tropical scene setter.

  • If you are artistically-inclined, create a shark standee out of cardboard, paint it, and place it so kids can put their head inside the mouth and have their picture taken. Not artistically-inclined, then buy a standee from a party store.

  • Fill ceiling with blue balloons to create the underwater atmosphere.

  • Sprinkle small seashells on table tops.

  • Hang dark blue streamers all around the party room to create "waves."

  • Hang streamers of various lengths from the ceiling and attach small plastic fish to the ends as if they are swimming in your "fish bowl" room.

  • Decorate archways or doorways with blue streamers.

  • Hang fishnets and white net lights on the walls and then add a few plastic fish to the nets.

  • Use a few well-placed palm trees to create a tropical atmosphere.

  • Decorate circumference of tables with grass garlands.

  • Lighted strings of fish and sea shells can be placed around door frames, windows, or hanging from ceiling.

  • Put a large Nemo fish on your front door to welcome guests.


To help you plan your game time, I've put togeter a page that has all sorts of fun Finding Nemo Games and Activities which includes the following:
  • Gill Says
  • Free Play In Fish Tank
  • Pin The Fin On Nemo
  • Fishing For Nemo
  • Name Tag Fishing
  • Sea Life Mural
  • Octopus Tag
  • Fish, Fish Shark
  • Hot Sea Sponge
  • Musical Chairs
  • Fish Beanbag Toss
  • Water Relay
  • Tornado Tubes
  • Nemo Pinata


Here are some Finding Nemo birthday party cuisine ideas to fill-up your little characters:

REFRESHING OCEAN WATER DRINKS – Use blue food coloring to dye milk blue and serve it up as cool ocean water, or you could serve up blue Gatorade and call it ocean water as well.

TASTY SEAWEED PUNCH – Make your own fun seaweed punch that kids will love. You will need to start with a green kool-aide as the base for the punch. Then, add Sprite or a similar soda to the punch to add some bubbles. Freeze some of the green punch as ice cubes, adding a bit of food coloring to the ice cubes to make them extra green. Add the ice cubes to the punch right before serving.

FRESH FISH EGGS – Serve up cherry tomatoes or some fresh green grapes and call them fish eggs. TUNA FISH SANDWICHES – Tuna fish salad sandwiches are going to go perfectly with your Finding Nemo birthday party theme. You could also have chicken salad on hand for kids that don’t like tuna.

SEA CUCUMBER FINGER SANDWICHES – To make these fun sandwiches, cut cucumbers into very thin slices. Cut slices of bread into quarters, removing the crust. Place a slice of cucumber, a bit of cream cheese and a sprinkle of cream cheese on each sandwich, topping it with another quarter of bread. Make plenty of these and stack on a plate. Label them as “Sea Cucumber Finger Sandwiches.”

BLUE CRUSH OCEAN JELL-O – Make up blue Jell-O in a large pan. Cut the Jell-O into cubes. Add to small, clear cups, topping with a bit of whipped cream to look like foam on the ocean. You could even layer the Jell-O cubes with whipped cream for a cool look in the clear cups.

FISH SHAPED QUESADILLAS – Quesadillas are a favorite with kids. Make up plenty of cheese or chicken and cheese quesadillas. Use a fish shaped cookie cutter to cut the quesadillas into fish shapes. Serve up with sour cream and some salsa.

NEMO FISH STICKS – Bake up some fish sticks, serving them up with some French fries and ketchup. Next to a platter of fish sticks, add a card that says, “Nemo Fish Sticks.” You could also call them Dory or Marlin fish sticks if desired.

BAKED SHRIMP POPPERS – Shrimp poppers are delicious and they go perfectly with your Nemo theme as well. Buy boxes of shrimp poppers and bake them in the oven instead of frying them, which is a healthier choice. You can call them “Baby Shrimp Poppers.”

SEA TURTLE LEGS (CHICKEN TENDERS) – Buy bags of chicken tenders, ensuring you have enough to serve some to all of your party guests. Bake up the chicken tenders. Place baked tenders on a serving dish. Next to the serving dish, have a card that reads, “Sea Turtle Legs” for a fun name that will make the kids giggle.

