Darling Teddy Bear Cake

by Gloria

Teddy Bear Cake & My Little Teddy Bear Luv

Teddy Bear Cake & My Little Teddy Bear Luv

My one year old daughter has always been a little cuddle bear. She loves cuddling with my husband and me and she also loves cuddling with stuffed animals too, especially her little teddy bears. We often call her “cuddle bear,” which gave my husband and me the idea of throwing her a teddy bear party for her first birthday party. I wanted everything to be perfect so I could get plenty of great pictures to look back at in the future.

Along with the browns that come with a teddy bear party theme, I also incorporated touches of pink throughout the party décor to really make it look like a little girl’s birthday party. I bought a lot of cheap, plain brown and white bears and dressed them up by adding pink ribbon around their necks. I added pink streamers and teddy bear paper goods that used pink as well. The pink and browns were such a great contrast.

We had some fun with some great teddy bear party activities for the little ones. We kept the activities pretty simple, since all the kids are so young. I purchased a big pull piñata in the shape of a bear for them to have fun with. I also printed out plenty of teddy bear themed coloring pages and had plenty of crayons for the kids to use. For some extra entertainment, I even had Care Bears movies to keep their attention.

My biggest dread was making the cake. I’ve never been artistically talented and was afraid I’d try to make a cake and end up with a disaster. My husband suggested a cake pan, so I shopped around until I found a cute teddy bear cake pan that looked easy to use. The cake pan made everything so simple. I simply made the chocolate cake batter up, poured it in the pan and baked it. Once the cake was done and cooled, all I had to do was worry about icing it. I may not have done a perfect job, but my attempt did end up looking like an actual teddy bear, which made me proud. I got some great pictures of my daughter with the cake that makes me smile every time I see it. That definitely made it worth all the work of making the cake myself.

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