Easter Birthday Party Ideas That Are Egg-Mazing!

Fun And Fabulous Easter Birthday Party Ideas
For An Egg-Cellent Memory Of Easter!

If you want to create an Egg-Mazing Easter birthday party or an Easter Theme party, we've got some Egg-cellent Easter birthday ideas to "spring" onto your guests. Egg-Citement will be hopping as the kids participate join in your Egg-Stravaganza Easter event. Get ready for lots of Easter fun as you gear up to Spring into action!

If you would prefer to check out some Christian Easter Party Ideas, then click on over to this page. You will find lots of great options for your Easter themed invites, decor, food, favors, games, etc. In case you are wondering, you can also use these same ideas for an Easter family get together, an Easter birthday party, or an Easter theme party.

So, if you happen to have a friend or loved one who was born on Easter morn, then you will want to be sure to let them know that some bunny loves them with a wonderful celebration. To help get you started in your party planning process, I have put together the following ideas that will help you with all facets of your party.


BUNNY FACE EASTER BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATION – To make your own bunny shaped invitation, start with a circle of white card stock, which will be the face of the bunny. Then, cut out two oblong-shaped strips of white paper to be the bunny ears. Use some glue to attach the ears to the face at the top. Use markers to draw on the nose, eyes, mouth and whiskers. Then, you can write all the party details on the back of the bunny face. At the top of the invite on the back, write “You’re Invited by the Easter Bunny.” You can always add a bit of glitter around the edges or some stickers to the back of the bunny to liven up the invitation a bit.

BUNNY EARS EASTER BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATATION – Why not let the Easter bunny help you with your invitations. To make these invitations, you’ll need several sets of bunny ears that come on a headband for kids to wear. You’ll need enough to make sure you have a pair of ears to go with each invitation you plan to send. Take pieces of cardstock in various pastel colors. Cut each piece of cardstock into four pieces. On each piece, write out all the party information for your guests. Then, punch a hole in each piece and use some pastel ribbon to attach your invites to the bunny ears. These will be tough to mail, so you’re better off delivering these fun invitations by hand. You should mention on the invite that kids should bring their bunny ears with them to the birthday party.

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Invites

EASTER BUNNY COOKIE EASTER PARTY INVITATIONS – Mix up a batch of sugar cookie dough and then use an Easter bunny cookie cutter to cut out the dough. Bake all the cookies. Then you can decorate the cookies to look like bunnies or you can make it easy by decorating the bunny shaped cookies with some frosting in pastel colors. Wrap the cookies carefully in colored plastic wrap and tie the tops with ribbon. Then, on small pieces of cardstock, write the party information with some pretty glitter pens. Punch a hole in the cards and attach to the cookies. Place in small boxes and mail the invitations or hand them out to your guests for a fun, delicious invitation idea.

BUNNY SHAPED EASTER BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS – You’ll need a bunny shaped cookie cutter to make these fun invitations. On pastel colored cardstock, trace the bunny cookie cutter, making enough bunny shaped invites for each person you are inviting. Cut out the bunnies and then have fun decorating them. Add googly eyes, place a cotton ball on the bunny for the tail and add whiskers with a bit of yarn. Make sure the party details are all included on the back of the bunny. Write, “Hop Over for an Egg-stra Special Birthday Party.”

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Invites

EGG INVITATIONS #1 - Create a decorative Easter egg out of various colored construction paper, colored paper, or card stock. Put your party details on one side and either "Come To My Easter Birthday Party" or "Come To My Easter Party" on the other side.

EGG INVITATIONS #2 - Cut a piece of colored paper or Easter scrapbook paper into four pieces. Type or hand write your party details on the paper, roll/fold the paper and place inside a large plastic egg. Hand-deliver your invites.


You might want to invite your guests to dress up a bit in their Easter best, or perhaps enjoy a fun Easter themedcostume.

You could also consider turning your guests into Peter Cottontail as they arrive. Set-up a table and have some teenagers paint bunny faces on your guests and give them some bunny ears and a tail.


Since Easter comes shortly after Spring has sprung, you might want to use pastels to decorate your party room. Great color options for your Easter party might be light green, yellow, light blue, pink, lilac, and perhaps a bit of white.

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Invites

  • Over the entrance to the birthday party, create a large birthday sign that says, “Hop Down Our Bunny Trail.” You can create it on a computer and print it out or you can create it with markers on posterboard.

  • In the middle of party tables, spread some green Easter grass. Then, take plastic Easter eggs and place them at intervals on the Easter grass. Between the larger plastic eggs, add tasty foil wrapped chocolate Easter eggs as well to add to the décor.

  • Add stuffed chicks and bunnies around the room to add to the décor.

