Dinosaur Party Ideas To Create Dino-Mite Prehistoric Fun!

Fun And Fabulous Dinosaur Party Ideas
Think Big To Create A Roaring Success!

Most kids enjoy a good excavation, especially when it involves dinosaurs. So why not get started with your dino party planning and dig into my fun ideas that will assist you in making the transformation of home sweet home into Jurassic Jungle. I've got lots of dinosaur birthday party ideas to help you get this party started off on the right foot. So get ready to dig up a little piece of the lost world of dinosaurs and embark upon creating a birthday party of prehistoric adventure.

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You will soon discover that these dinosaur birthday party ideas will make it possible for all your guests to join in with the celebration of their dino passion and make your child's birthday not only special but memorable. In fact, I'm sure that you will ultimately create a party that is truly a great adventure that everyone will dig!


To set the prehistoric atmosphere, use one of the following dinosaur party ideas for invitations:

DINOSAUR BONE INVITATIONS – You can often find plastic bones around Halloween, or you may be able to find them at any party store online. You can use the plastic bones to create a cool Dinosaur party invitation. Make sure you have a bone for each guest you plan to invite. Use a permanent black marker to write the party info right on the dinosaur bones. After the marker dries, roll all the bones around in a bit of dirt so they look like dinosaur bones that a paleontologist found and dug up. Place in small boxes, add some dinosaur stickers and then mail them to your party guests for a cool 3D party invite they won’t forget.

DINOSAUR EGG INVITATIONS #1 - Type or write the following party details on dinosaur related scrapbook paper:

We're Hatching A Dino-Mite Birthday Bash!
Join (Birthday Child) For His/Her (Age) Birthday.

Dinosaurs discovered in (City of party)
Prehistoric Location: (Address)
Dino Date & Time:
R.S.V.P. To: Dino-Mom (Name) or Dino-Dad (Name) at (Phone)
Come Dressed As Your Favorite Dinosaur

Then fold the paper and insert into large plastic Easter egg. Decorate outside of egg with dinosaur stickers. Hand-deliver invitations.

DINOSAUR EGG INVITATIONS #2 - Use 2 pieces of construction paper or card stock One white and one colored with spots. Cut both into large egg-shape that will fit into envelope. Zigzag cut the colored egg in half. Overlap cracked egg halves and attach brad fastener on side. Then run brad through egg white and close fastener.

On front write: Dinosaurs have been spotted in (City).

On inside write: (Birthday Child) Is Having A Dino-Mite Birthday Bash
Jurassic Jungle: (Address)
Dino Date & Time:
R.S.V.P. To: Dino-Mom (Name) or Dino-Dad (Name) at (Phone)
Come Dressed As Your Favorite Dinosaur

Address envelopes to child's name and add "saurus." For example Bobsaurus or Cindysaurus.

Dinosaur Party Ideas For Invites
DINOSAUR PARTY IDEAS TO CREATE DINOSAUR INVITATIONS - Download dinosaurs onto card stock and put the following party details on back side:

Join Us For A Dino-Riffic Birthday Bash!
(Birthday Child) Is Turning (Age).

Dinosaurs discovered in (City of party)
Jurassic Jungle: (Address)
Dino Date & Time:
R.S.V.P. To: Dino-Mom (Name) or Dino-Dad (Name) at (Phone)
Come Dressed As Your Favorite Dinosaur

DINOSAUR PARTY IDEAS TO CREATE DINOSAUR JUNGLE INVITATIONS - Create a jungle scene of dinosaurs, volcanos, palm trees, etc. on one side of a piece of card stock or construction paper. Put the following on the back:

(Child's Name) saurus is turning (Age)!
Come Join Us For A Roaring Good Time!

Prehistoric Location: (Address)
Dino Date & Time:
R.S.V.P. To: Dino-Mom (Name) or Dino-Dad (Name) at (Phone)
Come Dressed As Your Favorite Dinosaur


For a little more fun dino style, ask guests to wear dinosaur costumes. If you're feeling rather crafty and have time on your hands, you could consider changing them into dinos as they arrive with pre-made costumes made from hooded sweat shirts or hooded sweat shirts and sweat pants.

Cut triangles from felt. Glue together in overlapping fashion to create scales. Sew strip of scales to front of sweatshirt. If it's warm, then cut off sleeves.

