Homemade Fairy Birthday Cake Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Fairy Birthday Cake Ideas
That'll Help You Add A Little Whimsy To Your Party!

A fairy cake or fairy cupcakes are a perfect addition to a fairy birthday party. You have the opportunity to accent your party with a beautiful decoration while simultaneously providing a whimsical and yummy delight!

Throughout history, many fairies have gained an immense amount of popularity from literature, television, and movies. Examples include the Blue Fairy that makes an appearance in “Pinocchio”, Crysta that was in the movie, “Ferngully: The Last Rainforest”, and Tinkerbell in “Peter Pan”. Both the young and old have an appreciation for fairies – especially those that are captivated by worlds of fantasy, mystery, and magic.

On this page, we have included many pictures of the fairy birthday cake varieties and fairy cupcakes that our readers have submitted to us. If you are interested in creating these types of desserts, we encourage you to take a few minutes to review these creations. In doing so, you will experience the creative inspiration that is required to create your own magical desserts.


fairy birthday cake


fairy birthday cake
Photo courtesy of: American Candy Stand Cupcakes


fairy birthday cake
Photo courtesy of: Moon Wink Bakery


fairy birthday cake
Photo courtesy of: Cascade Lily


fairy birthday cake
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fairy birthday cake
Photo courtesy of: Jennifer Schwalm


fairy birthday cake
Photo courtesy of: American Candy Stand Cupcakes


If you are interested in creating desserts that resemble or reflect fairies, you will want to opt for a design that displays the beings in a positive and mystical manner. In browsing the desserts that we listed on this page, you can see that most are created in this way. If you are having a bit of difficulty in creating a fairy birthday cake, the following instructions may be of assistance:

Instructions for a Fairy Birthday Cake

Items Needed:

  • Two Boxes of White Cake Mix
  • Two Round Cake Pans
  • One Small Cupcake Pan
  • Cake Tray
  • Green Icing
  • White Icing
  • Red Icing
  • Green Fondant
  • White Fondant
  • Red Fondant
  • Disposable Decorating Bag
  • Tinkerbell and Friends Cake Toppers

Step 1: First, use the two round cake pans to bake one of the cake mix boxes.

Step 2: Next, use the second box of cake mix to prepare the batter for the small cupcake pan (usually creates 6 cupcakes), and then bake the cupcakes.

Step 3: Roll out the green fondant until it is thin and smooth, and then place a piece over the entire cake tray.

Step 4: Place one of the round cakes on the cake tray and use the green icing to cover it.

Step 5: Roll out the green fondant once more and create a piece that is large enough to create the entire round cake that you just put the green icing on. Once this piece is ready, place it carefully over the entire cake to enhance its appearance.

Step 6: Next, roll out a piece of red fondant. This is going to go on top of the cake that you just placed the green fondant on, but, will be the center piece of both cake pieces. Instead of completely covering the cake, it will be in the center and the sides will need to be pulled a bit all the way around to create a dripping appearance that will enhance the appeal of the cake.

Step 7: The next step is to take the second cake and place it on top of the cake that you have iced. You should then ice the cake with green icing and roll out the green fondant and cover it completely, ensuring that its appearance is smooth.

Step 8: Now, take the cupcakes that you have created and carve out the sides so that each looks like a small mushroom. Then, use the white icing to ice the “stems” of each mushroom, and the red icing to ice the “tops” of each mushroom. Once you have performed this step, cut out small circles from the white fondant. Then, cut out pieces of the white fondant that you may use to cover the “stems”. Cut out red fondant and place it over the “tops” of each mushroom. Then, place a dab of white icing on the bottoms of the white fondant circles and place the circles on top of the red fondant of the mushrooms.

Step 9: On the bottom of each of the white mushrooms that you have created for the fairy birthday cake, place a bit of white icing. This icing will act as an adhesive. Then, place each mushroom in the area that you desire on the cake.

Step 10: Next, place the Tinkerbell and Friends cake toppers on the mushrooms. You should place the actual Tinkerbell topper directly on the cake.

Step 11: Finally, place icing of any color in the decorating bag and create flowers in various locations of the cake.

As you can see, creating a fairy birthday cake and fairy cupcakes is a relatively easy task; however, it may prove to be a bit time consuming if you elect to create a magical scene that displays the fairies in their natural habitat. Despite the time that it may take to create such a beautiful cake, it is well worth the time. If you have created a fairy birthday cake or fairy cupcakes, we would love to see pictures of your artistic abilities. Simply use the submission form on this page and upload your pictures, any instructions that you have, and any stories associated with the cake itself so that we may share your creativity with our subscribers.

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