Fairy Party Ideas For A Magical Toddler Birthday Party

Fun And Fabulous Fairy Party Ideas
To Help You Create An Enchanted And Magical Fairy Party!

Get ready to transform your home into a magical fairy-bration full of flowers, butterflies, pixies, colorful toad stools, and delightful little fairies.

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As you scroll along this page, follow the pixie dust to the magical world of Fairyland where you will find oodles of ideas for everything you need to create an enchanted fairy theme party. Your little tot will be floating on clouds as she watches the dining room be transformed into the "fairy" best party room of her dreams. Remember this is a party theme that can never have too much sparkle, so get your glitz on!


FAIRY WING-SHAPED INVITATIONS - Using construction paper or cardstock, cut your invitations into the shape of fairy wings. Write all of your party details on one side. On the reverse side, decorate the wings with glitter, jewels, beads, flowers, feathers, etc.

FAIRY WAND INVITATIONS #1 - Make fairy wands out of cardstock. Put the party details on one side. Decorate the star with glitter, beads, jewels, etc. Glue ribbon around the wand.

FAIRY WAND INVITATIONS #2 - Use 12" x 1/4" wooden dowels and star-shaped Styrofoam to create a wand. Paint the star in one of your fairy colors like orchid. Spray it with tacky glue and sprinkle with orchid glitter. Tie eight 24" long pieces of orchid and white curling ribbons to the end of the dowel and secure them with glue. After the star dries, insert the dowel into the star and glue it in place. Curl the ribbons. Print out the party details a piece of orchid card stock, cut the edges with decorative scissors, hole-punch, thread purple ribbon through the hole, and tie it to the wand. Hand-deliver your fairy wand invites.

FAIRY PARTY IDEAS FOR FAIRY FLOWER INVITATIONS - Cut a piece of light colored cardstock either into four pieces or two pieces, depending upon the size you want your invitations to be. Download pictures of various flowers and either print them out on the cardstock prior to cutting it, or print them out and glue them to the pieces of cardstock. On the front write:

Fairy Birthday Party

Fairy Daffodil requests the honor of
Fairy Sunflower's Presence for a Fairy good time!

On the reverse side put all of the party details and request everyone wear their fairy best!

FAIRY PARTY IDEAS FOR FAIRY CLOUD INVITES - Cut out a large cloud-shape from cardstock or construction paper. Put the party details on one side and then add some fairy stickers on the reverse side.

FAIRY INVITES - Cut 8 1/2"x 11" shiny orchid cardstock into four pieces. Type or handwrite the party details in calligraphy on textured white cardstock, light orchid cardstock, or a piece of scrapbook paper. Cut the finished piece with decorative scissors to 3"x 4 1/2". Glue it to orchid cardstock. Create a bow using 12" of orchid tulle ribbon. Glue the bow to the top center of the invite, or punch two holes at the top and thread the ribbon through the holes and tie it into a bow. Decorate the bottom corner(s) with fairy stickers and embellish the edges with coordinating glitter.

Fairy party ideas for Invitation Wording

On the front write:

Calling all Garden Fairies
Please Come To My Magical Fairy Birthday Party
For A Fairy Good Time!

On the reverse side put all the party details. Remember to add "fairy dust" to your envelopes, namely confetti or glitter.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE FAIRY INVIVATIONS - Buy ready-made fairy themed invitations and embellish the picture. For example, add some glitter to accentuate various details on the invites, or glue tiny little flowers, ribbons, and bows on the picture.


FAIRY FLOWER WANDS - If you opted to send out Fairy Flower Invites, then you might want to create these fairy wands to tie the Fairy flower names to each of your guests. Use 12" x 1/4" wooden dowels and various silk flowers to create your fairy flower wands. Place a flower at the top of the dowel and secure the stem to the dowel using green floral tape. Ultimately, you will want to cover the entire dowel with the floral tape all the way up to the bottom of the flower. Wrap 1/4" silk ribbon at an angle, to coordinate with each flower color, around the dowel and glue in place at the top and bottom. Tie eight 36" long pieces of curling ribbons to the top of the dowel, secure with glue, and curl them. In the alternative, you could tie silk ribbons to the dowel and secure with glue.

