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Fun And Fabulous Fairy Party Games
To Help Make Your Toddler Party Pixie Perfect!

When you think of throwing a Fairy Party, you can hardly imagine doing so without thoughts of whimsy, magic and pixie dust. However, thought must also be given to creating some fairy games to keep all your little pixies entertained. To help you in this regard I have set up this page with lots of games that are suitable for little toddler fairies.

As you try to decide what to do to create a fun-filled fairy birthday party that will have all your little pixies lining up in their fairy best, be sure to take a few minutes to check out these fun games that all have a fairy twist to them. You will soon discover that this a theme that lends itself nicely to coming up with fairy games.

DECORATE FAIRY GLASSES - As kids arrive, you could send them to a Fairy Glass-Decorating Station where they will decorate plastic champagne glasses with stick on jewels, glitter, silk flowers, fairy stickers, etc. Be sure to put everyone's name on the bottom. When it comes time to eat, your little fairies may use their special Fairy Glasses to drink their Fairy Juice.

DECORATE FAIRY WINGS - As kids arrive, you can send them over to the Fairy Wing-Making Station where they will decorate a pair of wings with stick on jewels, glitter, strings of pearls, and foam or silk flowers. Be sure to have Fairy helpers available to assist as needed.

DECORATE FAIRY WANDS - As your guests arrive, give them each a fairy wand to decorate. The wand will consist of a 12" x 1/4" wooden dowel with a Styrofoam star secured on top. They can glue on jewels, glitter, silk flowers, ribbons, etc.

FAIRY COLORING STATION - Cover a table with butcher paper, newspaper, or paper bags. Download fairy coloring pages or dismantle a fairy-themed coloring book and lay out the pages for the kids to color. Provide them with crayons, markers, and coloring pencils.

FAIRY FACE PAINTING & TATTOOS - As kids arrive, place a removable tattoo on their hand or cheek or paint a little flower on the cheek. Add a little glitter lotion or gel to their forehead, chin, cheeks, etc.

FAIRY PARTY GAMES - FAIRY, FAIRY, PIXIE - Play this game like Duck, Duck, Goose, but change it to coincide with your FAIRY theme by saying, "Fairy, Fairy, Pixie!" Have the birthday child start the game as the leader.

FAIRY FREEZE DANCE - Play some classical music in the background and have your little guests dance around like little fairies. When the music stops, everyone must freeze. If anyone is caught moving, that person will be out of the game. The game continues until only one fairy remains and that person will be the winner!

FAIRY PARTY GAMES - FAIRY SAYS... - Play this game like "Simon Says." Birthday child starts out being the Fairy. The game continues for 1-2 minutes. Then switch Fairies. Give each guest a chance to be the Fairy leader.

PIN THE WINGS ON THE FAIRY - This game is played like Pin The Tail On The Donkey. Cut out of construction paper enough fairy wings as there are guests. Hang a large poster of a fairy on a wall. Blindfold a guest, give them a pair of wings. which will have double-stick tape on the back, and have them try and "pin" the wings as close to the fairy's back as possible.

FAIRY PARTY GAMES - PASS THE WAND - This game is played like Hot Potato except you use a Fairy Wand. Have all the kids sit in a circle and have the birthday child start with the wand. Turn the music on and have everyone pass the wand to the child on his or her right. Play continues until music stops and whoever is left holding the wand is out. Repeat until only one child remains and he/she is the winner.

FAIRY PARTY GAMES - MAGICAL FAIRY PARCELS - This game is played like Pass The Parcel. Have everyone sit in a circle on the floor and as the music plays in the background, the little fairies will pass the Magical Fairy Parcel to the fairy on their right. This process continues until you stop the music. Whoever is holding the Magical Fairy Parcel will be allowed to keep it and is out of the game. The game continues until everyone has won a Magical Fairy Parcel.

Note: To be sure girls get girl prizes and boys get boy prizes, you could set-up a prize table where the winner will be allowed to go and select a prize, rather than giving them the wrapped Fairy Parcel. If you opt to give the child the wrapped Fairy Parcel, just be sure to wrap the girls presents one way and the boys another way, and then gauge the stopping of the music to coincide with a boy fairy or a girl fairy.

FAIRY PARTY GAMES - FAIRY BEANBAG TOSS - Decorate various sized clay pots and place them on a table. Make or buy beanbags. You can easily make them using a fun fairy-print fabric. Cut out two squares for each beanbag you wish to make. Place them right sides together and sew around three sides. Fill them half full with beans and then sew the opening closed.

Line your little fairies up and give them each 1-5 beanbags to toss into the pots. Each of the pots will be worth a certain number of points, depending upon their size. For example, a smaller pot might be worth 5 or 10 points, whereas the largest pot might only be worth 1 point. Whoever has the most points, shall be the winner.

FAIRY PARTY GAMES - FAIRY TAG - Everyone must play Fairy Tag in their "Fairy Best," namely wearing their wings so they may fly around trying to avoid being tagged by whoever is "IT" with IT's fairy wand.

FAIRY PARTY GAMES - FLOATING FAIRY BALLOONS - Line up all of your little fairies and give them each a small, inflated balloon. On "Go," everyone must hit his or her balloon up in the air while moving toward the finish line. Whoever gets there first, while maintaining their balloon in the air, is the winner. If someone drops their balloon and it doesn't break, then they may pick it up and continue where they left off. If it does break, then they are out of the game or you may give them another balloon and allow them to continue.

PRINTABLE GAMES – This site is full of fabulous printable games that you can simply print out and then play at your party.

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