Dora Birthday Party Ideas

Fun And Fabulous Dora Birthday Party Ideas
Create An Unforgettable Birthday Party Adventure!

Dora is all about discovery and adventure. Therefore, when planning your Dora party, be sure to work these concepts in, along with lots of fun toddler exploration activities. This theme is perfect for both boys and girls. Also, a little Spanish is a must since Dora always aims to teach a few words in this language.

If you are ready to get started in planning your great birthday adventure, I have put together some of the best ideas and activities to make your Dora party a great success! All your guests are sure to enjoy the exploration, fiesta, and fun that you have in store for them!


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DORA PURPLE BACKPACK PARTY INVITATIONS – Dora is always known for carrying her purple backpack, so if you want Dora birthday party ideas for invitations, consider a purple backpack party invitation. You will need some purple cardstock to make the backpack. Cut the cardstock into a backpack shape, making part of the backpack fold over and seal with some Velcro. On the outside, make backpack’s mouth with some red paper, use yellow to make the backpack’s eyebrows and add googly eyes. Open the flap of the backpack and write the party information inside, including all the pertinent Dora party details. Kids will enjoy opening the backpack to see the party info.

D-O-R-A BIRTHDAY PARTY INVITATIONS – Start with a piece of purple cardstock, folding it in half to make your invitation. Then, cut the letters that spell Dora’s name out of pink cardstock – D-O-R-A. Glue the letters in the middle of the party invitation and then add some Dora stickers to make a border for the invitation. Inside of the invitation write, “Hola! Are you ready for a Birthday Adventure? Head on over to (child’s name) Dora party for a fun fiesta!” Then, add all the party information as well.

DORA TISSUE PAPER FLOWER INVITES - Use bright yellow card stock for your invites. One side will contain all the party details. Hole-punch the upper left-hand corner. Make colorful Mexican Tissue Paper Flowers and attach your invite to the stem by either feeding the stem through the hole or feeding a few colorful skinny ribbons through the hole and tie them to the stem.

DORA THE EXPLORER MAP INVITATIONS - Cut up an old map into large squares. Put a sticker of "Map" or download a picture of "Map" (one of Dora's friends) and place on top of the map. If there is a blank side to your map, use it to convey your party info to your guests. If there isn't a blank side, then glue the map to a blank piece of paper and put all your party details on it.

DORA TREASURE MAP INVITES - Print your invites on brown paper. Crumple it up to make it look old. On the invitation say something like, Vamanos! It's Party Time! Come to (Name's) Birthday Party. Then add date, time, place, and RSVP info.

BOOTS OR DORA THE EXPLORER INVITES - This invite starts out with a piece of card stock in bright yellow. Cut it into whatever invite size you prefer and place all the party particulars that your guests need to know on one side. Attach the invite to a Boots or Dora the Explorer doll and hand-deliver. This will of course serve as a pre-party favor.

DORA THE EXPLORER BOOK INVITE - Either type and print out or write out on the inside cover of a Dora the Explorer book or coloring book everything that your guests need to know in order to attend your fun adventure, aka the birthday. Mail or hand-deliver your invites.

EMBELLISH READY-MADE DORA THE EXPLORER INVITATIONS - Buy some cute pre-made Dora invites and jazz them up a bit by embellishing the picture. Use glitter, sequins, jewels, ribbons, buttons, wiggly eyes, etc.


Dora loves to play dress-up. Invite your guests to come dressed as their favorite Dora the Explorer character. If you'd rather take the costume helm and dress up your guests yourself, upon their arrival you could give them each a brightly colored vest, hat, tie, scarf, hair bow, etc. for the kids to wear at the party.

If you'd like to snag a few ideas for some DORA THE EXPLORER COSTUMES I have put together this fun page of costume photos.


A Dora party lends itself to either setting up your main party room to look like Spooky Forrest or as a Mexican fiesta. For this party section, I am providing ideas for the Mexican fiesta. If you are interested in decorating for Spooky Forrest then check out my other Dora the Explorer Party Ideas.

For this theme, the more color the better. The following Dora birthday party ideas are sure to assist you in making a festive party atmosphere with a Mexican flair. Party colors should be bright and bold like orange, yellow, hot pink, blue, or purple. Choose from the following Dora birthday party ideas:

  • Decorate archways and doorways with various colored streamers.

  • Decorate wider walkways with brightly colored sheets tied back.

  • Display painted maracas on tables as decorations.
  • Dora birthday party ideas for colorful, homemade "woven" placemats. Cut 10 strips of 2" wide, 24" long pieces of purple construction paper. Lay them side by side and secure tops with a piece of tape. Cut 6 strips of 2" wide, by 22" long yellow construction paper. Cut 6 strips of 2" wide, by 22" long pink construction paper. Alternate and weave these pieces through the taped pieces to create the placemat. Secure all the ends with double-stick tape or glue.

