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Fun And Fabulous Dora The Explorer Game Ideas
The Perfect Choice For Creating An Amazing Adventure!

If you're throwing a Dora The Explorer Party, you will want to turn your party area into a Dora Adventure Land. However, a great party room that provides ample eye candy will not suffice; you must plan some Dora games to entertain all your explorers.

To help you create a fun-filled birthday adventure, I have put together several games and activities that would be a perfect complement to your Dora party. So tell your guests to grab their backpacks and get ready for the great adventure of a lifetime!


FRIENDSHIP BRACELETS - Teach all of your guests how to braid and make the bracelets. Use 3 strands of embroidery floss cut the length of the child's wrist plus 3". Tie 3 pieces together at one end. Braid floss and tie knot at other end. Cut excess floss from both ends. Glue on snaps or Velcro for closures.

DORA THE EXPLORER GAME - MUSICAL PUZZLE BRIDGE - Before the party, write a corresponding number on a piece of felt (stones) and on an individual slip of paper. Continue this process until you have enough "stones" as there are guests. Space stones apart from one another in a circle. The kids walk around the stones as the music plays. When the music stops, they each stand on a stone, a number is drawn and called out, and whoever is standing on the stone with that same number is out. That stone is then removed and the play continues until only one child is left.

DORA THE EXPLORER GAME - STEAL THE SOMBRERO - Game is played like Steal the Bacon. The players are divided into two teams. Numbers are assigned to each child, with each number being shared by a member of the opposing team. The teams line up opposite one another with a sombrero in the center. Play starts by you calling out a number. The two kids who have been assigned that number run toward the sombrero. Whoever gets there first, grabs it, puts it on their head, and runs toward their teammates. The child who didn't grab the hat must try to grab the hat off the other child's head. If successful, that child then puts the hat on their head and runs towards their teammates. The child who had the hat pulled off their head must then become "It" and try to recapture the hat. Play continues until someone reaches their teammates with the hat on their head. To make the game more interesting, you may call out multiple numbers, thereby causing several pairs of kids to simultaneously try to steal the sombrero.

Dora The Explorer Game Ideas

DORA THE EXPLORER GAME - GUESS WHAT IT SAYS - Using Spanish flash cards, divide the kids into 2 teams and give them each team a bell. Draw a flash card and show the first two players the Spanish word. Whoever rings their bell first gets to translate the word into English and say the Spanish word. If that player gets either part wrong, they are out and the other player gets to try. The game continues until 1 child remains who is the winner.

DORA THE EXPLORER GAME - NAME THAT ANIMAL - Write down names of animals on small pieces of paper and put them into a sombrero. Have guests sit in a circle. One child pulls a slip from the sombrero and proceeds to act out that animal through movement and by making animal sounds. The other guests try to guess what animal they are imitating. Game continues until everyone has had a chance to be an animal.


The following Dora the Explorer party ideas for riddles should be adjusted accordingly to suit the age of your guests.

  • What flies around all day and never goes anywhere? (A flag.)

  • What's black and white and red (read) all over? (A newspaper.)

  • What do whales like to chew? (Blubber gum.)

  • What do you call a kitten drinking lemonade? (A sour puss.)

  • When is a door not a door? (When it's ajar [a jar].)

  • What always sleeps with its shoes on? (A horse.)

  • What can have 100 limbs, but cannot walk? (A tree.)

  • What part of your body has the most rhythm? (Your eardrums.)

  • Why was the belt arrested? (For holding up the pants.)

  • What has many rings, but no fingers? (A telephone.)

  • What is a volcano? (A mountain with hiccups.)

  • What holds water, yet is full of holes? (A sponge.)

  • What did one potato chip say to the other? (Want to go for a dip.)

  • What belongs to you, but is used more by your friends? (Your name.)

  • What did the beach say when the tide came in? (Long time no sea.)

Dora The Explorer Game Ideas

DORA THE EXPLORER PARTY IDEAS FOR AN OBSTACLE COURSE - Dora and Boots always go through the forest and encounter many obstacles along the way. Divide the kids into 2 teams, create 2 identical obstacle courses, on "Go" the first player of each team starts to run the course. As one teammate completes an item, their next teammate may start that item. Whichever team completes all of the obstacle course and gets through all of their teammates first wins. Select from the following Dora the Explorer game ideas to create your course:

Ladder Run - Lay a wooden ladder flat on the ground. The kids run through each rung of the ladder.

Balance Beam - Lay an 8' long 2" x 4" on the grass. The kids walk across the beam as fast as they are able.

Frisbee Toss - Place a clean trash can 10" from the throw line. Players toss a Frisbee into the can. Once this is accomplished, they move on. Be sure to have lots of extras.

Hula Hoop Run - Lay 5-8 hula hoops in a straight line. A child steps into each hoop and lifts it over their head, and then drops it down behind them as they move forward. A helper should be posted at this station to straighten the hoops out after each child goes through them.

Box Hop - Lay out a row of 6 cardboard boxes. Players must jump from one box to the next.

Water Balloon Balance - Players must balance a small water balloon on a spoon to the designated finish line for this station. If it drops and doesn't break, they are free to pick it up and place it back on their spoon. If it breaks, they must return to the starting line of this event and get another balloon.

Paper Run - Provide child with 2 sheets of paper and have them walk from the start line to the finish line for this event by only walking on the two pieces of paper. This means they must place a piece of paper on the ground, step on it, place another piece down ahead of them, step on it, pick up the first piece, and continue the process until they reach the finish line for that station.

Balloon Table - Blow up enough balloons to completely cover a 3" x 6" table (about 100 balloons). Tie several balloons to one another using string, twine, or yarn. Secure strips of balloons to the table top, sides, and underneath with heavy tape. Wrap the legs with foam padding. The balloons will swing and bump as the kids crawl through them.

Jump Rope - Each child must jump rope 10 or 15 times before moving to the next station.

Crab Walk - Conclude the course with this event. Kids sit on the grass, bend their knees, lean back on their hands with straight arms, and proceed to "walk" as fast as they can to the finish line.

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