To make hood and back spikes, cut small to larger triangles from felt and glue lower sides of triangles together to create a "cone." Fill with batting, rags, recycled plastic bags, etc. Sew small spikes to hood and larger ones to back. Make a long pointy felt cone (tail), stuff, and sew to bottom of sweatshirt or back of pants.


The following dinosaur party ideas will create a great Jurassic Jungle atmosphere. Use all or just a few, depending upon how much of a jungle you desire. For the most part, use various shades of green.
  • Create dino footprints from the driveway to the front door.

  • Make a sign that says "Welcome To (Birthday Name's) Jurassic Jungle" and hang on front door.

  • To create a cool entrance to your party, hang up green paper streamers in the doorway to the party area. This will make it seem like guests have to walk through jungle vines to get into the party. You can also use the streamers throughout the party area to make it look like jungle-foliage, adding to the décor.

  • Add your own dinosaur balloon faces to the party decorations. Start with balloons in various colors (they’ll work best if you fill them with some helium). Turn the balloons so the knot of the balloon is at the top and then tie a string around the knot so you can hang the faces. Use a black permanent market to draw on nostrils, big eyes and a toothy smile for each dinosaur balloon. Then, hang the balloons from the ceiling all through the party area so it seems like the dinosaurs are everywhere as guests move around the party area.

  • Another of the exciting dinosaur party ideas for decorations is to make your own dinosaur cave. To make the cave, you’ll need several refrigerator boxes. You can cut the boxes and attach them together to make a big cave. Inside of the cave, add some fake or real plants to make it feel like guests have walked into a jungle cave. Place greenery on top of the cave as well. Add some stuffed dinosaurs to the cave as well as some dinosaur bones. Kids will enjoy exploring the dinosaur cave and you can even use the cave as a great backdrop for photos.

  • Make some cool Dinosaur themed signs to hang around the room. Great ideas for your signs include “Jurassic Park,” “ROARRRRRRRR!” “DINO ICE AGE,” etc.

  • Don’t forget to decorate your party tables. You can add some small plants, plastic dinosaur eggs, plastic dinosaur figures and other dinosaur related items to make your tables look amazing.

  • Enclose the ceiling with streamers. Hang them generously from center of ceiling to all edges of the room. Add clusters of balloons and curling ribbons around room.

  • Hang fishnet on ceiling and attach at all four corners of room. Fill with light blue and white balloons to create a sky or use brown, black, and gray balloons to create a cave-like atmosphere.

  • Hang posters and/or pictures of dinosaurs on walls or here's a huge dinosaur mural that would transform your party room walls to Dino Land.

  • Hang green sheets on the walls to create the backdrop.

  • Hang dinosaur gliders from ceiling with fishing line.

Dinosaur Party Ideas For Decor
  • Transform your party room walls with some adorable dinosaur wall decals.

  • Make vines with string and construction paper and hang on walls.

  • Hang silk leaf vines down walls.

  • Set silk ferns and potted plants of various heights around room.

  • Add a large inflatable dinosaur to a barren corner or create a great photo op area that brings Jurassic Park alive.

  • Place giant cardboard dinosaur cutouts throughout room. Great for photos.

  • Display cracked-open dinosaur eggs. Cover balloons with paper-mache strips. When dry, use a needle and burst balloon inside. Cut open eggs in a zigzag pattern and remove broken balloon. Paint eggs.

  • Cover tables with dark green or black tablecloth and tie corners with coordinating curling ribbon.

  • Use dinosaur themed plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, centerpiece, party hats, and wall cutouts to transform your dining room into a dinosaur extraordinaire.

  • Give everyone a personalized dinosaur placemat.

  • Add color to your table by scattering dinosaur confetti on tabletops and dinosaur fruit snacks for guests to munch on.

  • Decorate room with dinosaur toys.

  • Add dry ice or fog machine to create foggy jungle atmosphere.


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If you're interested in some other game options, including dino pinatas, here are several to consider:

Lastly, you will of course want to plan some Dinosaur Party Games and Activities for all the little kiddos to enjoy. Since dinos were always a favorite of my son, I had no problem coming up with lots of fun things that kids could do at a dino party. Click on the above link and check out all the following great options to entertain your little ones--they all have a dinosaur twist.
  • Dinosaur Egg Relay Race
  • Dino Tail Limbo Fun
  • Dinosaur Egg Stomping Game
  • Bowling For Dino Bones
  • Blindly Identify The Dinosaur
  • Dinosaur Hunt & Puzzle
  • Cave Painting
  • Hatch The Dino Egg
  • Dino Dig
  • Dino Egg Hunt
  • Triceratops Toss
  • Dino Feet Relay


Use some of the following dinosaur party ideas to create some dino-mite food!