FAIRY PARTY IDEAS FOR FAIRY WINGS - If you're thinking of making fairy wings for your little one or her little guests, then you'll want to check out our EASY no-sew Making Fairy Wings page, which offers a couple of different options.

If you're not up to making fairy wings, but are thinking of turning all of your guests into little fairies, here are over 25 options of some Extra Special Fairy Wings to consider.

This is one of those parties where you just can't resist having all of your guests dress up like little fairies. To help you decide which kind of a fairy the birthday fairy should be, there's a few options pictured above from which you might consider making your "fairy" best selection.


Lavender, pink, purple, silver, gold, green, cream, white, and yellow, are some of the main fairy party ideas for colors.
  • Have a bubble machine at the front door your fairies must go through a sea of bubbles as they enter Fairy-Topia.

  • Set-up a fairy booth at the entrance, so everyone may be "covered" with pixie dust. Place glitter lotion or glitter powder on their arms and face.

  • Turn all of your little guests into beautiful little fairies by giving them each a colorful set of fairy wings.

  • As far as fairy party ideas are concerned, here's a great option. Contact your local tree trimmers and see if you can secure some curly willow branches from them or other tree branches to create a fun, magical fairy kingdom feel to your party room. Frame a doorway with the branches, then add white Christmas lights, ribbons, and flowers.

  • Hang fishnet or mosquito nets on the ceiling of the party room. Then hang flowers, twigs, floral vines, butterflies, fairies, glitter stars, etc. from the netting.

  • Cut silk flowers off the stems and place them, along with sprinkling fairy confetti on the tabletops.

  • Make stars out of cardstock and cover them with glitter. Then hang them from the ceiling using curling ribbons or fishing line.

  • Hang floral garlands down the walls, drape them across the ceiling, cut them in half and hang them from the ceiling.

  • Hang metallic foil curtains in your doorways to your party room to create a fun, magical entrance to Neverland.

  • Decorate doorways and walkways with various colored streamers in your party colors.

  • Decorate wider walkways using sheets tied back with tulle bows or floral garlands.

  • Hang sheets of white Christmas lights on the walls and camouflage them with sheer fabric.

  • One of the best fairy party ideas is to use some twinkle star gossamer throughout the room to magically transform your walls, floors, ceilings, windows, etc. into an instant fairy atmosphere.

  • Intertwine white Christmas lights in silk trees and plants.

  • Tie tulle bows around all the chairs.

  • Tie helium balloons to the backs of the kids' chairs and a Mylar fairy balloon to the birthday fairy's chair.

  • You can't think of fairy party ideas without thinking of flowers. Place vases of fresh or silk flowers around the party room.

  • Tie a bouquet of balloons to your mailbox or car antenna, or hang them from a tree to let your guests know where Fairy-Topia is located.

  • Decorate ceilings with twisted streamers and clusters of balloons with curling ribbons in your fairy party colors.

  • Hang posters of fairies on the walls.

  • Make signs to hang on your walls that are fairy-related. For example, "FairyTales can come true...", "Welcome To Fairyland", "Welcome to Pixie-Hollow", etc.


PRINTABLE GAMES - Here's a great site for some fun print and play toddler party games that would be a perfect party game add-on!

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If you're looking for some games that might be fun to play at your fairy party, here are a few that you might want to consider investing in. If you are interested in creating some games that have the fairy theme, here's an entire page with nothing but Fairy Party Games and Activities noted below:

  • Decorate Fairy Glasses
  • Decorate Fairy Wings
  • Decorate Fairy Wands
  • Fairy Coloring Station
  • Fairy Face Painting & Tattoos
  • Fairy, Fairy, Pixie
  • Fairy Freeze Dance
  • Fairy Says...
  • Pin The Wings On The Fairy
  • Pass the Wand
  • Magical Fairy Parcels
  • Fairy Beanbag Toss
  • Fairy Tag
  • Floating Fairy Balloons


TEA SANDWICHES - Peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and strawberry jam cut into flower, heart, star, or diamond shapes using cookie cutters.

HOTDOG WANDS - Make hotdogs in your usual fashion or BBQ them. When done, insert a wooden stick into them to turn them into a wand.

FAIRY WINGS - Marinated chicken wings.

