Dr Seuss Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Dr Seuss Birthday Party Ideas
To Help You Plan The Perfect 1st Birthday Party

As Dr. Seuss says, "A person's a person, no matter how small" and now it's time to have a ball because your little one is about to have his or her first birthday. This is a great theme for a first birthday party as it is full of color, whimsy and fun characters that are sure to entertain all your little invitees. This theme also lends itself nicely to being one that can be educational--if that is your bent.

To help get you into the Dr. Seuss party frame of mind, here are some ideas for invites, costumes, decor, party food, cakes, games and favors, along with some fun Dr. Seuss party supplies for each of these categories.


FISH BOWL INVITES - Download the infamous Dr. Seuss fish coming out of the fish bowl onto a piece of card stock and cut out the shape. Write out all of the party details on the back.

STUFFED CAT IN THE HAT INVITES - Type out all of your party details and print them out onto a piece of colorful card stock. Attach the invite to a plush Cat In The Hat stuffed animal. Have mom or dad dress up like The Cat In The Hat and hand-deliver your Dr. Seuss birthday party invites to all your guests.

Dr Seuss Birthday Party Invitations

PHOTO INVITES - Take a head shot photo of the birthday boy or girl wearing a red and white striped Dr. Seuss hat and download it onto a piece of blue card stock. On the reverse side write out all of your party details in crayon.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE INVITES - Save a little time and buy some cute ready-made Dr. Seuss invites like those noted above and then embellish them by adding some colorful glitter around the edges. This would be a perfect project for an older sibling--giving him or her an opportunity to be an important part of the party process.


I'm turning one so please come,
To help me celebrate my 1st year with fun.
Be ready to play and have a great day.
With The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Remember to include the date and time of the party, its location, along with providing the RSVP info of the name and phone number and/or email address to contact.


If you want to go all out for your Dr. Seuss party, dress your little one in full costume as The Cat In The Hat. Take a picture as this would also make for a great invite.

As guests arrive, you can outfit them all in a Dr. Seuss t-shirt and when it's time for pictures, add a little Dr. Seuss cone hat or the infamous red and white stripe hat from The Cat in the Hat. The t-shirts and hats will later serve as party favors for your guests.

Dr Seuss Birthday Party Costume Ideas

Another option to consider that would make for an adorable photo, would be to opt for the tall red and white striped hats and red bow-ties. You could easily make the hats out of red and white strips of construction paper or card stock and glue them together to create tall tubes. The bow ties could be made using a piece of fabric.

Other great Dr. Seuss party ideas include involving mom or dad dressing up in The Cat in the Hat costume. If mom takes on this role, then give dad the How the Grinch Stole Christmas mask to wear periodically. If you do decide to opt for this, just be sure to gently introduce the Grinch to the little ones so they aren't afraid. It would be best if they could see the mask off of dad, see dad put on the mask, and see dad acting silly--nothing scary.


When you think about your party Dr. Seuss party colors, red, white and blue will certainly serve you well. If you want to focus on the Dr. Seuss theme of Green Eggs & Ham, then yellow and green would be great. However, you could easily use all of these colors as they complement one another nicely.

  • Greet your guests with a party banner by hanging one outside over the garage door.

  • Make some yard signs that have some of Dr. Seuss' famous sayings written onto poster board and attached to yard stakes. Download some pictures of The Cat in the Hat, the fish, Thing 1, Thing 2, etc. and glue them to the poster board for added interest.

  • Greet your guests with a large Dr. Seuss standee. Create a photo-op area and snap each guest's picture as they arrive.

  • Be sure to tie a colorful bouquet of balloons to your mailbox or a tree to let everyone know where the festivities are being held.

  • Cover your party table with a blue table cover or opt for a piece of red and white striped fabric.

Dr Seuss Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

  • Create a fun centerpiece by tying a bouquet of red, white and blue balloons to a fish bowl that contains a real goldfish. Sprinkle some fish-shaped confetti onto the table around the centerpiece. You could also tie the balloons to a stuffed Cat in the Hat.

  • Dress up the party table by tying a balloon to each child's chair and a special Dr. Seuss Mylar to the birthday chair.

  • Use some fun Dr. Seuss 1st birthday party ware to instantly give party pizazz and theme appeal to your table.

  • Hang Dr. Seuss and fish cut-outs on the wall. You might be able to find these in a large craft store like Michael's in the school supply section.

  • Set little fish bowls with one goldfish in each bowl around the party room. Just be sure they're high enough from little hands, but yet available for little eyes to enjoy. After the party is over, give each child a goldfish to take home as a favor.

Dr Seuss Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

  • Fill the room with bouquets of green and yellow balloons to represent the Green Eggs and Ham.

  • Hang colorful streamers in the doorways to give them a little pizazz.

  • Twist streamers throughout the room and across the ceiling to give the room a party facelift.

  • Make various size tissue paper pom-poms out of different colors and hang them from the party room ceiling using fishing line.

  • Hang a personalized banner over the gift table or on the main party room wall. Be sure to add a photo of your birthday child so you can turn it into a keepsake item, suitable for sharing down the road.

  • An extra-special party add-on would be one of the Dr. Seuss chairs pictured above. It can serve as the birthday child's "throne" so to speak and later be transferred to his or her bedroom.

