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Fun And Fabulous Dinosaur Party Games
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If you child happens to be a dinosaur-loving kid, then I would think that a Dinosaur Birthday Party might be in order. To help you plan a dino-riffic time, I have put together this page that contains lots of great games that will keep your t-riffic kids having a wonderful time.

Once your little dinos have enjoyed your prehistoric party room, they will probably be roaring for some fun dinosaur games. Here are several for you to consider incorporating into your Jurassic Park celebration. They are sure to create added adventure to your dinosaur party.


DINOSAUR EGG RELAY RACE – For this game you will need four tissue boxes, some eggs and two spoons. Make “dinosaur feet” out of the tissue boxes that open on top. Reduce the opening on top of the box with some duct tape, this way the kids can slip their feet into the “dino feet” and walk with the boxes on their feet. Then, paint the boxes to look like they are dinosaur feet. To play the game, divide the toddlers into two teams. Give each team a pair of dinosaur feet, an egg and one spoon. Designate a starting line and a finish line. When you start the relay race, the first child puts on the “feet” puts the egg on the spoon and races to the finish line and back without dropping the egg. Then, they hand the egg to the next person and give them the dino feet. Each person on the team does the same thing until one team finally finishes the game, winning.

DINO TAIL LIMBO FUN – This game is played like traditional limbo, but to make it go with your dinosaur birthday party theme, you will need to make a dinosaur tail instead of using a limbo stick. Simply take some cardboard and decorate it to look a dinosaur tail. Then, attaching it to a gift wrapping paper tube. Start some fun tunes and have the kids start walking under the dino tail. Continue to lower the tail for every round. If someone falls or can’t get under the dinosaur tail, they are out. See who can be the last one standing at the end of the game.

Dinosaur Party Games

DINOSAUR EGG STOMPING GAME – You will need an inflated balloon for each child if you want to add this to your list of dinosaur party games. Tie the balloon to each child’s ankle using a piece of string. When you start the game, the kids are supposed to pop the “eggs” attached to the other kids while protecting their own “dinosaur egg.” When the “egg” pops, that person is out of the game. The person that has the last “egg” will win a prize.

BOWLING FOR DINO BONES – This fun twist on bowling will ensure kids have plenty of fun at your dinosaur birthday party. Make your own bowling pins out of plastic bottles. You will need 10 of the plastic bottles. Then, cover the bottles with some white paper, drawing bones on the front of the pins. Make sure the bones are perpendicular to the floor when you draw them on the paper. Create a bowling area, setting up the pins and giving kids a small ball to roll at the “dino bones.” You can call the ball a “dino egg.” Have kids see how many of the dinosaur bones they can knock down with the egg. You can add a small amount of water to the bottom of the bottles so they don’t fall down quite as easily. See who ends up with the best score after the dino bone bowling.

Dinosaur Party Games

BLINDLY IDENTIFY THE DINOSAUR – Purchase some small plastic dinosaurs that have distinguishing features on them. Put them in a small box. Let kids take a look at the dinosaurs in the box before you play the game. Blindfold one child and mix up the dinosaurs in the box. Have them pick a dinosaur and try to guess which dinosaur they picked by feeling it. Give them 30-60 seconds to guess. If they guess correctly, they get a fun prize. Then, continue letting the rest of your guests take a turn at the game so everyone has a chance to win a prize.

DINOSAUR HUNT & PUZZLE - Get a poster of a dinosaur and cut it into several large pieces like you would a puzzle. Count the number of pieces that you have before hiding them around the party area. Then have all your lil' dinos go on a dinosaur hunt. After the kids find the pieces they can return to home base and proceed to assemble the dinosaur.

CAVE PAINTING - As guests arrive, send them to the cave to draw on the walls. Create a cave from refrigerator boxes. Paint outside of boxes in shades of brown, grey, and black. Glue greenery and moss to painted surface. Let kids crawl around boxes and draw on the walls or cover a wall with brown butcher paper and let them draw on the wall.

Dinosaur Party Games

HATCH THE DINO EGG - Fill balloons with dino stickers and blow up. Then split up the kids into teams; have them line up. The first child in each line runs to the balloons, grabs one, and sits on it to "hatch the egg." Once teammate breaks the balloon, the next teammate in line runs to the balloons and the play continues until one team finishes. Everyone keeps the stickers that they hatched.

DINO DIG - Fill wading pool with sand. Bury toy dinosaurs, bones, and eggs. Have kids go on a dino-dig and they keep whatever they dig up.

DINO EGG HUNT - Fill Easter eggs with dinosaur stickers and toys, and dino fruit snacks. Hide eggs and let kids find them.

TRICERATOPS TOSS - Download and enlarge the head of a triceratops and mount on plywood. Nail three dowels into head for horns. Have kids toss embroidery hoops onto horns.

Dinosaur Party Games

DINO FEET RELAY - Make 2 small nests out of boxes painted brown and covered with sticks and moss. Make four dino feet out of cereal boxes. Lay flat and cut an "X" on top so kids can slip their feet into boxes. Cover with Fun Foam or card stock and decorate with dino stickers. Have two baskets of dino eggs (plastic Easter eggs weighted down with sand.)

Split kids into 2 teams. Give the first kid of each team a big spoon and a basket of eggs. When the game begins, each kid will take an egg out of their basket and walk and stomp their way to their nest where they deposit their egg. Then they walk and stomp back to their team and remove their feet. Once one of the teams successfully transfers the eggs in their basket into their nest, that team wins.

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