  • Make large colorful Mexican tissue paper flowers and attach one large flower or a small bouquet to several yard stakes. Then accent your walkway with the stakes to give your guests a festive walk to the front door.

  • Hang a banner that says "Feliz Cumpleanos (birthday child's name)." This is "Happy Birthday" in Spanish.

  • Hang Dora the Explorer posters on the walls.

  • Cover tables with bright yellow tablecloths or any other brightly colored tablecloths. Tie the corners with curling ribbons.

  • Keep your drinks cool in a fun inflatable cactus cooler, which also doubles as a ring toss game.

  • Add vases of colorful fresh flowers, silk flowers, or tissue paper flowers.

  • Create a fun and festive centerpiece using a sombrero. Attach some colorful helium balloons to it.

  • Hang some fun chili pepper lights around the party room to instantly give the party room a festive look.

  • Cluster balloons in party colors throughout the room or you could add clusters of Dora latex balloons.

  • Be sure to create a special Dora Mylar balloon bouquet, that would make a great focal point on the birthday child's chair, hung in corners of the party room, or placed on the mailbox to alert guests of the party location.

  • Bring Dora's World alive by using some Dora wall graphics. Cover your main party room wall and it will instantly transform your party room into Dora-Ville.

  • Hang a balloon bouquet from a ceiling fan.

  • Hang twisted colorful streamers from the ceiling in all of your party colors.

  • A really cool idea is to cover your entire ceiling with colorful twisted streamers.

  • Create placemats by laminating pictures of Dora the Explorer characters.

  • Make colorful Mexican tissue paper flowers to hang throughout your designated party room; this will give the room a fiesta look.

  • Put tissue paper flowers in vases; hot glue them to a sombrero; attach them to your chili pepper lights; accent the kids' chairs with them, along with a helium balloon; etc.

  • Get some large appliance boxes and paint them to look like Dora's Casa. The kids can play in them during the party.

If you'd like to create Rainbow Road and Windy Valley, these ideas might help you do so:

  • Create a Rainbow Road to your front door. Tape or glue various blocks of colored construction paper onto a long piece of cement-colored to tan butcher paper. Lay it down on your walkway to lead the way to your front door.

  • If you want to create Rainbow Road in your home, just cut and paste large pieces of butcher paper together to create the winding road and cover with various colored blocks of construction paper.

  • Create Windy Valley by hanging blue streamers in a doorway. Position a fan behind the streamers to blow them outward creating the wind.


If you are in the market for a pinata or some Dora Games and Activities, I have developed a page that contains everything you need to know in order to do the following activities or play the games:
  • Dora Episode Reenactment
  • Dora Says
  • Swiper Treasure Hunt
  • Dora the Explorer Bingo
  • Dress Up Dora
  • Dora Hide And Seek
  • Swiper Freeze Tag
  • Sombrero Relay Race
  • Boots See, Boots Do
  • Dora, Boots Swiper
  • What's In The Mochilla (Backpack)?


TACO BAR - Provide all the taco fixins' and either allow each child to make up their own taco or a better option might be to provide a little assistance from the adults or teen helpers. Ideas for filling: Shredded chicken, hamburger, sour cream, shredded lettuce, shredded cheese, chopped onions, salsa.

DIEGO'S CHICKEN QUESADILLAS - A quesadilla maker is great for making the perfect quesadilla that you can easily cut into pieces like a pizza. All you do is lay a flour tortilla shell in the quesadilla maker, fill it with your favorite fillings, add another shell, close the lid and the quesadilla maker fuses it all together. Then all you have to do is cut it with a pizza cutter. Filling suggestions: shredded cheese, chopped green chilies, chopped or sliced black olives, shredded chicken, and chopped onions.

BOOTS' BURITTOS - Make mini burritos filled with beans and topped with a little slice of banana.

BEANS AND RICE - Serve refried beans and Mexican rice as side dishes.

CHIPS AND DIPS - Tortilla chips with salsa.

Dora Birthday Party Ideas For Food

DORA'S TRAIL MIX - Either buy prepared trail mix or make your own. Ideas for ingredients: raisins, chocolate or carob chips, pretzels, and granola. Place in colorful bowls.

CHURROS - Sometimes called the Spanish donut. Churros are fried until they become crunchy and then they are sprinkled with sugar. You can serve them with chocolate dipping sauce or vanilla ice cream.

