Dora The Explorer Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Dora The Explorer Party Ideas
A Wonderful Choice For Creating A Great Adventure!

Dora has been around long enough now to have earned her place in the party world. There's just something about that Dora hair that makes little girls want to be her and dress up to express their Dora best!

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When considering Dora the Explorer birthday party ideas, you must think adventure, exploration, and discovery. This theme appeals to both girls and boys alike. Also, since Dora always endeavors to teach the kids a few words in Spanish, you'll want to be sure to work some into the party so the kids can learn a new word or phrase in Spanish. To help you get started in creating your amazing birthday party adventure, I've put together several ideas that will take you from invites to thanks yous and everything in between.

dora the explorer party ideas
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DORA BACKPACK INVITATIONS – Head to a craft store and fun tiny backpacks. Buy enough so you have one for every guest. Buy some purple dye and dye the backpacks purple if you can’t find them in purple. On the backpack, use some fabric paint to draw on the face of “Backpack.” On pieces of cardstock, print out or write all your Dora birthday party details. Roll up the invitations and place them inside the backpack. Hand out the backpack invitations to your guests or place in small boxes to mail them to individuals on your guest list.

PASSPORT INVITATIONS - Cut a piece of navy blue card stock in half to make each piece 8 1/2" x 5 1/2". Then fold in half to make it 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". On the front write, "This Is Your Passport (Name's) Dora The Explorer Birthday Party." On a piece of light blue paper, write or print out the following:

This Passport Entitles (Name of Guest) Entrance to A Fun-Filled Dora Birthday Party.

(Birthday Name) Will Lead An Exciting Expedition located at (Party address).

The adventure starts on (Date) and will last from (Time Party Starts And Ends).

Dora The Explorer Attire Required (Optional).

Please Contact The Customs Office at (Phone #) To Confirm Your Expedition's Reservation.

Dora The Explorer Party Ideas For Invites

DORA THE EXPLORER PARTY MAP INVITATION - Use parchment paper, brown paper bag, or crumpled cream paper with burnt edges to create a map invitation that shows the route to the party location. Say: "We're going on a Dora the Explorer Birthday Adventure. Chart your course for (address) on (date). RSVP to (name and phone). Roll up invitation, tie with ribbon, insert into plastic bottle, add a little sand, and hand-deliver.

DORA THE EXPLORER INVITATION - Cut a piece of yellow card stock into two pieces. Design the front edge with Dora the Explorer stickers. Glue a picture of the birthday child in the center. On reverse side, either write or type out the party details. Say:

Join (birthday child's name) for an amazing Dora the Explorer Birthday Adventure!
RSVP to (name and phone) so Swiper Fox doesn't swipe your spot!

DORA THE EXPLORER PARTY IDEAS FOR A FIESTA-THEMED INVITATION - Cut 8 1/2" x 11" yellow card stock into two pieces. Design the front edge with Dora the Explorer stickers. Glue a picture of the birthday child in the center. On reverse side, either write or type out the party details. Say:

Hola Amigos (boy) Amigas (girl)!
Join (birthday child's name) for a fiesta!
RSVP to (name and phone) so Swiper Fox doesn't swipe your spot!


Since Dora the Explorer always loves to dress up in fun clothes, you’ll want to let your young guests have fun dressing up for the party. Let guests show up dressed as different Dora the Explorer characters. Another idea is to offer fun dress up clothes at the party, such as bright vests, hats, hair bows, scarves and other clothing. Kids can choose items to dress up in at the Dora the Explorer birthday party and they can even switch clothes throughout the party for extra fun. Here are some exciting Dora the Explorer party ideas you can use to make your own fun costumes for the party:

Dora The Explorer - The Dora costume is the easiest to put together. It is basically a pair of orange shorts, a pink short-sleeve t-shirt, and white tennis shoes. Add a Dora wig or create your own. Find a black wig and if it's too long, cut it off. If you're not in the mood to create your own, opt to by one of the infamous Dora wigs for your birthday girl that will instantly transform your child into the infamous Dora! Complete the look with a Dora the Explorer backpack.