FAIRY BURGERS - Flatten your hamburger meat and cut out star shapes using a cookie cutter. Then bake or grill as usual.

FAIRY DIP & CHIPS - Hollow out a green or purple cabbage and fill it with Ranch dip. Place chips into a new clay flower pot. If you want to decorate the pot, tie a tulle bow around it and hot glue a silk flower in the middle of the bowl.

AMBROSIA SALAD - Make your favorite ambrosia salad and serve it in a clean clay pot.

FAIRY DIP & FRUIT - Hollow out a cantaloupe and fill it with a fruit friendly dip. Serve with cut-up pieces of cantaloupe, strawberries, pineapple, grapes, and kiwi.

Here's a couple of fairy party ideas for edible wands:

FRUIT WANDS - Place pieces of cut-up strawberries, pineapple, and grapes onto a wood skewer. Put a star-shaped piece of cantaloupe on the top of each skewer to create the star wand. You can use a star cookie cutter.

FAIRY WANDS #1 - Dip pretzel sticks into melted white chocolate and roll in colored sprinkles.

FAIRY WANDS #2 - Make Rice Krispie recipe and shape the Rice Krispie treat into a star shape and insert a sucker stick to create your wand. You can also dip your treat into chocolate and roll in sprinkles.

FAIRY SNACKS - Use new clay pots decorated with tulle bows and silk flowers hot glued into the center of the bow to serve various munchies like chips, nuts, candies, etc.

SUGAR COOKIES - Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe. Cut into the shape of flowers and decorate them with "fairy dust", aka sugar crystals.

Here's some fairy party ideas for your fairies' liquid refreshments:

FAIRY JUICE - Sparkling apple cider, sparkling grape cider, or sparkling cranberry cider.

FAIRY PUNCH #1 - Sprite with raspberry sherbert added just before serving.

FAIRY PUNCH #2 - Serve everyone Hawaiian punch. Sprinkle "fairy dust" or "pixie dust", which is Pop Rock candies, into each glass. Their drinks will pop, spit, and make crackle sounds.

FAIRY PINK LEMONADE - Combine pink lemonade concentrate with water and put it into an ice ring mold. Freeze it for 2-3 hours or until it is slushy. Place strawberries into the slush, while allowing the tops to show when turned over. Freeze until firm, preferably overnight. Prepare pink lemonade according to directions and place into a punch bowl. Add the lemonade ice ring and serve.

fairy cake
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FAIRY SHEET CAKE #1 - Make or buy a white sheet cake or a two-layer round cake and frost it with light pink, orchid, or mint green colored frosting. Decorate the top with a Tinker Bell or fairy cake topper and any combination of edible glitter, sprinkles, sparkling sugar, cake gel, or candied flowers.

FAIRY SHEET CAKE #2 - Make or buy a sheet cake and top it off with a fairy themed edible sugar art image. This will instantly give your cake the look of a professionally created cake, yet you will still have your hand in things.

FAIRY CUPCAKES - Make or buy some cupcakes and cover them with various colored pale frostings. Top them off with some fairy cupcake pics.

FAIRY PHOTO CAKE - Take a picture of your child dressed in her fairy best and have a bakery put it on a sheet cake.

For some more fairy party ideas for cakes, check out our FAIRY BIRTHDAY CAKE photos and how-to tips. They are nothing less than fun and fabulous!


Fairy party ideas for favor containers:
  • Place all of your favors in the center of a few sheets of colored tissue paper, then pull up the sides of the tissue, and tie it off with curling ribbon.
  • Place your favors into colored lunch bags and have colored tissue paper coming out of the tops.
  • Make pretty favor boxes by covering white boxes with fairy-themed paper and decorating with silk flowers and ribbons.
  • Cut out large pieces of tulle and place your favors in the center, then pull up the sides of the tulle, and tie it off with silk ribbons.

Fairy party ideas for fairy favors:
  • Fairy dust of course, which could be a glitter powder, body glitter, or silver or gold glitter
  • Pixie dust which would be the candy straw Pixie sticks
  • Fairy stickers and tattoos
  • Crayons and fairy coloring book
  • Bubbles
  • Fairy jewelry
  • Hershey's kisses

YOUR Favorite Fairy Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Fairy party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your fairy cakes and costumes.

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