Diva Party Ideas For Your Lil' Darlin's

Fun And Fabulous Diva Party Ideas
To Help You Create An Adorable Diva Girl 1st Birthday Party!

If your little one is a girlie girl, then you might as well emphasis that personality trait with a fun pink diva girl party. After all, even the youngest of divas needs a bit of glam and glitz in her life.

Of course you will want to invite all your little diva's friends to join in on the celebration. Just imagine how adorable everyone will be all glammed up in their feather boas and sunglasses. The only thing that would make the party-goers even cuter--if that is at all possible--would be to have little boys all dressed up and wearing sunglasses. Too cute! At any rate, here are a some ideas to help you create a bit of glam in your little one's life.


DIVA PHOTO INVITES - Glam up your little one and take a photo. Dress her up in a hot pink onesie or frilly girly pink dress. Add some beads, perhaps a feather boa, a fun hat if possible, and of course the all-important sunglasses.

Then download the picture onto a piece of cardstock. Embellish the invite with sequins, pearls, glitter, feather boa, rhinestones, and ribbons. Write or type out all of your party details onto the back of the invite or on the inside, depending upon the invitation style you opt to create.

STAR INVITES - Cut out a large star shape from gold or silver card stock. Accent the edges with coordinating glitter. Put your child's name in the middle of the star and the party particulars on the reverse side.

EMBELLISH READY-MADES - Buy some invites and jazz them up with various craft items like those noted above.


Invite guests to wear their diva best or you might consider providing them with a diva t-shirt and sunglasses when it's time for pictures. As little ones arrive, place a removable tattoo on their hand or cheek or paint a little flower on their cheek. Add a little glitter to their forehead, chin, cheeks, etc.


If you decide to go with the diva party ware noted below, then your party colors will primarily be pink and purple.

  • Tie a bouquet of balloons to the mailbox to let guests know the party location.

  • Add a pink runner on your walkway so your little divas can walk the walk to fun.

  • Make some extra-large gold and silver stars out of poster board and attach them to yard stakes to line the walkway and/or scatter throughout the front yard. Write something like 1st Birthday, Diva Party or Diva Girl on the stars.

  • Cover the front door with pink or purple butcher paper. Add "Welcome To My Diva Birthday Party" on the door.

  • Twist streamers around the party room to bring it to life and add interest for little eyes to see.

  • Add bouquets of diva and #1 balloons in the corners and anywhere that the room could use a little pick me up.

  • There are some darling little birthday banners that would work great to accent a barren wall or hang over the cake table. If you're thinking of keeping the banner as a keepsake, you might want to go with a personalized one so you may add a picture of your sweet little girl.

  • If you want to be sure your daughter's high chair is fit for a diva, then you'll want to dress it up a bit with a high chair decorating kit and perhaps add a bouquet of balloons.

  • Add a pink or purple table cover with a runner in the opposite color. Then add the fun diva party ware. If the table is large enough that little hands won't find their way to the decorations, you can also add some strands of pearls, feather boas, and pink petals in lieu of confetti.

  • Be sure to make a fun centerpiece to accent the party table and give it a focal point. You can start by creating a big bouquet of balloons and attaching it to a weight. Then you can slip the weight into a decorative party bag and have feather boas and strands of pearls spilling out. You can also accent it with a pair of sunglasses, just be sure to glam them up first with glitter.


PINATA - When it comes time for fun and games, one of these pull-string pinatas would complement diva parties very nicely.

DIVA DRESS-UP - Provide lots of fun dress up items for little ones to play with and try on. Things like sunglasses, hats, scarves, pearls, feather boas, high heels, purses, etc. Be sure to have the camera ready.

BUBBLE SHOW - Hire a teen to put on a bubble show using bubble wands to make big bubbles that the babies can watch float and change color and shape. They will also enjoy trying to catch them or pop them before they hit the floor.

SING-A-LONGS - Have all the parents sit in a circle with their little ones and everyone can collective sing some songs and do various hand and body motions.

PIN THE HAT ON THE DIVA - This game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey except you will make some hats out of construction paper and pin them using double-stick tape to a poster of any diva of your choice.

PASS THE TIARA - This game is played like "Hot Potato." Try to have little ones sit in a circle, play music, and have them pass a tiara around the circle.


This is an adorable theme and the cute little pink and purple party ware is sure to help you create one sweet celebration. As you can see, you can order an all-in-one party pack that will contain just about everything you will need to help you make this a day to remember or opt for selecting items individually.

  • Gerber Graduates
  • Cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches cut into fourths.
  • Grilled cheese sandwiches cut into fourths.
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Mixed fruit
  • Applesauce
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Chocolate dipped strawberries
  • Star shaped cookies
  • Milk, punch, pink lemonade, or sparkling cider.


Lastly, here's a cute little cake stand that would be perfect for presenting that special diva party cake to the birthday girl.

CROWN CAKE - All you have to do is follow the pan's directions and decorate the cake in pink and purple to tie into your party colors.

#1 CAKE - Although the theme is diva, it is also a celebration of that all-important 1st birthday. Make the cake in the shape of a #1 using the above pan and then decorate it in pink and purple.

DIVA SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake and cover it with pink fondant. Then create a leopard print on top of the cake using purple and black fondant to create the spots. Pipe out a decorative edge around the cake and add a birthday message.


When you get ready to give out the party favors, you might want to consider giving everyone a little diva t-shirt or bib. Either one would make for a cute little picture as all the divas line up in their diva attire.


Have a wonderful party and enjoy your little diva immensely as you celebrate her first year of life!

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