Easter Cupcakes

by Danni Garland
(Columbia, TN)

Cute Cupcakes If I Say So Myself!

Cute Cupcakes If I Say So Myself!

My five year old twins (a boy and a girl) have a birthday near Easter and this last year, I decided to actually use the Easter theme and go with Easter birthday party ideas instead of using another unrelated theme. I knew that going with the Easter theme would make it easier for me to plan the party, since Easter decorations, invitations and foods are easy to find around that time of year.

I used pastel spring colors in greens, yellows, pinks and blues for the party, which made it perfect for both a girl and a boy. The colors used together really made the party area look like spring. Of course, a house of five year olds is a challenge, but we had plenty of Easter games, like pin the tail on the Easter bunny and an Easter egg hunt, to keep them all busy during the party. I even showed a couple short Easter movies for the kids to enjoy while they ate party foods.

Instead of making a more traditional cake, I decided to go with some of the cute Easter birthday party ideas I’d seen and make a cupcake cake. The great thing about cupcakes is that every child had their own and no one was fighting over the biggest piece of cake (yes that happens in my house). I made chocolate cupcakes and decorated them with different colors of pastel icing. I added cute little flowers and greenery to the top, as well as a little Easter egg on each one. I made enough so that I could box one up for each child to send home as a party favor too.

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