Fairy Game Ideas To Make Your Baby's 1st Birthday A "Fairy" Fun Party!

Fun And Fabulous Fairy Game Ideas
To Help Make Your Baby's 1st Birthday Party Pixie Perfect!

If you are looking for a way to bring out the "fairy" best in your little guests, then close your eyes, make a wish, and let the magic begin with these great Fairy Party Ideas. Of course you will want some fun fairy theme games to entertain your little guests and create a whimsical setting for all to enjoy.

To help you create that fun-filled fairy birthday party, I've put together this page of games that will bring smiles to those cherub faces of your little pixies. With a little help from mom or dad, they will be lining up in their fairy best to enjoy these fun fairy party games and activities:


FAIRY FREEZE DANCE GAME – Start by playing some dance music in the background for all your little fairies to dance to. Have them dance around the room like a fairy would dance. Whenever the music stops, the fairies have to immediately freeze. Anyone who accidentally keeps dancing or moves is out. Restart the music and keep the game going until only one person is left, who is declared the fairy dance winner.

FUNNY FAIRY TALE STORY GAME – Have all your guests sit in a circle and have an adult sit or stand in the middle of the circle to direct the game. Let the birthday child start by telling the first few words of a traditional fairy tale. Then, the person in the middle points to someone else who adds to the story. The story continues as more people add their own ideas to the story, allowing your little fairies to come up with their own fantastical fairy tale. Everyone is sure to have fun and there will be plenty of laughter as your guests come up with an incredible tale.

FUN FAIRY COSTUME RELAY RACE – You’ll need two oversize fairy costumes, including wings, for this fun fairy game. Divide up your fairies into two teams and give each team their own fairy costume. When you start the game, the first person on each team has to put on the costume and flap their wings while running to the finish line and then back to their team. Then, they remove the costume and the next person in the relay dons the costume and races to the finish line and back. This continues until one team finishes the relay and wins the game.

More Fairy Game Ideas

FAIRY FREEZE TAG – Give all your little fairies a pair of fairy wings for the game. Then, give the person who will be “It” a fairy wand. Everyone runs around and the person who is “It” has to tag others to freeze them, but she can only use her wand to tag other people. Other players can run and tap someone who is frozen to unfreeze them. See if the person who is “It” can freeze everyone with her wand.

FAIRY FACE PAINTING & TATTOOS - As the little kiddos arrive, have someone at the ready to put a temporary tattoo of a flower on one of their cheeks or hand. If you have a talented mom or teen on hand that can do face painting that would be great also. Then finish their design off with a bit of "fairy dust" aka glitter gel or lotion by placing some on their checks, forehead, and chin.

BUBBLES - Put on a bubble show using bubble wands to make big bubbles the babies can watch float and change color and shape. They can also try to catch them or pop them before they hit the floor.

FAIRY BUILDING BOXES - Cover square, empty tissue boxes with colorful paper and decorate with fairies, butterflies, toadstools, and flowers. Let babies build with the boxes. In the alternative, provide building blocks.

More Fairy Game Ideas

PUPPET SHOW - Hire some teenagers to put on a little puppet show. Be sure they use lots of fairies and fairy-related scenery.

FAIRY PARADE - Line up all your little fairies, give them each an instrument, and lead them in a parade formation.

FAIRY BOX RACE - Decorate cardboard boxes that are large enough for a baby to sit in. Paint the boxes in your fairy colors, download pictures of fairies, butterflies, toadstools, and flowers, and glue to the sides of the boxes. Put a pillow in each box for comfort. Line the babies up on the starting line and parents push them to the finish line.

SING-A-LONGS - Have all the parents sit in a circle with their little ones and sing some songs.

FAIRY READING TIME - To quiet the little ones down, have them sit in a circle and read a fairy-themed book to them.

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