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If you have decided to host a party that takes your guests south of the border, click on over for some Fiesta Party ideas that will have everyone getting into the spirit of Cinco de Mayo or perhaps a Mexican themed party. To insure your party has a bit of fun fiesta flair, you will want to be sure to schedule some fiesta party games to heat up the party zone.

To help you in this regard, I have put together a page of fiesta party games are the perfect add-on for a fiesta theme party. So, kick up your heels, toss down your sombrero, and get ready to dance your way to a hot time in the old town tonight for a great adult birthday party. Check out these games and see if anything sparks your interest:


LIMBO - While playing fiesta music in the background, see who can go the lowest under the limbo pole. If you don't buy a limbo kit, then just use a clothing rod and decorate it with streamers and flowers. Line your guests up and let them bend away, while shimmying under the pole. After everyone has gone under, lower the pole a little bit further. If they touch the pole, they are out. Last one standing and able to bend their way under the pole without touching it, is the winner.

FIESTA GAMES - PASS THE SOMBRERO - This game is played like Pass the Parcel with a little twist. Have everyone sit in a circle and pass the sombrero clockwise. Each time it is passed, the person receiving the sombrero must put it on for a split second before passing it to the person on their right. Play Mexican music in the background. Periodically, stop the music and whoever is left holding the sombrero shall be out or required to do a little solo dance. They can use a pair of maracas or do a Mexican Hat Dance.

NACHO-EATING CONTEST - Pair everyone up and give each pair a bowl of nachos. One person will stand behind their partner and serve as their arms. The first team who empties their bowl by feeding all the nachos to their partner shall be the winner. This could be rather messy so you might want to have bibs on hand or opt for feeding tortilla chips and cheese dip.

FIESTA GAMES - MEXICAN HAT DANCE CONTEST - Place several sombreros on the ground and have everyone dance around the hats while showing off their fiesta moves. You could easily turn this into a contest or just let it be free dance time.

CHILLI PEPPER EATING CONTEST - Line up bowls of various hot peppers from the mildest to the hottest. You can use peppers like jalapenos, green chillies, Serrano, and Habanero. Give everyone a glass of water and be sure to have lots of water pitchers on hand to quiet the burning tongues. The game starts with guests eating the mildest pepper first. If anyone has to take a drink of water after eating any portion of the pepper, they are eliminated from the competition. The game continues on to the next hottest pepper and so on until only one person remains who has met the challenge of eating each pepper without drinking any water.

PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun print and play party games that would be a perfect add-on to your fiesta party.

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If you plan on awarding any of the winners, you might consider giving them gift certificates to Mexican food restaurants. You can give out various "awards" ranging from Taco Bell to Baja Fresh to a nice sit-down Mexican food restaurant.

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