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Fun And Fabulous Easter Game Ideas
For An Egg-Mazing Time!

If you're throwing an Easter Birthday Party, Easter theme party, or an Easter family get together, you may very well want to plan some Easter games. This especially holds true if everyone is going to be spending the entire day and/or evening together or if you will have kids present at your celebration.

To help you out in this regard, I have put together this page of Easter games. These games will provide you with ample opportunities to have fun with your guests in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, along with perhaps a bit of good old-fashioned competition.

Easter Game Ideas

EASTER EGG HUNT – Take plastic eggs, filling them with candies and other treasures. Then, before the party, hide the eggs. When it is time for the Easter egg hunt, let the kids start looking for the eggs, allowing them to keep the eggs and treasures that they find. If dealing with a party that has kids of different ages, have different age groups look for a specific color of eggs. This lets you make some eggs easier to find for younger kids, while making others hard to find for older kids.

MAKE BIRD NESTS – Make several pans of Rice Krispie Treats. Then, give every child a couple squares of the treats, using them to make a bird’s nest. They can fill the next with Peeps or jelly beans.

Easter Game Ideas

GUESS HOW MANY – Take a large jar and fill it up with jelly beans. Have guests try to guess how many jelly beans are actually in the jar. The person with the closest guess gets to keep the jar of jelly beans.

PIN THE TAIL ON THE BUNNY – This game is tons of fun, since it is a lot like the game, Pin the Tail on the Donkey. However, you need a big bunny poster for this game. Every kid should get a bunny tail made of construction paper of felt. Blindfold each child, then spin them around a couple times. Next, they have to try to pin that tail on the bunny. The person who gets closest to the bunny tail will win.

Easter Game Ideas

HOT EGG – This game is a variation of the Hot Potato game, but you will need a plastic egg instead of a potato. Gather kids together, having them sit on the floor or the ground in a circle. Then, the guest of honor is given the plastic egg. Once the music starts, everyone will need to pass the egg to the right. When the music stops, the person who has the egg is out. Continue the game until there is only a single kid left, who wins the game.

EGG & SPOON RELAY – Start by dividing up guests into several teams. Every team will get a wooden spoon, as well as a bowl containing raw eggs. When the game starts, the first person will take an egg, placing it on the wooden spoon. After the egg is on the spoon, no one gets to touch the egg again. Then, that person has to quickly go to the finish line and then all the way back, handing the spoon and egg to the next person. The person’s turn is over if they drop the egg and it loses the team a point. Each person who successfully makes it to the finish line and back without dropping the egg gets a point for their team. The team that finishes first and also has the most points wins the game.

Easter Game Ideas

EGG ROLL – Divide party guests into teams, giving every team one egg. When the game starts, the first person on the team has to get on their hands and knees, pushing the egg with their nose to the finish line. The team that finishes first wins.

HOPPING BUNNY RACE – Much like a regular sack race, you need several teams and a burlap sack. You will also need bunny ears for each team. The first person for every team will put on the bunny ears, get into the sack and then hop to the finish line and back to the team. Then, they hand off the sack and the ears to the next person. Everyone racing must keep the sack above their knees, keep feet in the sack and they must have a hand on the sack too. The team to finish the race first is declared the winner.

Easter Game Ideas

PASS THE EGG – Fill a huge plastic egg with prizes and other goodies. Have kids sit in a large circle. Turn on music and then have them begin passing that egg to the right. Whenever the music stops, the person who has the egg is out of the game. This continues until only one person is left. That person wins and gets to keep the egg.

Alternative: An alternative is to allow the child who is holding the egg whenever the music ends to get a prize out of the egg instead of making them out of the game. Once everyone gets a prize, then you can start making kids go out of the game. The kid who is left at the end gets the egg with the rest of the prizes and treats in it.

PRINTABLE EASTER GAMES – Easy printable party games are a great addition to a fun Easter birthday party. Check out this page with fabulous, fun Printable Easter Games that you can easily use.

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