Fabulous Fifties Party Ideas

by Ellen Morrison
(Abbyville, KS)

Step Back To A Simpler Time & Enjoy A Night Of 50's Fun!

Step Back To A Simpler Time & Enjoy A Night Of 50's Fun!

I threw my brother a 50s theme party. I tried to recreate a diner atmosphere. I used the show "Happy Days" as my inspiration.

Invitations - I made the invitations look like record albums using black construction paper and a silver gel pen to write the party details.

Decorations - I hung a sign up in the yard that said "Welcome To Al's Drive-In & Diner". I used pink and black as my colors. I bought a bunch of record albums and 45s from a thrift store and hung them from the ceiling using black ribbons. I put a bunch of 50's posters on the walls. I also splurged and rented a juke box, which I used to play the music.

Costumes - The girls wore poodle skirts and the guys wore Grease style black pants, white t-shirts and leather jackets.

Food - I borrowed some round tables to use for everyone to eat off of. I served hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, onion rings, Coke, and milk shakes. We used red baskets to serve the food in. My dad dressed up like Al, the owner of Al's - the Happy Days diner, and he served up the food.

Activities - Hula hoop and lots of rock n' roll dancing. We also played Name that Tune using songs that were popular in the 50s. Then we had a round of the Price Is Right using a game version from the 50's, which I got online.

Favors - Some fuzzy dice were given to everyone as a party favor, along with a yo-yo.

We all had a great time rockin' out!

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Ellen had some wonderful ideas; sounds like she threw her brother one cool-kat 50s party! One thing that is fun to do with any decades type of party is to give your guests a list, prior to the party--perhaps with their invite, of the most popular slang/lingo of that time. That way they can memorize a few phrases to slip into the party as appropriate. Perhaps you could turn this into a game.


When everyone arrives, give them each a necklace that has a mini 45 record on it. Every time someone hears someone utter a phrase of the 50s, they get to take a necklace from that person. Whoever has the most necklaces at the end of the night wins the game.


To help get you started with your 50s party lingo, here are some real "boss" phrases:

Are you writing a book? - You're asking too many questions
Big Daddy - an older person
Cat - a hip person
Cooties - imaginary disease of the opposite sex and the un-cool
Cruisin' for a bruisin' - Looking for trouble

Dig - to understand and/or approve
Don't have a cow - don't get so excited
Flip-top - a convertible car
Hipster - someone who's in the know and/or is cool
Hottie - hot rod; fast car

Nosebleed - hey stupid
Passion Pit - drive in movie theater
Pooper - no fun at all
Razz my berries - to impress or excite
Screamer - hot rod

Tight - good friends
Wet Rag - someone who is no fun
What's buzzin', cuzzin' - what's new?

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