Dragon Costume

by Laura
(Ephrata, PA)



With not a penny to spend on a costume for Halloween, I was challenged with my son's insistence that he be a fantastic Green Dragon with scales and wings and a tail. Unable to disappoint him, I scoured the house for things to turn into a Dragon.

I made this Dragon (and in my son's eyes it is fantastic!) out of an old bed sheet, thread, duct tape, hanger wire, elastic, acrylic paint, and a green sweat suit with a hooded sweatshirt, also I used a small glue gun. We also used my sons belt as the tail's support, luckily it had green dragons on it!

Using hangar wire, I fashioned the frame for the wings. I attached the fabric for the wings onto this frame, securing by sewing, and using a glue gun.

I cut Dragon "scales" out of the leftover sheet from the wings. After painting them, I used the glue gun to attach them strategically placing them on the wings and sweat suit.

The tail attached to the belt with the wire, after rolling the fabric, sewing and duct taping it, I turned it inside out and painted it, stuffing it with more leftover fabric.

I regret that I only had white elastic for the wings, if you have a dollar to spend, make sure to get a dark color.

Have fun coming up with your own Dragon creations!

Reply: Great Costume Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Laura did a terrific job with her son's costume and proved you don't have to spend a ton of money to make a great costume! In keeping with the spending less theme, my creative party juices started flowing and I came up with a few ideas to help you create a great medieval party atmosphere without spending lots of moolah!

With this type of theme, you have an array of colors from which to select. For example, you could use red, yellow and blue or black and silver, and if you want to give it a bit of a feminine touch, you could opt for pink, white, and red.

First of all, you can use cardboard boxes and a bit of paint to create shields that can be used for decorating the walls or given out to the kids as they arrive to the party. All you need to do is cut them out in a shield shape, tape together if necessary, and paint the shields. If you want to give them a little more eye appeal, you could download a simple knight-themed symbol, create a stencil, and add the image to the shields.

Hit the Dollar store and stock-up on streamers and balloons. You have so many great options that you can implement that will transform your party room into a kingdom fit for a knight. For example, you could cover your entire ceiling with either twisted streamers or helium-filled balloons. Either way, your ceiling would instantly have great eye appeal.

If you have any windows in the party vicinity, you could twist streamers from the top to the bottom of the windows to create a bar effect; this would give it a dungeon, jail-type effect.

Create a balloon bouquet for a centerpiece. Be sure to use lots of curling ribbons to give it a festive appearance. You can also make some small shields and dragon shapes out of card stock or poster board and use them to accent the bouquet.

If you are a quilter and have any fabrics that might coordinate with this theme, you might want to use them for table tops or perhaps tear them into 1"-2" strips and tie them closely to one another onto a piece of twine. Basically, you can cut the strips any length you want, gauge this according to how long you want to finished garland to be.

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