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A farm theme cake is a wonderfully appealing form of agricultural art for a farm enthusiast.

Farm Theme Cake – Agricultural Art for a Farm Enthusiast

Those that find barnyard cakes appealing are individuals that own or work on a farm, as well as children that are fascinated with the structures and animals that are typically included on the land. Throughout this page, we have posted various images that display the farm cakes that our readers have created. In taking the time to review these images, you are sure to experience the inspiration that you require to create your own agricultural masterpiece.


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Cake Submitted By:
Carol S. - Portland, OR
Farm Theme Cake

farm cake

I frosted the cake using green buttercream frosting. I created the grass using a star tip. The fence was made using a light yellow fondant. I just cut strips and laid them on the side of the cake. The animals on the cake are all made from various colored fondant.


When creating barnyard cakes, it is important that you consider the most common structures, tools, machines, and animals that are commonly found on a farm. By utilizing cake toppers, candles, and other types of decorations that resemble or reflect these images, you can enhance the overall realism of the cake that you are creating. The most common types of buildings that you may find on a farm include the barn, grinding mills, greenhouses and hayracks. The most common forms of equipment include tractors, ploughs, balers, and pickup trucks. Common animals include horses, cattle, chickens, sheep, goats, ducks, and geese. The following guidelines will assist you in creating a realistic and memorable farm cake:

Instructions for Creating a Detailed Farm Cake

Items Needed:

  • Fondant Barn Cake Topper
  • Fondant Rooster, Pigs, Cow, Ducks, and Horse
  • 2 Boxes White Cake Mix
  • Green Cake Icing
  • Chocolate Cake Icing
  • Green Fondant
  • Brown Fondant
  • Red Fondant
  • Green Writing Icing
  • Cake Tray
  • Square Cake Pan

Step 1: Prepare the square cake pan based on the instructions highlighted on the cake mix box.

Step 2: Transform the 2 boxes of white cake mix into white cake batter. Place the batter in the cake pan, bake, and allow the cake to cool once it is finished baking.

Step 3: Roll out the red fondant and place a piece over the cake tray.

Step 4: Place the cake on the cake tray, frost with the green icing and cover the entire cake with rolled out green fondant.

Step 5: Use the chocolate icing to create a small mud pond in one corner of the cake. Beside the mud pond, place one of the fondant pigs. Then, take another fondant pig and place it on its back in the mud pond that you have created. Be sure to take a small bit of the chocolate icing and put it on the legs, feet, and other regions of the pig so that it appears to be playing in the mud.

Step 6: Place the fondant barn cake topper on the back section of the cake, ensuring it is as close to the middle of the cake as possible. Then, take the fondant rooster and place it on the front top section of the fondant barn.

Step 7: Place the fondant cow next to the barn, the fondant horse to the front side of the barn, and the other fondant animals in various sections of the “barnyard”.

Step 8: Next, create a fence with the brown fondant. You will need to roll out pieces for the top of the fence, the bottom of the fence, and pieces that connect the pieces. Then, place these pieces around all sides of the cake.

Step 9: The final step is to use the green writing icing to create little bushes around the barn and on other areas on top of the cake.

Now that you know how to create a farm cake, you might want to take the plunge and create this type of agricultural art yourself. When doing this, be sure to write down the steps that you took to create the cake, and take pictures. Then, visit us back on this page, click on the submission link, and share your images with us. You may also create the steps that you took to create the cake, and share any stories that are associated with your creation. In sharing your creation, you will be helping others in making their own barnyard cakes.

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