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Before we get into the game portion of this page, if you are in need of some party ideas for your invites, food, and decor for a toddler Dora The Explorer Party, then click the link and venture onto that page. Also, don't forget to tell your guests to wear bright outfits to mimic Dora's favorite attire. Now in keeping with Dora's attitude of always being on a quest to find or help someone, I have put together this page of Dora games to keep your little explorers entertained.

To help you in this regard, I have created this page of Dora games that are a perfect complement to a toddler's Dora party. They are sure to add to your fun-filled environment and birthday adventure. Here are some theme games for you to check out, all with a Dora twist:


DORA EPISODE REINACTMENT – Have plenty of backpacks, stuffed animals and maps for this fun activity. Pick out a favorite Dora episode and let the kids watch it. Then, using all the items that you have together, let the kids have fun acting out the episode together. Let the birthday child be Dora. You could even let the kids make up and act out a Dora episode that they come up with on their own. It’s sure to keep them busy having fun.

DORA SAYS – This game offers a fun variation on the old game, Simon Says. Of course, for Dora Says, you’ll need a Dora to start leading the game. The person who is playing Dora will need to tell the rest of the players to do things. For example, “Dora says pick up your backpacks” or “Dora says hop on one foot.” Of course, anyone who does something if Dora doesn’t say, “Dora says” is out of the game. Make sure you let kids take turns being Dora.

SWIPER TREASURE HUNT – Swiper always ends up causing trouble for Dora and Boots, but for this game, all the kids get to look for Swiper. Hide a stuffed version of Swiper somewhere around your party area and then have the kids go hunting for him, trying to figure out where he would end up hiding. You can even make maps of the party area to help the kids find Swiper. The one to find Swiper gets to keep him.

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DORA THE EXPLORER BINGO – Make up your own fun version of bingo, but call it Dora the Explorer bingo. Then, you can give out Dora themed stickers for the kids to use while playing bingo. They can place a sticker on the right box when it is called out. Have some fun prizes on hand for those that do get BINGO. Play a few times so several kids get the chance to win a fun prize.

DRESS UP DORA – For this game, you need to create two different boxes of Dora themed goodies, such as Dora hair bows, a Dora dress, backpack, maps, makeup and other items that Dora might weight. To play, break up the kids into two different teams. Each team is to pick one person to be Dora. Then, give them five or ten minutes to use the items in the box to dress up their own Dora. You can have judges decide on which team was able to create the best Dora. Another variation is to see which team can get all the items on their “Dora” the fastest, giving prizes to the members of the team that wins the game.

DORA HIDE AND SEEK – Dora hide and seek is another fun game, and you won’t need any special supplies for this game either. To play, you’ll need someone to be Swiper and someone to be Dora. Swiper has to hide with Dora’s backpack. In the backpack, place plenty of different fun prizes. After Swiper has several minutes to hide, send out Dora and all of her friends to find Swiper. Whenever a person finds Swiper, they can tag him and freeze him, having Dora come get her backpack. However, Swiper can bribe that person by giving them a prize so they don’t tell about the hiding spot. Once bribed, that person drops out of the game. This gives lots of kids the chance to win a fun prize. If Swiper is able to stay away from Dora for at least 10 minutes, then he gets to pick out a fun prize from the pack.

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SWIPER FREEZE TAG – Another fun idea is Swiper freeze tag. You need to pick one person to be Swiper. The game is played like regular freeze tag. Swiper goes around trying to freeze people by tagging them and they have to be tagged by someone else to be unfrozen. See if Swiper can freeze everyone. Make it fun by letting everyone get a chance to play Swiper for a few minutes.

SOMBRERO RELAY RACE – This fun relay race will keep the kids hopping, using up all that energy. You’ll need two sombreros for this game. Divide up all the kids into two different teams. Have the first kid in line on each team pick up the sombrero, place it on their head and then race to the finish line. Then, they have to race back to their team and get the sombrero on the next team mates head without touching the hat. Then, that person races to the finish line and back and then tries to get the sombrero on the next person’s head. The team to finish the relay race first will win the game.

BOOTS SEE, BOOTS DO - This game is played like Monkey See, Monkey Do. Have your guests form a circle around the birthday child who will be the first leader. Play fun music while the birthday child does silly dance moves, or monkey moves, or whatever he/she wants and the guests imitate. After 1-2 minutes give each guest monkey a chance to be the leader.

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DORA GAMES - DORA, BOOTS, SWIPER - This is a game that has a twist on an old favorite--Duck, Duck, Goose. Start out by having everyone sit on the floor in a circle and the birthday child walks around the circle and taps each child on the head or shoulder and says "Dora" or "Boots" until they pick someone out and they say "Swiper." At this time, the selected child gets up and chases and tries to tag the current Swiper." At the same time, the perspective Swiper tries to run around the circle and sit down where he or she was sitting. If the current Swiper is successful, the child tapped shall become Swiper. If the selected child is successful, then the current Swiper resumes the process. Play until everyone has a chance to be Swiper.

WHAT'S IN THE MOCHILLA (BACKPACK)? - Fill the backpack with various prizes that are all wrapped in paper so as to conceal what they are. Suggested prizes might be things like bubbles, friendship bracelet, yo-yo, crayons, toy binoculars, plastic animals, beanie-type animals, etc. Have everyone sit in a circle and play music in the background while the kids pass the backpack. Once the music stops playing, the child who has the backpack draws out a prize and tries to guess what it is based upon how it feels. Feel free to give everyone hints as necessary. Help them to ultimately guess their prize. Once they have guessed, they can open it up and the game continues until everyone has "won" a prize.

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