Diego - The Diego costume is also relatively easy to put together. It is basically a pair of royal blue shorts, light blue short-sleeve t-shirt, and a cream-colored vest with large flap pockets on the front. Add a small orange rescue pack put on over the head and hung off shoulder.

Dora The Explorer Party Ideas For Costumes

Boots the Monkey - Have child wear a long-sleeve dark brown t-shirt and dark brown pants. Cut a large oval from tan felt and glue or sew to the front center of the t-shirt. Make a tail from brown fabric. Tie strip around hips and attach another strip (length appropriate for size of child) to hip strip that will hang down as the tail. Cut two 5" circles from dark brown felt and two 4" circles from tan felt. Glue tan circles into centers of brown felt circles. Glue or sew circles onto the headband to form the ears. Using face paints, paint the face brown, paint a black dot on the tip of the nose, and add pink circles on the cheeks.

Swiper the Fox - Have child wear a long-sleeve rust t-shirt and rust pants. Cut a large oval from white felt and glue or sew to the front center of the t-shirt. Make a tail from rust fabric. Tie strip around hips and attach another strip (length appropriate for size of child) to hip strip that will hang down as the tail. Glue or sew white felt to the end of the tail. Cut two 7" ovals from rust felt and two 6" ovals from white felt. Glue white ovals into centers of rust felt ovals. Glue or sew ovals onto rust colored headband to form the ears. Using face paints, paint the face rust, paint a black dot on the tip of the nose, and add pink circles on the cheeks.

Check out our visitor-submitted DORA THE EXPLORER COSTUMES photos and how-to tips.


Set the stage with these Dora the Explorer party ideas by turning your party room into Spooky Forest. Upon arrival, your guests will know they are in for an afternoon of adventure and exploration. Create this festive atmosphere at your home by using some of the following Dora the Explorer party ideas:
  • If you have a large wild animal, place it at the front door to greet your guests.

  • If you don't have a large wild animal to join in the festivities, you might want to add a wild animal standee to greet your guests at the door or use it as a photo op.

  • Decorate archways and doorways with green streamers.

  • Attach green streamers to ceiling center and at tops of walls, while making loops to create canopy effect. Let streamers fall down the walls to the floor.

  • Decorate wider walkways with green sheets tied back.

  • Hang Dora the Explorer posters and jungle posters on the walls.

  • Place real and fake plants and trees around the room.

  • A great Dora the Explorer party ideas is to create tree trunks with large sheets of crumpled, brown butcher paper. The branches can be made from smaller pieces of this paper. Create large leaves from green butcher paper and glue to tree branches. Tape trees to walls using double-stick tape.

  • Place wild animals (stuffed animals) around room.

  • For decorating magic, you'll want to be sure to add some zebra and/or tiger printed gossamer prints. You can use it to cover your walls, ceilings, table, and furniture. It's a great decorating medium that is guaranteed to give your party room an instant transformation to a wild safari.

  • Hang a banner that says "Feliz Cumpleanos (birthday child's name)." This is "Happy Birthday" in Spanish.

  • Cover tables with green tablecloth or a Dora the Explorer patterned tablecloth.

  • Cluster green balloons throughout the room.

  • Cut out animal footprints from construction paper or card stock and affix them to your walkway.

The following Dora the Explorer party ideas will help you create Crocodile Lake, Rainbow Road, Grumpy Old Troll's bridge, and Windy Valley:

  • To make your own fun Rainbow Road, take colored pieces of card stock or construction paper and glue blocks of it to a large piece of white butcher paper. Using the colored blocks, put together fun color schemes to make it extra colorful. After attaching the butcher paper which consists of colored pieces of paper, you can place butcher paper in front of your front door to offer a Rainbow Road walkway for your guests to use.

