Egyptian Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Egyptian Birthday Party Ideas
That Will Have Your Guests "Walk Like An Egyptian"!

Pharaohs, mummies, and pyramids are all fascinating and with the fascination that comes with the Egyptian culture, throwing an Egyptian party is certainly a fabulous idea.

Guests are sure to enjoy a party full of Egyptian wonder and intrigue, especially if you go all out and make guests feel like they’ve traveled to Egypt themselves. From ancient mummies, to glamorous Cleopatra and the mystery of King Tut, you can put together many great Egyptian ideas to throw an incredible Egyptian party.

Do you need a few Egyptian party ideas to get you started? Check out these tips and ideas for decorations, Egyptian themed favors, great costumes to try and so much more. With these ideas and a few of your own, you can throw an incredible party that guests will be talking about for months.


READY-MADE INVITATIONS - When you’re ready to send out the invitations for your Egyptian birthday party, you may find that pre-made choices are a bit slim.

EGYPTIAN INVITATION #1 - However, there are many great DIY invitations you can create to go along with your exciting theme. One idea is to use card stock that looks like papyrus for your invitations, making them look like they came from ancient Egypt. Use some hieroglyphics on the invitations to make them look authentic. You can print out hieroglyphics for the invitations or even find some stamps that are easy to use on your invitations. To make your cardstock look more like papyrus, you can use tea to stain each piece of paper.

EGYPTIAN INVITATION #2 - You can also create plain invitations from cardstock and use Egyptian themed stickers to help decorate the invitations. These stickers are often found among scrapbooking embellishments. Some of the stickers available include scarabs, camels, pottery, Sphinx heads and even hieroglyphics.

INVITATION WORDING - Do you need a few wording ideas to use in your Egyptian party invitations? Here are a few great ideas you can use to spice up those invitations:

-- You’re invited to a party at the “Last name” Pyramid

-- The Temple of Birthday is open to celebrate the birthday of Pharaoh (Last Name)

-- The mummy invites you to an Egyptian party


egyptian costume images
Photo courtesy of: Mamafitz

To keep the party theme going for your Egyptian party, consider having all your guests dress up in great Egyptian costumes. Both the men and women can find incredible Egyptian costumes that will make them feel like they really have stepped right into ancient Egypt.

For the guys, a Pharaoh costume is an excellent option, as is a King Ramses or King Tut costume. Marc Antony, Egyptian prince or even a Mummy costume will all go great with the theme of the party.

The women will find some great costume options available as well. A Cleopatra costume is an obvious idea, and Egyptian queen costumes, Women’s Mummy costumes and Egyptian priestess costumes all make wonderful costume ideas as well.

The right accessories can really set off a costume, such as Egyptian collars, wristbands and Pharaoh headpieces for men. Women can accessorize their costumes with Egyptian style sandals, Cleopatra wigs, asp armbands, and snake earrings.


Decorating for the Egyptian birthday party can be fun. To add Egyptian intrigue and mystery to the party area, start out with plenty of gold, which is a popular color with the Egyptians.

  • Sheer gold material can be draped around the room on walls or from the ceiling to add a backdrop for the party.

  • It can also be used to cover tables or chairs.

  • Gold balloons, streamers and paper goods can also be used.

  • Adding hieroglyphics around the party area will help add some Egyptian style as well.

  • One of the best Egyptian party ideas is to use cheap white sheets decorated with hieroglyphics to really add to the décor.

  • A cardboard pyramid can add to the overall décor. Make your own or purchase one from a party supply store.

  • Consider using some spray paint to paint a chair with gold paint, making it the throne for the guest of honor.

  • Fake jewels can also be added to the décor to really add to the party.


To keep the party moving and your guests entertained, it’s nice to have some Egyptian themed games and activities to complement your Egyptian party.

MAKE A MUMMY - One fun game to play is make a mummy. This is a great icebreaker activity. Divide your guests into several teams. Give each team 3-5 rolls of cheap toilet paper. Set a time limit and have each team use a person and create their own mummy. Team prizes can be awarded for the team done the fastest and the team that came up with the funniest or the most unique mummy.

EGYPTIAN DANCE CONTEST - Another idea is to have an Egyptian dance contest. Don’t forget to use the classic ‘80s Bangles song, “Walk Like an Egyptian.” Play the song and have guests dance the Egyptian dance. Have prizes for the best imitation of the Egyptian dance. Everyone is sure to have a blast and there will definitely be plenty of laughter.

EGYPTIAN RELAY RACE - Another idea that you can use with the “Walk Like an Egyptian” song is an Egyptian relay race. Divide guests into teams of 4-5. Have guests balance a small book on their head and do the Egyptian while racing to the music. The team that completes the relay race first wins.


It’s definitely fun to have a food menu that includes great foods that go along with the Egyptian birthday party theme. If you need some yummy Egyptian party ideas for foods, take the time to do a bit of research on Egyptian food.

Some wonderful traditional Egyptian cuisine that you can serve up which makes great additions to your Egyptian food menu includes:

  • Vegetable kebabs

  • Lamb kebabs

  • Pita bread and hummus and Baba ghanoush spreads

  • Dates, melons, grapes, apples, pomegranates and figs

  • You may also want to try your hand at Melokhia soup, Koshari, or Egyptian rice pudding.

  • If you don’t want to serve up all ethnic foods, create food options in fun shapes that make them look Egyptian. One idea is to make tasty flatbreads to pair with meats and cheeses.

  • Mummy shaped cookies are great ideas, as are candy kebabs


egyptian cake images
Photo courtesy of: Cre8acake

Of course, you want an amazing cake to add to the Egyptian party. You can purchase a cake with an Egyptian theme or you can make your own.

PYRAMID CAKE - One easy idea that you can make yourself is a Pyramid cake. This can be made with two 8x8 cakes. Bake them, stack them on top of each other and then free for a few hours. When they are nicely set, carve the cakes into the shape of a pyramid, icing the cake to make it look like an Egyptian pyramid.

MUMMY CAKE - Another fun cake idea is to make a mummy cake. You can buy a cake pan in a mummy shape. Bake the cake and then ice it to look like a mummy. If you don’t think you can decorate more difficult cakes, simply ice cakes and purchase cake toppers, such as a mummy or sphinx cake topper, to carry out the Egyptian theme.


It’s always a nice idea to thank guests for attending the Egyptian birthday party with nice party favors.

  • One idea for party favors is to hand out bags of chocolate gold coins to all your guests.

  • Egyptian figurines make nice favors as well, such as figurines of the sphinx, the mummy, scarab, pyramids or even hieroglyphs.

  • Lovely bookmarks made out of real papyrus are beautiful, intricately designed and sure to please all of your party guests.

  • You can also snap photos of all your guests in their wonderful Egyptian costumes and then send them the photos in nice picture frames after the party as a wonderful party favor they’ll enjoy for many years.

YOUR Favorite Egyptian Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Egyptian birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Italian party cakes and costumes.

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