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If you have decided upon an Elmo Birthday Party, but are still trying to figure out what games to play, then you are in luck as I have dedicated this page solely to party games. These games that focus upon Elmo are not only perfect for toddlers but are great options to use at a first birthday party.

You will soon discover how you can turn your party venue into a fun Elmo's world filled with lots of great games. Scroll on to check out the Elmo games and begin to orchestrate your party activities around the most lovable red monster on Sesame Street.


DOROTHY GOLDFISH TREASURE HUNT – Of course, Dorothy the goldfish is an important part of any Elmo birthday party, so you definitely want to use Dorothy in some of your Elmo games. Find some toy goldfish, making sure they are large enough so they aren’t a choking hazard. Hide the goldfish around your party area. When it’s time to play, have the little ones start looking for Dorothy the goldfish. Hide the goldfish in places that are fairly easy to find for your young guests. Save one goldfish to show the little ones what Dorothy looks like so they know what they are looking for. Of course, they may need some help from mom and dad as they search as well.

ELMO COLORING PAGES – Print out a wide variety of Elmo and Sesame Street coloring pages, which you can easily find on the internet. Provide some thick crayons for the little ones to use. Allow them to spend some time coloring the pages when they arrive at the party. It’s a perfect activity to use at the beginning while you’re waiting for the rest of the guests to show up to your Elmo birthday party.

ELMO’S FUN PLAYHOUSE – You can make or buy a small Elmo/Sesame Street tent. The tent should be small enough to place indoors. Inside the tent, place some fun Elmo and Sesame Street themed toys. Let the little ones enjoy crawling into the tent and playing with the toys inside. They may even enjoy simply crawling in and out of the tent more than playing with the toys you place inside.

ELMO STORYTIME – Reading to young children boosts their intelligence, so it’s a great activity for your Elmo party. Pick a fun, but short, Elmo storybook and have an adult read it to the little ones. Be sure to show them the pictures too.

ELMO PHOTO SHOOT – Make your own photo op area, using posters of Elmo and other fun Elmo items so you have a nice photo backdrop. Have the little ones and their parents post in front of the photo backdrop to have their picture taken. You can even add some dress up accessories that parents and little ones can use. Print out pictures, place them in frames and then hand them out to parents at the end of the party.

More Fun Elmo Games

MUSIC AND DANCING – Make a playlist of some favorite Elmo and Sesame Street tunes. Play the music and encourage all of your young guests to dance. Little ones love to dance around, so let them have fun doing their own little dances with the help of their parents.

RED ELMO PLAYDOUGH FUN – Buy several containers of red play dough. Place a vinyl tablecloth on the floor and put out the red play dough. Let the little ones sit on the vinyl tablecloth (which protects your floor) and play with the red play dough. They can have fun playing with the play dough and trying to make their own fun creations. Ensure you have some supervision so the little ones don’t end up eating the play dough.

ELMO SAYS – Have an adult be “Elmo” and have them direct this game, just like the Simon Says game. However, it is important to only go with commands that are suitable for your young guests. For example, Simon may say, “Simon says rub your tummy” or “Simon says crawl around.” Have parents help their little ones follow the commands that Elmo gives them for some fun.

COLORING ELMO’S WORLD – Place some poster board on a wall or place it on the floor. Place a picture of Elmo in the middle. Then, give the little ones crayons and have them gather around the poster board to color Elmo’s world. This way they can all participate at once, although you should make sure that you have some adults to supervise and help as the little ones color.

DOROTHY’S FISH BOWL TOSS – Find some plastic fishbowls for this game and you’ll also need some ping pong balls. Make sure the fish bowl has a wide mouth to make this game easier. With the help of the adults, have the little ones stand about 2 feet away from the fish bowl. Give each one three of the ping pong balls and have them work to throw them inside of the fish bowl, with some help of course. You could also let them stand next to the fish bowl and try to drop the balls into the bowl to make the game easier.

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