Fancy Dress Party

by Lily Milan

All Dressed UP & Ready To Go!

All Dressed UP & Ready To Go!

My sister hosted a Fancy Dress party in a club/hall for her 13th! It was amazing and so fun because you're not sure what everyone will appear in! I went as a bunny and my sister went as a beauty queen! We hired a DJ and foam machines! It was pitch black with flashing neon lights with bars! She also got a performer and it didn't cost my mum a lot to be honest!

Her invitations were pretty cool as well! The girl's ones were pink and had bright yellow glitter on them and it was a pop-up invite! The boys had a green invite with bright yellow glitter on it!

The party must have been about 4 hours long but it went ever so quickly because of how fun it was!

We had popcorn and a candy floss maker at the side and bars for energy and fizzy drinks!

Mum bought buckets of glitter and started throwing the glitter in the air so everyone would be covered in it!--oh it was amazing!

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits


A Fancy Dress party sounds incredible. What a fun idea from Lily! This gave me some more fun teen party ideas you can use for a Fancy Dress party. Instead of having everyone show up in different costumes, consider having guests show up in fancy clothing. Girls can wear fancy party dresses and guys can wear suits, tuxedos, and even top hats. This makes the party seem a bit more grown up for teens. If it’s an all-girl party, consider having some fancy dresses on hand that girls can try on and wear during the party. Hit your local thrift shops for great deals. If you want to add an air of mystery to the night, have everyone also wear a mask.


Of course, for this type of a party, you’ll definitely want to have a photo booth or a corner set-up with appropriate props, background, decor, etc. Create a nice area where teens can all have their photos taken. Adding some fun accessories is one of the exciting teen party ideas that teens and tweens will love. Then they can pick out accessories and use them when getting their photos taken in the photo booth. Make sure everyone gets copies of their photo or you can go all out and give everyone a full set of all the photos. Of course if you opt to do this, be sure to present them in a way that shows they are a party favor.


To add to the fancy dress atmosphere, cover your tables with linen tablecloths rather than using one of the throwaway paper options. Create fresh flower centerpieces for each table. If appropriate and safe, use small mirrors with low candles and confetti to accent and decorate small tables. Cover the chairs with sheets and tie them on with a large tulle bow in a coordinating color.

Since presentation is everything, you can even make pizza look special. If you're not having a sit-down dinner, then opt for a buffet which allows people to fill-up on some yummy hors d'oeuvres. Things like deviled eggs, mini pizza bagels, sliced cheese, meat and mini breads, mini stuffed red potatoes, skewered glazed meatballs using a pretzel stick instead of a toothpick, cut-up veggies and dip, salsa and guacamole with chips and crackers, baked cheese sticks, etc.

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