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The Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday party theme is a fabulous theme that is always a hit with the little ones. Of course, along with all the decorations and tasty food, you will also need to have some exciting duck games for your young guests to enjoy. The rubber ducky theme is perfect for babies and toddlers and you can come up with many great games that go along with this theme.

If you are having a tough time finding some appropriate games for the little ones to play at your party, you are in luck. Here you’ll find a whole list of duck games that you can use at your rubber ducky birthday party. Every game is geared towards younger guests and many will get parents involved as well. Use these exciting games at your Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday party theme or let them inspire you to come up with some great game ideas of your own!

Aside from this being a perfect theme for toddlers, it also provides the opportunity to play a lot of fun games. To help you out, I decided to create this separate page of games that are perfect for toddlers and focus on the rubber ducky theme. These games are also ideal for playing at a 1st birthday party as they are geared toward young learners. In fact, some of the games also provide the opportunity for the kids and parents to enjoy a bit of fun interaction. If you're throwing a Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday Party, then check out the following games and see if anything floats your boat!


RUBBY DUCKY COLORING AND PLACEMAT ACTIVITY – Buy a coloring book full of rubber ducky themed pages. You’ll also need some paper sized pieces of thin cardboard and some contact paper. Carefully take pages out of the coloring book and give each child two different pages to color, providing the children with crayons. After they color the pictures, you can put a piece of cardboard between the two colored pages and then cover the pages and cardboard using contact paper so there is a picture on each side. The parents can help you out with the contact paper if needed. This makes a great arrival activity for your tiny guests and they can use their placemats at the party and then take them home at the end of the rubber ducky birthday party.

FLOATING BUBBLES PRIZE GAME – Another of the fun duck games that young kids will enjoy is the floating bubbles prize game. What you will need is a small wading pool, a variety of blue, white and yellow balloons and some fun prizes. Before the party, place a small prize inside each balloon and then blow the balloons up. Fill the wading pool with some water. Then, float all the balloons in the pool. Let each child enjoy picking out a balloon and then pop the balloon so they get a prize. They’ll enjoy having the chance to get a little wet while picking out their bubble/balloon.

DUCKY PLAY-DOH - Give everyone yellow and orange Play-Doh, along with duck-shaped cookie cutters and let them cut out little duck shapes. Of course, mom, dad or some teen helpers would be useful for this activity to make sure no one eats the Play-Doh, along with helping them cut out the ducks. To lessen the concern of their eating the Play-Doh you could opt to create your own edible version.

RUBBER DUCKY POOL FUN - Float rubber duckies in wading pools and let your little babies splash around.

RUBBER DUCKY POOL ART - Crayola Bathtub Crayons are non-toxic and work best in a light color wading pool. Just add the babies and let the creativity begin.

BUBBLES - Put on a bubble show using large bubble wands to make big bubbles that the babies can watch float, and change color and shape. They can also try to catch them or pop them before they hit the floor. You might also consider adding a bubble machine which will obviously do all the work for you.

Duck Games

GO FISHIN' IN THE DUCK POND - Fill a wading pool with water dyed blue using food coloring. Prior to the party put numbers on the bottoms of the rubber duckies using a permanent marker. Put matching numbers on the prize bags. Let the babies take turns selecting a duck. Match the duck number to the bag number for each of the babies' prize.

PLAYIN' IN THE DUCK POND - Clear room of furniture if possible or push away and turn it into a duck pond by loosely hanging white sheets all the way around the room and cover floor with light blue and clear balloons. Add a bubble machine and let babies play in the "pond."

RUBBER DUCKY PINATA - A first birthday is a great time to introduce everyone to perhaps their first pinata. At this age you will of course want to go with the pull-string version.

first birthday party gamesAdditional First Birthday Party Games that aren't specific to a Rubber Ducky 1st Birthday, in case you've had enough duck games.

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