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If you are considering or have decided that a t-riffic Dinosaur Party is going to be the theme for your precious baby's 1st birthday, then I applaud your choice. Dinosaurs were always a favorite of my son when he was a little tyke and over the years they certainly brought him many hours of fun, learning, and enjoyment. So if you need to snag some ideas of how to give your home a dino lift, then click on the above link. If however, you are searching for some games and activities for these little rolly-polies, then keep reading.

To create a fun-filled Dinosaur party, you will want to give all the little ones plenty to feast their eyes upon by turning your room into a Jurassic Jungle. Little ones will certainly enjoy the dino eye candy and this kind of atmosphere is sure to assist in your endeavors of creating plenty of memories.


To help entertain all your little guests, here are some dino-riffic games that will provide lots of dino-mite fun for a successful lil dino party.

DINO CAVE PAINTING – Create a three sided cave out of a big refrigerator box, but don’t have a top for it, leaving the top open so adults can help the young ones with this activity if needed. Tell your small guests that they are going to help decorated the dinosaur cave. Give them crayons or some non-toxic finger paints and let them have fun painting the cave. You may want to place the cave over some plastic or you could do this activity outdoors. This activity is sure to keep them busy for a bit, so it’s perfect for the beginning of your dinosaur party.

COOL DINO FOOTPRINT ACTIVITY – If you’re looking for cool dinosaur games and activities, this cool dino footprint activity is a great choice. For this activity, you need to purchase some Plaster of Paris, as well as some small pie pans. Make sure you have enough pie pans for each guest. For the activity, place some of the Plaster of Paris in all of the pie pans. With the help of adults, let the little ones make prints of their hands or feet in the pie pans. You could also have some twigs and leaves for them to press in around the prints as well. During the party, allow the dino prints to dry. Then, hand them out at the end of the birthday party so kids can take them home.

More Dinosaur Games & Activities

DINOSAUR SOCK PUPPETS – Make some dinosaur sock puppets or purchase some dinosaur puppets. Have some teens or some other adults helps you come up with a fun little sock puppet play for the little ones. Make sure it’s funny and engaging so you keep the attention of your young audience during the sock puppet play. After the little play, you can let the kids have fun playing with the dinosaur sock puppets too.

DINOSAUR EGG COLORING ACTIVITY – Another fun idea for your dinosaur party is to create a fun dinosaur egg coloring game for the kids to play. You’ll need some colored eggs. Before the party, fill colored eggs with fun little prizes that the kids will enjoy. You’ll also need some dinosaur coloring pages and crayons in the colors of the eggs you have chosen. Place all the eggs in a big basket and let each child choose 1 egg. Once they have an egg, give them a coloring page and a crayon in the color of egg that they chose. Have them coloring the coloring page using that color and when they are finished, they get to open the egg and keep the fun prize inside of the egg.

More Dinosaur Games & Activities

FUN DINO NECKLACE ACTIVITY – Let kids make their own cool dinosaur necklace at the dinosaur birthday party. You will need some no-bake clay for this activity, as well as some toy dinosaur figures. Give each child a circle of the no bake clay and the have them use the dinosaur figures to imprint dinosaur footprints or the shape of the dinosaur into the clay. Make sure you put a hole in the clay so it can be made into a necklace. If you’re really brave, you could let kids paint the clay necklaces with some help from the adults. Once the clay is ready, run some black cord through the imprinted clay. You can also set out different kinds of beads for kids to put in the cord to add to the beauty of the necklace. Not only does this make a cool activity that kids will enjoy, but they can take their necklaces home as a party favor when the dinosaur birthday party is over.

DINOSAUR EXCAVATION - Bury little plastic dinosaurs, eggs, and bones in a sandbox or wading pool filled with sand and let your little ones shovel to the treasure. Whatever they dig up; they get to keep. It is best to have teen helpers for this activity so sand doesn't get thrown into a child's eyes.

More Dinosaur Games & Activities

DINOSAUR EGG HUNT - All you need to do is to hide a bunch of small plastic Easter type of eggs and send all your little dinos on a hunt to find them. You can fill the eggs with some treats that they are sure to enjoy. Be sure to have one teen or parent available for each of your little guests who can help them find the eggs.

PIN THE HORNS ON TRICERATOPS - This game provides a twist on the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey game. Instead you will need to use a poster of triceratops. The horns can be made out of construction paper or cardstock. Use double-stick tape. The child who gets their horns the closest to the poster horns shall be the winner.

More Dinosaur Games & Activities

WHAT KIND OF DINOSAUR - Have a teen helper or two to assist you in getting all of the little ones to act like dinosaurs. Get them to move around like certain dinosaurs and make sounds.

PASS THE DINOSAUR - Have everyone sit down in a circle, perhaps with a parent or teen to keep them somewhat wrangled and attempt to pass a dino egg or a small stuffed dinosaur around the circle.

DINO SUGAR COOKIE DECORATING - Cut out various dinosaur shapes from your favorite sugar cookie recipe and provide one cookie to each toddler. Have teen helpers on hand to help the little ones decorate their lil dino with various edible cookie toppings.

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