Dr Seuss Birthday - Dr Seuss Cake

by Terry Zenz
(Sparks, NV)

Whimsical Fun & Absolutely Adorable--That's What Dr. Seuss Is Made Of!

Whimsical Fun & Absolutely Adorable--That's What Dr. Seuss Is Made Of!

This cake was made for Dr. Seuss's birthday last year for a school who was celebrating with a party.

Each tier is crumb coated then covered with a layer of fondant, the top tier has red stripes, middle red and white dots, and the bottom tier had cut out fish and waves.

After the fondant shapes are applied with corn syrup or water (not too much or they slide!) take black food color paste and paint all the details on the fish and random lines and squiggles all over the cake to make is look more Seussian.

The Cat in the Hat, ball, goldfish in bowl, and Thing one and Two are all made out of fondant with the same Seussian stripes and squiggles with popsicle sticks inside for structure and to hold them into the cake.

Have fun! Show your creative side!

This Dr. Seuss birthday cake submitted by Terry is not only fabulous, but she provided some helpful instructions you can use if you want to make a Dr. Seuss cake of your own. After all, a Dr. Seuss birthday party is just perfect for a little one who is just turning one.

If you are going with a Dr. Seuss theme, you can take inspiration from all the Seuss characters or you can choose one character or a specific book to use as the inspiration for your party. For example, you could base your entire party on the book, “Horton Hears a Who,” and only use the characters from that book. In this case, you could create a similar Dr. Seuss birthday cake to this one, but use characters from this book, such as Horton, to decorate your cake.

Another fun idea is to use the book, “Green Eggs and Ham,” as the inspiration for your party. You could make a cake that looked like green eggs or you could simply make a cake similar to Terry’s and color the inside green for fun. To go with the theme, you could use food coloring in your other food choices and even serve green punch to have some fun with your Dr. Seuss birthday party.

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