  • Another fun way to create a Rainbow Road is to make a road that goes all through the party area, twisting and turning along the way. Take big pieces of butcher paper, cutting them out and pasting them together to make a winding road. Then, take pieces of construction paper in various colors and cover up the butcher paper road you have created. Attach the winding Rainbow Road to the floor and let guests wander along it enjoying all the colors.

  • To truly transform your party room walls, add a Dora's World scene setter to cover your walls.

  • Hang some blue streamers in your doorway to create Windy Valley. For added fun, place a fan behind the streamers so they are gently blown to give the illusion of wind.

  • Create Crocodile Lake by filling a wading pool with cut-up pieces of blue bubble wrap. Place toy crocodiles inside the pool.

  • Create Grumpy Old Troll's bridge from an appliance box and place it at the front door area. As guests prepare to cross the bridge, ask them to solve a riddle as Troll does in order to gain entrance. If you really want to do it up right, create a small bridge out of wood.


For some fun Dora the Explorer Party Games and Activities, just click on over to this page and you'll find all the necessary instructions for the following games and activities:
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • Musical Puzzle Bridge
  • Steal the Sombrero
  • Guess What It Says
  • Name That Animal
  • Dora The Explorer Riddles
  • Dora the Explorer Party Ideas for an Obstacle Course


NACHO CHIPS AND FUN DORA DIPS – Place a large bowl of tortilla chips out on your party food table. Then place several different types of dips for kids to try out, including black bean dip, guacamole dip, Queso dip or salsa. Label the dips as “Dora Dips” for a fun food idea kids will enjoy. Instead of a bowl, you can make this more fun by serving up the chips in a safari hat turned upside down, adding something cool to the food table.

CHEESE TORTILLA ROLL UPS – Place some shredded cheese on a flour tortilla. Microwave tortilla until warm and the cheese is melted. Roll it up and add a toothpick to keep it closed. Serve while warm and kids will enjoy this finger food that has a Mexican theme to it.

TORTILLA CHIPS AND CHILI CHEESE DIP – Take a whole pack of Velveeta cheese and cut it into cubes, placing in a microwave safe bowl. Add a can of Hormel chili to the bowl. Microwave, stirring from time to time. Once the cheese completely melts, stir well to combine the cheese and chili. Add an extra can of chili if you prefer more chili in the dip. Serve up the dip with tortilla chips for an easy main dish for the Dora the Explorer birthday party.

TACO BAR - Set up a taco bar with all of the fixins' and let your guests create their own. Be sure to have plenty of taco shells, along with seasoned hamburger and/or shredded chicken, shredded cheese and lettuce, and last but not least guacamole, sour cream, and salsa, to top them off with a bit more yum-appeal.

TACO SALAD BAR - Provide cooked taco salad shells, shredded lettuce, hamburger, refried beans, shredded cheese, salsa, sour cream, guacamole, chopped onions, chopped black olives, etc. and let kids make their own.

Dora The Explorer Party Ideas For Food

NACHO BAR - Another fun bar option is a Nacho Bar which would allow the kids to create their own form of nachos. All you need to do is provide lots of tortilla chips (homemade if you're so inclined), refried beans, taco-seasoned hamburger, plenty of melted cheese, black olives, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, and salsa. You can also have some chopped jalapeno peppers on hand for those who like it hot!

QUESADILLA BAR - Provide flour tortilla shells, cheese, chopped green chilies, chopped or sliced black olives, shredded chicken, chopped onions, shredded cheese, etc. Either let kids pick out their ingredients and you put them together in a Quesadilla Maker or just make them ahead of time and cut them into pieces for serving.

BEANS AND RICE - A side dish of Mexican rice and cheesy refried beans is a must. Not only do these items go with your theme, but kids love them!

CHIPS AND DIPS - Gotta have plenty of salsa and tortilla chips for everyone to enjoy throughout the party. You can also have some guacamole on hand, but salsa is the #1 item of choice.

DORA THE EXPLORER TRAIL MIX - If time permits, make your own trail mix by combining things like granola, chocolate chips, raisins, nuts and pretzels. If you're short on time, then hit up your local Costco and buy a big bag of pre-mixed trail mix.

