Dolphin, Dolphin, Shark With A Twist

by Annonymous

Pile Up For Fun!

Pile Up For Fun!

This is an older version of Duck, Duck Goose. What you do is have everyone sit in a circle and take a cold bucket of water around. Pour a tad bit of water on every guests' head. Until you yell out shark. Then you dump the whole bucket of water and run. You can also play this game with a water balloon.

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Dolphin, Dolphin, Shark is one of the funniest teen pool party games I’ve seen. Teens are sure to love this game, especially when they get to dump an entire bucket of water on someone. I'd say the best time to play this is before anyone has jumped into the pool, then the anticipation of getting slightly wet or drenched is heightened.


Another fun idea for teen pool party games is to have some fun with water balloons. Add some water soluble paint to the water before filling the balloons. The colors will look great all over the pool deck and on all your guests. After all, for teens, the messier – the better. Once this game is over, teens can jump into the pool and the paint will all wash off. If you used water soluble paint, the deck area should easily clean-up by just hosing it off.


Divide your teens into teams and give each team a completely drenched wet t-shirt. On "Go", the first person of each team must put on the wet t-shirt, jump into the pool, and swim to the opposite end and back to the starting line, and remove the t-shirt. The next person on the team repeats the process and whichever team gets through all their team mates first, are the winners.


This game can be played a couple of different ways. If you have a large pool, gather several small water bottles that have caps that are the same color as the bottom of the pool, remove the labels, and fill them with water. Then toss all the bottles into the pool with no one looking and let everyone try to retrieve as many as they can find. To make it more challenging, you can require that they hold onto any bottles they find while looking for more--in other words, they can't set them down on the deck. The other way to play this game is to just use one bottle; you can either opt to use a small 20-ounce bottle or opt for a 64-ounce. Although this sounds easy, what you'll find is that the clear bottle blends into the bottom of the pool and it becomes challenging to find it.


If you have a pool that is deep enough to be safe for teens to dive into, off the edge, the game Dive or Jump is one of the most exciting teen pool party games to try. Have party guests line up on the deep side of the pool. One person will stand in the shallow end of the water and you may want to have a couple of judges to help out. When the person calling out the game says “GO!” everyone has to jump into the pool. However, while everyone is in the air, the caller calls out “Dive” or “Jump.” While in the air, the players have to try to obey that command. If they do the wrong one, they are out of the game. This game gets lots of laughs because it’s so hard to change what you’re doing while you’re in the air jumping into the pool.

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