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Have you decided to have an elephant theme for your little ones 1st birthday party? Well, the problem now is which is the best way to go. There are many ideas for elephant parties, including the pink elephant for girls and the blue for boys. Perhaps you might use a jungle or safari theme with an emphasis on elephants. Maybe a carnival or circus would be more in keeping with your idea for an elephant birthday party.

Whichever direction you take, there will be some of the same elements that you can use in any of above themes. I have selected the circus as the focus of this page.


ELEPHANT BIRTHDAY PARTY CIRCUS INVITATIONS - Feeling artistic? Well how about making your own special invite. Start by downloading a picture of an elephant onto a piece of card stock. Then cut it out and glue it to a piece of construction paper or a contrasting colored piece of card stock. Add your party details on the reverse side or on the inside, depending upon the style of the invite. Add a little pizzazz with some glitter around the edges and a few balloon stickers. After all, he is a circus star!

ELEPHANT THEME PARTY INVITES - Use a picture of an elephant from a coloring book as your template and cut out a blue or pink elephant from colored paper. Then glue it to a piece of decorative scrapbook paper that has a light pink or blue design. Add all the party details on the reverse side. You can also jazz it up a bit by gluing a decorative ribbon around the edges, adding a little glitter, and perhaps some googly eyes.

READY-MADE ELEPHANT THEME PARTY INVITES - If you're short on time or craft-ability, elephant invitations are plentiful in the stores. There are many cute designs that you can easily embellish for an added touch. For example, a little glitter, googly eyes, or perhaps a ruffle around an elephant's neck would add just enough pizazz to make it a little more interesting.


Elephant t-shirts make an ideal costume for 1-year-olds topped off with an elephant theme party hat. After all your guests have arrived, you could give them each a t-shirt and hat and lasso them for a few photos.

Another option to consider, since your guests are going to an elephant circus perhaps you might like to invite them to come dressed as a clown.

If you do decide to invest in an elephant costume for your little one, there are a few options to consider that are pictured above. If you go this route, be sure to add his or her picture to your invites.


Decorating the party room is always the fun thing to do. Here are a few ideas to jump start your thought process and get your creative juices flowing:

  • Start by gathering up all of the elephant memorabilia you can find be it statues, pictures stuffed animals, posters, etc.

  • Add to this collection Mylar elephant balloons, streamers and confetti.

  • Tie a small elephant to the ends of the balloons to weigh them down and send the balloon up to the ceiling. Be sure to attach some colorful curling ribbons to add a little additional interest and color.

  • Hang streamers throughout the room. Be sure to accent any bannisters, window and door frames, fireplace mantel or shelves with streamers and elephant paraphernalia.

  • To add a little color to the floor, sprinkle it with confetti. Don't worry when the party's over it will vacuum up easily.

  • Make several collages out of elephant pictures and tape them onto the wall, along with some fun elephant theme posters. Include in your pictures some circus scenes and clowns to also mount on construction paper and tape to the wall.

Elephant Party

  • Scatter the animals around the room in groupings of three to accent tables, shelves and empty corners.

  • Make your party table the focal point of the room with lots of colorful decor. Start by placing a white table cover on the table. Add party ware in bright shades of red and yellow, which are available in supermarkets at reasonable prices. In the alternative, you might prefer to purchase a set of elephant printed tableware which can be found online and at your local party stores.

  • Create a centerpiece with a large elephant, streamers and balloons.

  • Sprinkle confetti generously on the table to make pop.

  • Make tissue paper bows and tack them onto the corners of the table or perhaps tie the corners of the table covers and accent them with the bows.

  • Take advantage of wall placement when setting up your elephant party table. A table placed against the wall with a birthday banner above will serve as a nice focal point. You can also hang pictures of elephants and clowns to enhance the entire scene and draw your guests' attention to it.


DANCE TIME - One-year-olds love to dance, so turn on some fun circus music and let them move and dance freely.

ELEPHANT DINNER HUNT - Have an elephant dinner hunt with the little ones searching for hidden circus peanuts that are placed into plastic eggs labeled with the letter P on them.

BUBBLE BLOWING CONTEST - A bubble blowing contest is fun for adults to watch and little ones to try and accomplish.

BUBBLE CATCHING CONTEST - Have the adults or teen helpers blow bubbles and have the babies run around and try to catch them.

FOLLOW THE LEADER - This is a tried and true game which always produces a lot of fun and laughing. Play follow the leader and have one of the adults be the leader. Seat the babies in a circle on the floor with a teen helper or parent and have the leader sit in the middle. Then have the leader perform various actions like touch their nose, raise their hand, turn their head, kick their foot, wiggle their nose, etc. and have the little ones try to mimic the leader.

PULL-STRING PINATA - Hang a pull-string pinata in the party room as a decoration. When game time arrives, set it up for the youngsters to enjoy as they each take a tug on the string in an attempt to open it up and spill forth its goodies.

CLOWN - For entertainment you could hire a professional clown to entertain the children and make balloon animals. If you want to save a little green, then hire a teen to entertain the troops.

MOVIE TIME - When it's time to quiet everyone down, movies are great option that will instantly get your little guests' attention. Perhaps Disney’s Dumbo could make an appearance.


When planning your menu include some nourishing dishes besides the sugary gooey treats. Little ones usually enjoy chicken nuggets, Spaghetti O’s, or macaroni and cheese, all of which are easy to eat.

In addition, string cheese, baby carrots and celery dipped in ranch dressing is also tasty, and every kid loves Goldfish crackers.

Small chocolate chip, peanut butter or oatmeal cookies are a welcome addition, especially when you use an elephant-shaped cookie cutter to create them.

Serve some pink lemonade as an alternate to fruit punch.

For older kids and adults, set out some bowls of popcorn and peanuts in the shell. The little ones can enjoy pretzel sticks and Teddy Grahams.


The cake is the star of the party (next to the birthday child of course) along with the ice cream. So you'll want to be sure to make it extra special for that all-important 1st birthday.

ELEPHANT SHAPED CAKE - There are elephant shaped cake pans available if you prefer to bake your own. Make your favorite cake and decorate it according to the pan's directions. You can also revise the recommended frostings to coincide with your party colors.

ELEPHANT SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and top it off with an edible sugar art image or a cake topper that has an elephant theme. You can also add a few cake decorations like sprinkles, colored sugars for added interest.

MADE TO ORDER ELEPHANT CAKE - A bakery can top a cake off with a life-like elephant image for a real “wow factor”. There are many bakeries equipped to produce images made from edible ink and 3D dimensions using frosting, fondant and sugar.

ELEPHANT CUPCAKES - A fun and easy idea is to make individual cupcakes and decorate them each with a piped out elephant. Then arrange them on a 3-tier cupcake server.


Party favors are a highlight of all parties regardless of age, so you'll want to be sure to give your guests a little something to take with them. Here are a few ideas to consider:

A small toy, a circus coloring book and crayons, a box of animal crackers, mini chocolate chip cookies, bubbles, or an elephant bath toy. Also, as the children depart give them each a Mylar balloon with an elephant attached. Remember these were one of your decorations that have been floating around the ceiling all day.


At parties end you may be tired but it will all be worth the effort as you see and partake in your little one's 1st birthday party. Be sure to take lots of pictures and video so you can share the big day with your child when he or she is older. This will afford you with the ability to enjoy that special day all over again and a new memory will be created as you see your child delight in re-living his or her 1st birthday through photos and video. Indeed this will be a memory that will last forever.

YOUR Favorite Elephant Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite elephant party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your elephant cakes and costumes.

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