CHURROS - Once again, if time permits you can make some homemade churros which are also known as Sanish donuts. Sprinkle them with sugar and they're good to go on the run or serve them up with some vanilla ice cream and/or chocolate dipping sauce.

The following Dora the Explorer party ideas for drinks are a perfect compliment:

ALLIGATOR-ADE - Green Gatorade.

SWAMP JUICE - Place a piece of dry ice into a plastic container. Punch holes into the container lid. Before serving drop the plastic container into your punch bowl. It will create a foggy look. Remember, dry ice can burn when it touches bare skin. Be sure to wear gloves or use tongs when handling. Also, it's not edible, so don't let it touch the punch.

MEXICAN HOT CHOCOLATE – Make up your own Mexican Hot Chocolate for the kids to enjoy, since most kids do like hot chocolate. You’ll need cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, milk, boiling water, cinnamon and some mini marshmallows. To make one cup, mix together ¼ cup of milk, 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder, ¾ cup of boiling water, ½ teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a tablespoon of chocolate syrup. Mix well and then serve with a topping of mini marshmallows. The bit of cinnamon is what makes the hot chocolate have a Mexican flare to it.

TROPICAL MEXICAN PUNCH – Let the kids enjoy a taste of the tropics with this fun, tropical punch. In a big punch bowl, mix together some tropical punch with some ginger ale. Add some pineapple juice and chunks of frozen pineapple to the punch bowl for a pretty presentation. Kids will enjoy drinking this tasty, tropical fruit punch.


FLOWER SHAPED BIRTHDAY CAKE – Bake two round, vanilla cakes. Stack the cakes on top of each other, putting a layer of buttercream icing between the cakes. Using a sharp knife, cut the cakes into a flower shape like the flowers often seen in the Dora the Explorer episodes. After the cake is cut into a flower shape, ice the cake in purple or pink butter cream. Take a bit of yellow buttercream, adding to the center to look like the center of the flower.

EASY FIESTA MARACAS BIRTHDAY CAKE – This cake is extremely easy to make. You’ll want to make a large sheet cake, icing it in chocolate icing. Use M&Ms in different colors to create the shape of two maracas on the cake. Below the maracas, write the birthday message.

DORA THE EXPLORER CUPCAKES – Make a batch of cupcakes using your favorite recipe. Make them in chocolate. Decorate the cupcakes with chocolate icing, piping pink icing around the edges. Then, add Dora the Explorer cupcake toppers or toy figures to the top of the cupcakes for fun cupcakes that will look great without requiring a lot of work.

Dora The Explorer Party Ideas For Cakes

FUN DORA SCENE ROUND CAKE – Bake a chocolate round cake and cover it with white frosting. Find a favorite Dora the Explorer coloring page online and enlarge it to the size you need to fit the cake. Trace it on some parchment baking paper. After tracing the picture, use some piping gel to transfer the image to the birthday cake. Fill in the picture using the appropriate colors.

FLOWER AND BUTTERFLY DECORATED CAKE – Flowers and butterflies are plentiful in the Dora the Explorer adventures. You can use them to create a fun birthday cake too. Bake a large sheet cake and decorate it in white buttercream icing. Then, decorate the cake with colorful flowers and butterflies, or you can purchase sugar butterflies and flowers to add to the cake, leaving room to pipe on a fun birthday message.

Click on over for some more great ideas for DORA BIRTHDAY CAKES, along with photos and how-to tips.


A great Dora the Explorer party ideas is to put party favors into bandannas tied with yarn; cellophane bag decorated with Dora stickers; create purple felt backpacks using purple yarn to sew the pieces together, glue on wiggly eyes and a felt mouth; or go all out and use Dora backpacks. Fill with puzzles, Dora coloring book and crayons, storybooks, Dora toys, stickers, candies, finger puppets, compass, or binoculars.

YOUR Favorite Dora The Explorer Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Dora The Explorer party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Dora cakes and costumes.

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