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When you hear "masquerade", one can't help but think of it to be synonymous with thoughts of mystery, magic, intrigue, and a gala affair. Join in the fun, conceal your identity for the night, dispel inhibitions, and bring your costumed-self to life! If you're throwing a party and are in need of some Masquerade Party Ideas, here are some great options for some invitations, costumes, decorations, cakes, party food, favors, and more!

Elizabethan Masquerade Masks

Elizabethan masquerade masks reached a high level of popularity during the time that King Henry VIII ruled. This king was the father of the Queen Elizabeth. It was during this time that forms of entertainment, called, “Masques” were held. These were an entertainment form that was enjoyed by those of upper class society. The Masques were considered to be dramatic events that were extremely lavish. The individuals that took part in these events often wore masks and other types of disguises that were designed to represent figures that were mythological-based, or allegorical, in nature. The participants most often spoke in eloquent verses. Today, these Italian masquerade masks are still worn. Often, you will see them in theater; however, they are most often worn during costume parties, at birthday celebrations, and at other types of festivities, such as Mardi Gras.

In researching the history of the appearance of the Elizabethan masquerade masks that are commonly purchased and worn for various types of festivities and celebrations in today’s world, you will find that the inspiration of the designs mostly stem from the various types of plays and even the popular masquerade balls that were often enjoyed throughout Italy. Many designs in Italy’s history were used for the purpose and intent of comedy pieces, while other designs were created to represent tragedy that occurred within the theater, or at a masquerade ball. When shopping for Italian masquerade masks today, you will find that there are designs that appear to be funny, there are designs that reflect a serious side, some designs may appear to be happy or sad, and others reflect absolutely no emotion, whatsoever.

Below, you will discover many links and images that point to various types of Elizabethan masquerade masks. In common terms, the most popular variations for Mardi Gras celebrations and other types of festivities are referred to as the “Eye Mask”, the “Stick Mask”, “Half-Face Mask”, and the “Full-Face Mask”; however, these Italian masquerade masks are also identified as the “Bauta”, the “Colombina”, the “Medico Della Peste”, the “Volto”, the “Pentalone”, the “Arlecchino”, and the “Zanni”. When shopping for your mask, it is in your best interest to research each of the types available to determine the best one for the costume or other type of apparel that you will be sporting to the festivities that you will be attending. For example, if you will be attending a Mardi Gras celebration, just about any mask – whether casual or formal – will be appropriate.

As an invited reveler to a masquerade ball, Mardi Gras affair, or a masquerade theme party, you will want to "mask" your identity with the use of a flamboyant costume and an outlandish mask. If you are looking for Venetian masquerade masks, Italian masquerade masks, or Elizabethan masks, here's a wonderful assortment, priced reasonably, for your perusal.

Elizabethan Masquerade Masks - Conclusion

Now that you understand a bit of the history associated with the Elizabethan masks and know the names of the different Italian masquerade masks available on the market today, it is time to take another look at the products that we have posted on this page for your convenience. Once you have discovered the best mask for your needs, you should click on the image to that product to complete the checkout process. Feel free to browse our other links and pages for more costumes and accessories that you may use to enhance the visible appeal of the masquerade mask that you choose.

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