  • Create beautiful centerpieces by making your own beautiful Easter Baskets to add to the centers of food tables. These baskets are easy to make from gallon ice cream buckets. Simply use pieces of felt to cover and decorate the baskets using the pastel colors you plan to use for the party. Then, fill up the buckets with some plastic Easter grass. Add several plastic Easter eggs to the basket, as well as peeps and other tasty Easter goodies. These basket centerpieces can even be used later as prizes for your games, so they’ll do double duty.

  • Find an Easter piñata and hang it up as a decoration at the party. Find one in a bunny or a chick shape. This not only adds to the décor, but it can be used as a fun activity later in the party.

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Since Easter is all about new life and it occurs during the spring, use flowers to decorate your party area. Lilies and tulips look especially pretty around the party area. Choose pretty white lilies and find tulips in pretty spring colors that go along with the rest of your party décor. You can get lilies in plants that can simply be added to party tables. Put tulips in pretty vases or place in a glass and sit the glass down in an Easter basket for a pretty centerpiece.

  • Buy a fake bird’s nest and add just a bit of Easter grass to the next to add a little color. Hollow out some real eggs (you don’t want eggs to sit at room temperature so it is best to hollow them out first if you want to use them for decorating) and then decorate them in pretty colors and designs. Add the decorated eggs to the next and use as a pretty centerpiece.

  • Place fun signs around the party area, including signs that say, “Some Bunny Loves You,” “Hop Along and Celebrate,” “You’re Eggs-tra Special,” etc.

  • Near the entrance of the party, place a big piece of butcher paper on a wall. At the top of the paper, write in big letters, “These Bunnies Luv You!” Have a bucket of markers available (make sure they won’t bleed through the paper) and let kids sign their names and add fun birthday messages for the guest of honor. They can add little pieces of their own artwork too. This is fun, it adds to the décor and it will be a cool keepsake for the guest of honor.

  • Find a big bunny flag or an Easter themed flag and hang it up on your porch for guests to see as they arrive at the party.

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • You can buy carpet runners in pastel colors. Choose a color and buy a runner. Place it on the sidewalk leading to the party or place it on the floor as guests enter the party area, allowing them to walk the “pastel carpet” as they arrive.

  • Take green pieces of construction paper and cover with some glue. Place green Easter grass on top of the glue, making sure the paper is fully covered with the grass. Allow to fully dry. Use as “grass” placemats for your party guests.

  • If you are having the part at night, create your own luminaries to line the sidewalk to the party area. Take white lunch size paper bags. Use black markers to draw on bunnies, Easter eggs, crosses or other fun Easter themed ideas. Place small candles in the bags and arrange along both sides of the sidewalk leading to the party. Light right before guests are supposed to arrive.

  • Take terra-cotta pots and tie a wide piece of pastel colored ribbon around the pot to make it look festive. Fill the pots with plastic grass, then add Easter candies like chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. Place around the party area for guests to enjoy.

  • Toss extra, extra-large plastic Easter eggs in your front yard.

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Decorations

  • Line your walkway with eggs on yard stakes. Make large eggs out of poster board, paint on your decorations, and staple to the stakes.

  • Place Easter Ducky and Easter Bunny window clings in your windows.

  • Cover your front door with a big Easter Bunny door cover.

  • Decorate the ceiling by haning Easter egg whirls from it.

  • Hang Easter lights or strands of various pastel-colored lights throughout the room.

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Invites

  • Decorate walls with some fun Easter wall decals like the Easter Bunny, eggs, chicks, baskets, etc.

  • Make a large tree to cover one of your walls. You can use butcher paper. Make various colored eggs, each bearing the name of one of your guests, and glue them to the tree branches.

  • Sprinkle Easter confetti on your tabletops for added color and party fun.

  • Create egg place card holders with each of your guests' names for placement at the dining room table. Cut up a cardboard egg crate and spray paint each individual holder with colorful paint. Add coordinating Easter grass and a decorated egg that bears the name of each guest.

  • Create an Easter centerpiece with some green Easter grass in the center, a large stuffed Easter bunny, a few small stuffed chicks, and a sprinkling of jelly beans. Then attach a bouquet of balloons to the bunny's wrist.


If you are on the look for some Easter Game Ideas, then click on over to this page and check out all the in's and outs for the following games:
  • Easter Egg Hunt
  • Make Bird Nests
  • Guess How Many
  • Pin The Tail On The Bunny
  • Hot Egg
  • Egg & Spoon Race
  • Egg Roll
  • Hopping Bunny Race
  • Pass The Egg

If you would like to dial down the activities a bit, then you might want to consider incorporating some Printable Easter Games; here are several to consider.