SEA SHELL PASTA SALAD – Make your favorite recipe for pasta salad, choosing a recipe that is kid friendly. Use pasta shells for the pasta salad. Call the salad “Sea Shell Pasta Salad” when you serve it up at the Finding Nemo birthday party.

UNDER THE SEA BLUE FRUIT SALAD – Make a basic fruit salad, adding a box of pudding to the fruit to add a bit of sweetness. Add some blue food coloring and mix well. Label the dish as “Under the Sea Blue Fruit Salad.” SEAWEED SANDWICH WRAPS – Make lettuce wraps, filling them with cold cuts or other sandwich fillings. Wrap up the lettuce leaves, securing with a toothpick. Call them “Seaweed Sandwich Wraps.”

GREAT BARRIER REEF PUNCH – Make blue kool-aid, then add some carbonation with a 2-liter of clear soda. Make ice cubes out of some blue kool-aid. Place gummy sharks and fish in the ice cube trays so they freeze inside of the ice cubes. Add the cubes to the punch before serving so the fish are floating around in the blue punch.


Use some of the following Finding Nemo Birthday Party ideas to create a Nemo-rrific birthday cake!

SQUIRT SEA TURTLE CUPCAKES – Make yellow cupcakes from your favorite recipe or you can purchase the cupcakes. Decorate the cupcakes with pale blue icing. Then, add tiny turtle shapes on top using gumdrop candies, chocolate chips, gummi rings and spearmint leaf candies. Click on over to get the fun and easy directions for making these adorable Sea Turtle Cupcakes.

UNDER THE SEA CAKE – Start with a sheet cake in any flavor. Ice the entire cake in a deep blue icing, using a knife to make the icing peak like waves. Then, use a cake decorating kit to pipe on the outlines of jellyfish, fish, turtles and other sea creatures. Fill the outlines with icing or candies.

FISH BOWL BIRTHDAY CAKE – Bake any flavor cake in a round cake pan, making it a single or double layer cake. Before frosting the cake, cut off the very top of the circle to give it a flat edge like the top of a fish bowl. Then, cut a tiny bit off the bottom to make it flat like the bottom of a fish bowl. Frost ¾ of the cake in light blue icing, frosting the very top of the bowl in white so it looks like there is no water at the top. Add mini M&Ms to the bottom of the “fish bowl” and use a bit of green icing to pipe in some aquarium plants. Add gummy fish to the “fish bowl.”

SHARK FACE BIRTHDAY CAKE – Bake a round, double layer cake in any flavor. Ice the entire cake, including the sides, in blue. Turn the top of the cake into a “smiling” shark’s face. Use white icing and some chocolate chips to create the shark’s eyes. Then, use black icing to create a big shark “smile.” Add sunflower seeds to the smile to look like shark’s teeth. Look at pictures of a shark’s face if that helps to get the face right. Kids are sure to find this birthday cake a huge hit.

SQUIRT ROUND BIRTHDAY CAKE – Create a double layer birthday cake, baking the cake in any flavor. Ice the top and sides of the cake in a very pale blue. Take a picture of Squirt that will fit on the cake. Trace the Squirt picture on a piece of wax paper, using gel icing to outline the picture on the back of the wax paper. Then, lie the gel icing on the cake and carefully transfer to the cake. Fill in the picture of squirt using a star tip, decorating most of his body in green, decorating the eyes in black and white and making his shell a different color. Pipe icing around the edges of the cake for a finished look.


The following Finding Nemo birthday party favor ideas will put smiles on your little characters as they leave:

Fill cellophane bags decorated with Nemo stickers or plastic sand pails with plastic fish, water bombs, little towels that expand when they get wet, bubbles, Nemo stickers, fish squirts, fish card game, small stuffed sea animals, goggles, sunglasses, sea life putty, gummy fish, gummy sharks, Swedish fish, goldfish crackers, Nemo fruit snacks, etc.

YOUR Favorite Finding Nemo Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Finding Nemo birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Finding Nemo cakes and costumes.

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