Fiesta Party Ideas - Patron Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

Looks Like The Real Deal--Do You Drink Or Eat!

Looks Like The Real Deal--Do You Drink Or Eat!

The Patron bottle is made from rice crispy treats then covered in fondant and hand painted with details. Cake is also fondant covered.

This is a cake that would go with a Mexican themed party or fiesta. Patron is a luxury brand of tequila that is produced in Mexico and it comes in hand-blown bottles that are individually numbered.

If you're not planning on serving alcohol, this is the perfect alternative for those who might want it--let them eat cake--Patron style!

Check out this awesome fiesta cake! I love the colors used. The bright greens really stand out and can give you some great fiesta party ideas for decorating for the big party. If you choose to serve a similar cake, consider adding the greens and silvers to your party color palette.

This cool fiesta cake also gave me a great idea for party invitations. As Mae-Lan mentioned, Patron happens to be a type of tequila that comes from Mexico and it does come in lovely hand-blown bottles that have an individual number on them. You can use this idea to make your invitations. Use cardstock to create invitations in the shape of a Patron bottle. Decorate the front of the bottle so it looks like a bottle of Patron. On the back, near the bottom of the bottle, add a number so it seems like the invitation is one-of-a-kind and numbered individually. You can add all the party details to the back as well.

If you happen to have any empty bottles of Patron around, or you have empty tequila bottles of another brand, consider rinsing them out and using them to hold bright bouquets of flowers. This is one of the best cool fiesta party ideas that will allow you to add a fiesta feel with flowers. Then, the bottles play up the cake you are using as the centerpiece as well.

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