Dinosaur Party Ideas
1st Birthday Party Ideas
For Your Little Dino

Fun And Fabulous Dinosaur Party Ideas
For Baby's 1st Birthday!

Make your little dinosaur birthday party a roaring success with our fun lil dino party ideas. Start by transforming your party room into Jurassic Park. Your little ones will think it is simply dino-mite!

As you all know, little tots are all about the eye candy and what they can touch. This is a great party that can provide ample opportunities for both of these senses to be engaged. I've provided lots of great ideas that you can pick and choose to create a party room that is fit for your dino-rific kid!


DINOSAUR INVITATION - Make your invitations out of construction paper or cardstock in the shape of various dinosaurs.

DINOSAUR FOOTPRINT INVITATION - Make your invitations out of construction paper or cardstock in the shape of various dinosaurs' footprints.

DINOSAUR EGG INVITATION - Write or type out your party details onto decorative dinosaur scrapbook paper and insert into a large plastic egg.

DINOSAUR TOY INVITATION - Write or type out your party details onto decorative dinosaur scrapbook paper and laminate. Attach to a small stuffed dinosaur or a plastic dinosaur.


As guests arrive, have teens available to paint a little dinosaur footprint onto the baby's cheek or hand. You can also handout cute lil dino t-shirts to all of your guests, which would certainly make an adorable group shot.


Here's some fun lil dino decorating ideas that will instantly transform your party room into a dino-mite par-tay room!

  • Draw dinosaur footprints with chalk on the sidewalk leading up to the front door.

  • Create a prehistoric environment with lots of greenery.

  • Put dinosaur cut-outs on the walls.

  • Make dinosaur footprints out of construction paper and attach to the walls and floors.

  • Hang dinosaur posters on the walls.

  • Hang green streamers of various lengths from the ceiling.

  • Hang green and brown streamers that are twisted along the ceiling to create vines.

  • Set stuffed and plastic dinosaurs around the party room and on the tables.

  • Cover the table with white butcher paper and create dinosaur footprints on top of it.

  • Create a dino centerpiece by placing a large stuffed dinosaur in the center of the table. Tie helium balloons to it and add some colorful curling ribbons.

  • Hang a birthday banner that is adorned with dinos on the main party room wall.

  • Put clusters of green, brown, and silver balloons throughout the party room. Just be sure they are high enough that little ones won't be able to get to them.


Here's an entire page with nothing but Dinosaur Games and Activities, such as:

  • Dino Cave Painting
  • Cool Dino Footprint Activity
  • Dinosaur Sock Puppets
  • Dinosaur Egg Coloring Activity
  • Fun Dino Necklace Activity
  • Dinosaur Excavation
  • Dinosaur Egg Hunt
  • Pin The Horns On Triceratops
  • What Kind Of Dinosaur
  • Pass The Dinosaur
  • Dino Sugar Dookie Decorating


  • Sandwiches cut with a dinosaur cookie cutter.
  • Dinosaur shaped crackers and topped with cheese.
  • Chicken nuggets in dinosaur shapes.
  • Fresh cut-up fruit.
  • Dino shaped macaroni and cheese.
  • Volcanic lava juice - red punch


dinosaur cake images
Photo courtesy of: GKCake

VOLCANO CAKE - Make a pyramid shaped cake using a deep Pyrex bowl. Trim the top off sufficient to allow a little tin pie pan to set inside the hole. Frost the cake with chocolate frosting. Melt some white frosting that is colored with red food coloring to create your lava icing. Spoon it down the sides from the top, allowing it to drip down. Put the tin in the top right before serving and place a piece of dry ice inside of it. Add a little water to the dry ice and presto, instant volcano.

DINOSAUR SHEET CAKE - Make or buy a sheet cake. Frost it using green frostings. Create some dirt roads using brown sugar or crushed graham crackers. Decorate with plastic trees, shrubs, and dinosaurs.

DINOSAUR SHAPED CAKE - Make a fun dinosaur-shaped cake and then decorate the lil dino up in your party colors.


Give your little dinos any of the following as a little memento of your baby's 1st birthday party:

  • Small stuffed dinosaur
  • Small plastic colored dino eggs (Easter eggs) filled with little treats.
  • Dino tattoos
  • Inflatable dinosaur
  • Growing dinosaurs; just add water.

Put your favors into a green paper bag that is adorned with dinosaur stickers. Opt for a brown paper bag decorated with stenciled dinosaur foot prints.

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