DINO BONES - Melt white chocolate in a double boiler. Stir in stick pretzels. Lay pretzels individually on wax paper to dry.

FOSSIL FRIES - French fries.

HOT LAVA - Chili.


DINO-DOGS - Hotdogs.

DINO NUGGETS - Dino-shaped chicken nuggets.

DINO LEGS - Chicken drummettes.

TERADACTYL WINGS - Chicken wings.

CRACKED DINOSAUR EGGS – These eggs look great and hardboiled eggs are a tasty addition to your party food table too. Start by hard boiling enough eggs so that every guest can have at least one. After the eggs are cool enough to handle, work on cracking the shell in various parts. Do this for all the eggs. Then, place your cracked eggs into a container with some water and food coloring and allow to refrigerate for at least 8 hours. Before the party, take the eggs out and take off the shells. The food coloring seeps in through the cracks and when you remove the shells, it looks like the hard boiled eggs are cracked all over the place, which looks so cool.

DINO TEETH - Candy corn.

DINO SUGAR COOKIES - Make sugar cookies and cut out dino shapes with cookie cutters. Decorate with edible toppings.

LAVA DRINK Any red juice or punch.


Use some of the following dinosaur party ideas to create a dino-rrific birthday cake!

BRACHIOSAURUS BIRTHDAY CAKE – You can make your own brachiosaurus cake without a lot of trouble. You’ll need to start by baking a yellow or white cake in a Pyrex bowl so you have a dome shaped cake. This will be the body of your brachiosaurus. Top the body of the cake with blue fondant. Use more blue fondant to make the long neck and head of the brachiosaurus, as well as the feet and long tail. Add some yellow fondant spots to the back of the dinosaur.

FOSSILE BIRTHDAY CAKE – Make this cake by starting with a round cake that has two layers. Put the layers together and ice the entire cake in white. Then, use chocolate cookie crumbs to top the top of the cake so it looks like dirt. Then, melt some almond bark and place in a squeeze bottle or a frosting bag and pipe dinosaur bones on top of the “soil” of the cake. If you don’t want to do this with chocolate, make some white bones out of white fondant to put in the “dirt” part of the cake.

DINOSAUR CUPCAKE CAKE – This cake is made out of cupcakes, making it easy to arrange into a dinosaur shape. Bake enough cupcakes for all your guests, and then arrange the cupcakes on a large piece of cardboard to make a dinosaur shape. Make sure that you have one cupcake for the head, two for feet and use several to create a long dino tail. Ice the cupcakes in a color that goes with your dinosaur. Ice the head and feet appropriately.

JURASSIC JUNGLE SHEET CAKE - Create a lake with blue frosting and surround it with graham cracker crumbs (dirt). Frost remaining cake green for the jungle. Add plastic dinos, trees, and volcano.

VOLCANO CAKE #1 - Make cake in Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl. Turn over and frost with chocolate frosting. Have red, yellow, and orange frosting (lava) running down sides. Add plastic dinos and trees to bottom. When ready to serve, put a piece of dry ice in a small candle holder and place in top of volcano.

VOLCANO CAKE #2 - Make 2 Bundt cakes, 1 smaller than the other. Turn cakes over and stack smaller cake on top of larger one. Cover with chocolate frosting. Melt hard cinnamon candies. Cool slightly and poor onto foil-covered cookie sheet into long pieces and puddles. Once cooled decorate cake with hardened candy. Right before serving add whip cream around top.

DINOSAUR CAKE - Make your favorite cake in a dinosaur shaped cake pan and decorate according to pan's directions.

Be sure to top any of the above cakes off with some fun dinosaur birthday candles.


Use some of the following dinosaur party ideas to create great party favors for your little dinos to take home!

Fill cellophane bags with plastic dinosaurs, dinosaur glider, dinosaur stickers, dinosaur coloring book and crayons or markers, bubbles, filled dinosaur (Easter) eggs, dinosaur pencils and erasers, binoculars, dinosaur fruit treats, etc.

YOUR Favorite Dinosaur Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite dinosaur party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your dinosaur cakes and costumes.

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