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by Priya

Swing Into Fun--Turn Your Tots Into Wild Animals!

Swing Into Fun--Turn Your Tots Into Wild Animals!

Prior to the party, cut out animal pictures from old magazines and paste them on index cards.

At the party, each child gets a turn to pick a card. The player must then act out his or her creature (in sounds and gestures only) until the others shout out his or her identity.

When the animal is guessed, the rest of the party guests jump up and act out the same animal together.

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

This is such a fun idea for a jungle themed toddler birthday party. Kids are sure to have a blast acting out the different wild animals. To keep the fun going, I came up with a couple more great toddler games and activities you can use at a safari theme party.


Start by turning all your little guests into wild animals. Hire a couple of teen art students to do face painting at the party. As guests arrive, steer them over to the face painting station where they can pick out the wild animal that they want to become.


One fun game idea is to play Feed the Animals. You’ll need three laundry baskets, bean bags, a stuffed monkey, a stuffed bird, and a stuffed bear (or you can use other stuffed animals you have at home). Place one stuffed animal in each basket. Place the baskets at 3 feet, 5 feet and 10 feet away from your little guests. The closest basket is worth 1 point, the second is worth 2 and the last is worth 3 points. Give each child five bean bags and have them try to toss the “food” to the animals. The child who scores the most points will win the game.

Another fun game for a jungle themed toddler birthday party is a jungle treasure hunt. Hide stuffed animals, bananas, binoculars, paw print stickers and other jungle themed items throughout the party area. Give the kids a few minutes to see how many items they can find. The one who finds the most items wins the game.

Of course, make sure you have a few fun prizes on hand to give the children that win your party games. Since you’re going with a safari party theme, give out items like Safari hats, stuffed animals, or jungle animal coloring books. Be sure to give every child a nice favor after the party, so each child feels like they got a special gift.


Just because decorations are my favorite part of the party planning, I just have to throw out a few ideas in case you're still trying to figure out what you're doing in this regard.

Of course different shades of green, brown, orange and yellow will probably be the primary party colors. Depending upon how much of a jungle atmosphere you want to create will dictate all that you might want to do.

  • Download pictures of various wild animals and create a banner to hang on one of your walls, around the party table, door frames, etc.

  • Cover chairs with animal print fabrics.

  • Create bouquets of balloons that have various animal prints.

  • Crate a rag banner out of various 2" wide by 10" long pieces of green, brown, orange and yellow strips of fabric tied to a piece of twine.

  • Decorate the room with stuffed animals. You can even tie animal print ribbons around their necks to jazz them up a bit and give them a festive but safari-like appearance.

  • Wrap bottles of Water or cups with a strip of burlap and glue in place for added interest. In the alternative, you could wrap and glue several rounds of twine around the bottle or cup.

  • If you have an overhead chandelier, hang a monkey from it.

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