PINK PUNCH LEMONADE - Place one large frozen can of pink lemonade into a punch bowl. Add two quarts of Sprite or 7-Up to the lemonade and mix together. When you're ready to serve it up, add a quart of soft sherbet--raspberry works great. Stir and serve it up.

TASTY PINEAPPLE EXPLORERS PUNCH – This is a delicious tropical drink that kids are sure to enjoy during the Dora birthday party. To make the punch, you’ll need two cans (46oz) of pineapple juice. In a big punch bowl, combine the pineapple juice with a liter of clear lemon lime soda. Add some raspberry drink mix to the punch to give it a pink tint. Stir and serve with ice at the party. You can always freeze some extra raspberry punch to make raspberry ice cubes so the ice cubes don’t water down the punch when you serve it.

RUBY RED SPRITE PUNCH - The day before the party fill ice trays with red fruit punch. Serve punch cubes in clear cups with Sprite.


DORA THE EXPLORER MAP CAKE – Since Dora is always using a map in the show, why not make your own map cake for the Dora the Explorer birthday party. Guests are sure to enjoy seeing the cool map cake before they enjoy eating it. Make a ¼ sheet cake in chocolate. Allow the cake to cool after baking. Then, use a pale green buttercream icing to ice the cake. Decorate the cake to look like a map, using red and blue icing to pipe roads on the map. You can also add mountains, lakes and rivers to the map as well.

DORA THE EXPLORER TROPICAL SCENE CAKE – Make a double layer 10” round cake, connecting the layers with icing. Then, make a double layer 6” round cake, and connect the layers. Place the double layer 6” cake on top of the larger round cake, using icing to attach. Then, ice the entire cake in a bright green. On one side of the cake, start at the top of the cake and create a waterfall using blue buttercream icing, making it go all the way to the bottom of the cake. Add buttercream tropical flowers all around the cake. On top of the cake, place some fondant or toy palm trees to add to the tropical scene. Add fondant letters to the side of the cake to spell out a birthday message.

TRES LECHES CAKE - For a more authentic cake, to truly tie into your Mexican Fiesta theme, you might consider trying a tres leches cake which is a moist Mexican treat that is available at most Mexican bakeries.

DORA THE EXPLORER SCENE CAKE - Place a Dora the Explorer cake topper or plastic Dora characters on top of a cake of your choice to create an instant festive scene.

DORA THE EXPLORER PHOTO CAKE - Have a bakery embellish a cake with your child's photo. Be sure to have your youngster wear their favorite Dora character costume and place it on a cake.

DORA THE EXPLORER SHAPED CAKE - Use a Dora-shaped cake pan to bake your favorite cake. Then follow the decorating directions that come with the pan to create your birthday masterpiece.

Dora Birthday Party Ideas For Cakes

DORA BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS FOR A BACKPACK CAKE - Make a cake in a 9" x 13" pan. After the cake cools, wrap it in wax paper and then in a piece of foil and freeze it overnight. Remove the cake from the freezer and cut off the corners of the cake to create a backpack-shaped cake. Then frost the cake purple. Using white, black, and red icings make white eyes, black eyeballs and eyebrows, and a red mouth. You can also use a red fruit leather for the mouth.

DORA FIESTA CAKE - Make a bowl-shaped cake to create the skirt and decorate it according to these fun Skirt Directions to create your Dora Fiesta mini cake.

DIEGO CAKE - Make a fun Diego cake using a Diego character cake pan and follow the decorating directions that come with the pan.

DORA BIRTHDAY PARTY IDEAS FOR CUPCAKES - Make or buy cupcakes. Either buy Dora cake picks or create some picks by taking two identical Dora stickers and sticking them together with a toothpick in between. Then place a toothpick into each cupcake.

DORA CUPCAKES - Turn colorful frosted cupcakes into Dora delights with some cute Dora The Explorer cake rings and let the kids take the rings home as one of their favors.

JUNGLE ANIMAL CUPCAKES - Turn animal print frosted cupcakes into a wildly yummy theme treat by adding some plastic jungle animals. Once again, the toppers can serve as one of the kids' party favors.

Before you leave, if you are still on the hunt for DORA BIRTHDAY CAKES, be sure to check out the photos of these fun cakes. Perhaps you will find one that will spark your imagination and send you right to the kitchen to start baking.


Put all of your party favors into small backpacks. Things like Dora stickers, puzzles, Dora coloring book and crayons, storybooks, Dora toys, candies, finger puppets, compass, binoculars, Dora bracelet, mini Dora and Boots dolls are all great party Dora birthday party ideas for favors.

YOUR Favorite Dora Birthday Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Dora birthday party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Dora cakes and costumes.

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