BIRD’S NEST RICE CRISPY TREATS – Make up some rice crispy treats (recipe herehttp://www.ricekrispies.com/recipes/the-original-treats). After you mix up the recipe, instead of putting the mixture in a pan, mold rice crispy treats into bird’s nests and allow to sit. Add some chocolate eggs or jelly beans to the nests. Serve on a big platter for a tasty treat that looks great too.

EASTER EGG JELL-O SHAPES – Mix up a package of Jell-O, but instead of using cold water, add ice cream. After mixing together, fill egg molds with your ice cream Jell-O mixture and place in the refrigerator. The ice cream will make any Jell-O color turn a nice pastel shade. Pop eggs out of the molds before serving. Kids will enjoy this tasty, pretty treat.

HAM AND CHEESE KABOBS – Ham is a traditional Easter food, but you can make it kid-friendly with these fun kabobs. Cut cooked ham into cubes and use cubed cheddar cheese. Place them on wooden skewers, alternating the ham and cheese cubes. Serve cold instead of sandwiches.

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Food

EASTER BUNNY SANDWICHES – Make sandwiches of your choice, such as ham and cheese, egg salad etc. Take an Easter bunny cookie cutter and use it to cut the sandwiches into Easter bunny shapes. Serve!

HOT CROSS BUNS – These hot cross buns (recipe here http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Hot-Cross-Buns-I/Detail.aspx?evt19=1) taste delicious and offer a sweet bread that you can serve at your party. The icing will make them a kid favorite. Mix up the recipe the day before and bake right before the party so they are still warm.

BUNNY TREATS – Place bowls of marshmallow peeps, choosing chicks and bunnies. Put a label by the bowl calling them “Bunny Treats.”

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Food

EASTER BUNNY DROPS – Fill up a serving dish with jelly beans for kids to enjoy. Call them “Easter Bunny Drops.”

PASTEL EASTER SMOOTHIES – Use bananas, milk and fruit flavored yogurts to create tasty, healthy smoothies for kids. The fruit flavored yogurts will make the smoothies come out in lovely pastel colors that look just as good as they taste.

EASTER EGG PUNCH – Make up fruit punch. The night before, freeze some fruit punch in plastic Easter eggs so you have egg shaped punch ice cubes. Pour punch into a punch bowl and add a bottle of Sprite Zero to add some fizz to the punch. Right before serving, add the egg shaped ice cubes to the punch. They’ll keep it cold and look great in the punch.

EASTER EGG SNACK PACKS – In large Easter eggs, place fun snacks like Chex Mix, goldfish crackers, wheat thins, popcorn or other fun snacks. Call them “Easter Egg Snack Packs.”


EASTER CARROT CAKE – Make a (recipe here: Carrot Cake. Mix up cream cheese frosting and frost the cake white on the top and on the sides. Tint some of the frosting orange and decorate with carrots. Tint just a bit of frosting pale green and use it to add tops to the carrots. Write a birthday message in bright green frosting so it really stands out on the white background.

BUNNY EASTER BIRTHDAY CAKE – Start by baking two white, round cakes. Take one round and cover it with some white frosting. Take the other round cake and cut it to make oblong “ears” for your bunny. Use frosting to attach the ears to the round bunny face. Ice the ears in white frosting too. Then, use a tiny bit of red food coloring to make pale pink frosting. Use it to make the nose and the insides of the bunny ears. With black frosting, create bunny eyes, whiskers and the mouth. Add black freckles if desired.

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Cakes

Here's a fun Easter Basket Cake that is filled with colorful Easter eggs.

EGG CAKE - Make or buy a cake and frost it in a pale color of your choice. Cut out egg shapes from various colored fondants and decorate the eggs with pieces of fondant or pipe on dots, zigzags, stripes, etc. Place the completed eggs on top of the cake and add an Easter birthday greeting.

easter birthday party ideas
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EGG-SHAPED CAKE - Make an egg cake using a 3-dimensional egg-shaped cake pan and decorate it according to the pan's directions. You can make stripes, flowers, dots, in various colors to create your Easter best.

Easter Birthday Party Ideas For Cakes

EASTER CUPCAKES #1 - Whip up your favorite cupcake recipe and decorate them with pastel frostings and then add various sugar decorations in the shapes of bunnies and chicks.

EASTER CUPCAKES #2 - Make or buy cupcakes. Pipe out green grass or tint coconut green and place on top of your frosted cupcakes, and top with a yellow marshmallow chick.

Here's a great Lamb Cake that would be a sweet add-on to your Easter party.


Fill mini Easter baskets with Easter stickers, pastel sidewalk chalk, tattoos, Easter themed activity or coloring book and crayons, bubbles, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies, bag of foil colored Easter eggs, or bunny ears.

YOUR Favorite Easter Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Easter birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with Easter cakes and costumes.

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