Fairy Birthday Cake

by Tammy Mc Arthur
(South Africa )

Pixieland Cake

Pixieland Cake

This cake is made from stacking cake squares together and topping them off with cakes cooked in mini bowls. The houses glue together with apricot jam and then rolled in fondant. The flat extra cake was mixed with melted cooking chocolate and chocolate sauce to create a sticky base. Next, I cut out the windows and stuck on the doors. For all the lines and marking out, I used a toothpick. A toothpick is also holding the elves together as they were made in different pieces, then glued together with sugar glue. The legs, shoes, and body - split into lower body, upper body, neck, head, hair with the ears and nose glued onto them. I used the back of the glue to make my bucket shape and then again used toothpicks to carve out some shape. Tip - put the paint in the bucket before putting the handle on - I got very irritated with myself doing it the other way around - eventually took it off - stubborn I know. Loads of fun and really very proud of my creation.

This fairy birthday cake obviously took tons of time and creativity. What an excellent creation made by Tammy! All her creativity made my own brain start churning out some great fairy party ideas.

Easy Fairy Cake

If you’re looking for another fun idea for a fairy birthday cake, start by creating a two tier cake. Make the bottom a six inch cake in any flavor. The second tier should be a 4-inch cake in any flavor you choose. Once the cakes are made, start by icing the bottom cake. Consider using a bright color like purple. Decorate with a thick, purple butter cream. Add the top tier and consider icing it in buttercream icing with a pale green color. Then add some fondant decorations to the cake, such as flower petals and leaves. To make this fairy birthday cake really sparkle, dust it with some silver luster dust. Add a Tinkerbell candle or other fairy themed topper to the top and your cake is complete.

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