  • Another great item that can do double-duty are wall decals. Accent party room walls with some fun Dr. Seuss party decals and when the party is over, transfer them to the bedroom walls.

  • Add bouquets of balloons to make corners pop with color. Be sure to add a colorful Dr. Seuss Mylar.


STORY TIME - This is a perfect party to gather your little clan and read one of Dr. Seuss' infamous books. Be sure to do so in a very animated fashion in order to try and keep their attention.

BUBBLES Bubbles and babies go hand-in-hand. Have some teen helpers with good lungs blow lots of bubbles and use bubble wands while the little ones chase after them and try to blow the bubbles themselves. It's a simple activity that is tried and true and guaranteed to provide them with lots of fun.

PIN THE HAT ON THE CAT - This game would be played like Pin the Tail on Donkey except the little ones would try to pin construction paper hats with double-stick tape onto The Cat's head. Hang a poster of The Cat in the Hat on the wall or download a picture and create your own poster. Of course, little ones will need some assistance, but they can still have fun with this activity.

Alternative - Turn the game into Pin the Bowtie On The Cat instead.

Dr Seuss Birthday Party Game Ideas

BEAN BAG FUN - Set up some colorful pails or baskets, or just use red and white ones. Then have the little ones try to toss bean bags into the pails.

BALL PIT FUN - Set up a blow-up pool and fill it with plastic balls and let the little ones have free play--supervised of course.

PULL-STRING PINATA - There's a cute Cat in the Hat pinata pictured above. This little item can serve as a table, wall or ceiling decoration until game time.


GREEN EGGS & HAM - Carefully separate out your egg whites from the yokes. Add a couple of drops of green food coloring to your egg whites and mix it together. Additional food coloring might be needed in order to achieve the desired green. Now you will need to cook your eggs by adding some of the green-colored whites with one yolk.

Next you'll want to give your ham a hint of green by mixing a few drops of green food coloring with a small amount of water. Paint your masterpiece using a pastry brush until your ham looks green.

GERBER GRADUATES - If you want something simple, opt for the Graduates. You'll just need to find out which stage their baby is eating.

ABC MAC & CHEESE - Use the ABC-shaped pasta and make your favorite mac and cheese recipe. You can also add bits of hot dog; just be sure they are just that--tiny bits so choking is a non-issue.

Dr Seuss Birthday Party Food Ideas

ABC FOOD ITEMS - Create another learning opportunity by serving foods alphabetically. Be sure to emphasize the first letter of each item you serve. For example, you could say A is for Applesauce and give them each a little applesauce. Then say B is for Banana and give them each a piece of cut-up banana. Proceed onto saying C is for cheese and crackers and give them each one cracker with a bit of cheese. You can then proceed to D, E, F, etc. or skip certain letter and head towards the end with a W which could be for watermelon.

SHAPED SANDWICHES - Make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cut them into various Dr. Seuss-related shapes like the Cat's hat, bowtie, fish, daisy, etc.

ALPHABET SOUP - Let them learn while they eat. Have some teen helpers available to help them identify some of the letters of the alphabet in their soup.

Dr Seuss Birthday Party Food Ideas

MUNCHIES - Serve up some munchies in colorful bowls. The Goldfish crackers are a perfect choice when it comes to little ones, munchies, and a spot-on theme item. But you can certainly serve other items like Cheerios, Honeycomb cereal, and Chex cereal.

CAT IN THE HAT COOKIES - Make your favorite sugar cookie recipe and shape the cookies into the Cat's Hat. Decorate them with red and white frosting.

Alternative: - Cut out cookies in the shapes of the alphabet and decorate with red, white, blue, and green frostings.

COLORFUL DRINKS - As it is nearly impossible to have too much color with this party, opt for a rainbow of colored drinks. You can use various Kool-Aids or just put a few drops of food coloring into some Sprite to give them a twinge of color.


CAT IN THE HAT CAKE - Of course this is the obvious choice and it need not be difficult. Just make 5 to 7 small round cakes. Then you can either frost them individually with red and white frosting or opt to cover them each with red and white fondant. After this is completed, stack them onto a cake board that is covered with blue foil. Cut a piece of white fondant to go around the bottom of the cake to serve as the brim. Then add a birthday message around that edge.

CAT IN THE HAT CAKE POPS - To make things easy, make little cake pops in the shape of the Cat's Hat, insert white sticks, and decorate them with red and white frosting. Display them in a red metal pail as a centerpiece until it's time to "serve" them.

Dr Seuss Birthday Party Cake Ideas

CAT IN THE HAT SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and top it off with a picture of the Cat in the Hat. All you need to do is download a picture to use as your pattern. Draw the shape onto the top using a toothpick and use the photo as your guide for decorating.

CAT IN THE HAT CUPCAKES - Make your favorite cake recipe and decorate the top using the grass tip except use blue frosting. Then Top each one off with a little Cat Hat made out of red and white fondant.


You can opt to fill a cute little Dr. Seuss favor box with little goodies like a blowout, Dr. Seuss printed balls, a plush Cat in the Hat or plush fish, or some fish bubbles. In the alternative, you could give your guests Dr. Seuss printed t-shirts or hats.

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Dr. Seuss birthday party ideas? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, cakes, costumes, and whatever else floats your boat.

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