Curious George Party Ideas
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Fun And Fabulous Curious George Party Ideas
A Great Option For Your Little Imps To Monkey Around!

For a fun-filled day of monkey business host a Curious George birthday party. For over 50 years, this inquisitive and mischievous little monkey has captured the hearts of many a child. The kids will go ape when they see what you have in store for them.

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Get ready to swing into action and get to planning your Curious George birthday party. I've got an ape-load of ideas that will insure that no one throws a monkey wrench into your party plans. So, let's get down to it; after all planning the party is half the fun and you are sure to have more fun than a barrel of monkeys.


MINI PUZZLE CURIOUS GEORGE PARTY INVITATIONS – In the Curious George book, “Curious George Goes to the Hospital,” George ends up swallowing a piece of a puzzle and it has to be removed at the hospital. Let this fun story inspire your invitations for your Curious George party. Purchase mini puzzles for each of your guests. You can purchase small Curious George themed puzzles or you can purchase blank puzzles that will allow you to write your party information on them. Whatever type of puzzle you choose to use, make sure that you take one piece of the puzzle out so a piece is missing. You can give the missing piece to each guest when they arrive at the party. If you don’t write your party info on the puzzle, make sure that you attach a small card with all the party details.

YELLOW HAT INVITATIONS – The man in the yellow hat is Curious George’s best friend, so consider making your invites shaped like the infamous yellow hat. You will need sheets of bright yellow cardstock. Find a hat template online and use it to trace and cut out your cardstock in the shape of the hat. On the front of the hat, write “We’re “Curious” to Know If You’ll Attend (Child’s Name)’s Birthday Party.” Be sure to include all the party info that your guests will need on the reverse side, which you can do by typing or writing on the information.

Curious George Party Invites

BANANA INVITATIONS – Curious George just loves bananas, so why not use a banana as the basis for your invite. Choose some yellow cardstock and cut each piece into 4 pieces. On each piece, print out or write all the party details with a black marker. Then, use a hole punch and punch holes in every piece of cardstock. You will need plenty of bananas. Use some ribbon to tie the cards to bananas, and then hand out these fun, tasty invitations to your guests to give them a preview of your fun Curious George birthday party.

MONKEY BAR INVITATIONS – If you have monkey bars at a nearby park, take your child to the park and photograph him or her hanging from the monkey bars. Print out enough photos for each invitation. Then, find a small picture of Curious George online and print out enough for each invitation. Cut pieces of bright yellow cardstock in half and fold each piece in half so it looks like an invitation. Glue the photos to the invite. Then, cut out the pictures of Curious George and place the little cutouts in the photo with your child. Party details should be put inside. (NOTE: If you have a photo program, such as Photoshop, you could always Photoshop in a picture of Curious George with your child to make it look like he’s swinging on the monkey bars with your child).

Suggested Invite Wording:

Jazz up your invites a little bit more by adding some monkey-related wording to your Curious George Party invites. This will not only make them more "fun", but you are sure to put a smile on your little imp invitees. Here is some wording to consider using:

Calling all monkeys. Come one, come all.
Swing into action, it's sure to be a ball.
Add your location and the R.S.V.P. particulars.
Conclude with "I'll go bananas if you don't come!"

EMBELLISH READY-MADE CURIOUS GEORGE INVITATIONS - Buy ready-made Curious George invitations and embellish picture. For example, brown glitter around Curious George's head/body and mouth; tan glitter around hands/face; red, blue, or yellow glitter on balloons.


It’s always fun to dress up in costumes, so consider asking guests to wear fun Curious George costumes. If you don't go this route, as guests arrive transform them into monkeys by giving them each a Curious George mask and tail or you can have some other items available at the party that they can wear.

For example, you can purchase or make your own monkey ears for guests to wear. Make your own with a headband and attach brown ears to the headband so they can be worn. Another idea is to make some brown monkey tails that guests can wear, adding to their monkey costume. Make the tails from brown fabric. Tie strip around hips and attach strip (length appropriate for size of child) to hip strip that hangs down for the tail.


Hold your Curious George party away from home; you can use various Curious George books to inspire theme and location. For example, Curious George Visits the Zoo, Flies a Kite, Goes to the Beach, Goes to the Circus, etc. If this idea doesn't appeal to you, then you might want to get your creativity going and work on developing a festive environment at the home-front. Here are some decorating ideas that would be great for this theme:

  • Head to a craft or fabric store and purchase some Curious George fabric. Use the fabric to make cool Curious George table runners. Cover tables with a brightly colored table cloth and then cover the table cloth with one of your Curious George table runners to make your tables pop.

  • Purchase some straw hats or some large yellow hats. Place the hats upside down on your party food tables. Then, add fun snacks to the hats. Kids will love getting their snacks from a hat and the hats really add to the overall décor for your Curious George party.

  • Find some brightly colored kites. Hang the kites around your party area. Curious George loves kites and gets to fly a kite in the book, “Curious George Flies a Kite.” You could even add pictures of Curious George flying a kite near the kites as well.

  • Outside of the party area, use some yellow sidewalk chalk to draw bananas on your sidewalk. Make the bananas lead all the way to the door of the party so your guests can follow the bananas to the party area when they arrive.

  • Use stuffed monkeys to help decorate the party area, but for each monkey, give the monkey a prop that goes with one of the Curious George books. For example, one stuffed monkey could be holding a kite from the book “Curious George Flies a Kite” or another stuffed monkey could be holding a puzzle piece to go along with the book, “Curious George Goes to the Hospital.”

  • Make your own palm trees by taking palm tree leaves and attaching them to fans or light fixtures. Then, create the trunk of the palm tree by attaching brown paper streamers to the leaves and allowing them to hang down from the top of the “tree.”

  • Have fun making your own confetti for your party tables. You can print out small pictures of Curious George characters and then cut out the pictures in the shape of small circles. Then, sprinkle your circles all over the tables for some cool confetti. To make it easy, PBS offers pages of Printable Confetti that features favorite Curious George characters.

  • Take small squares of yellow cardstock and fold them in half. On the front, attach a small pictures of Curious George. On the other side, write the name of a guest. Make enough of these cards for each guest and use them as cool Curious George themed place cards on your party tables.

  • Add bowls of tropical fruits to your food tables and place real coconuts around the party area to add to a tropical style of décor that will go perfectly with your Curious George party theme.

  • Decorate archways or doorways with red, blue, green and yellow streamers for monkeys to walk through.

  • Decorate wider walkways with red, blue, green, or yellow sheets tied back with rope.

  • Decorate walls with oversized bananas, yellow hats, monkeys, and trees to create jungle atmosphere.
  • Cluster Curious George red, blue, green, and yellow balloons throughout room.

  • Create tent atmosphere around dining room by attaching yellow streamers to ceiling center and at tops of 2 walls while making loops to create canopy effect. Let streamers fall to floor.

  • Add Curious George happy birthday banner on wall.

  • Hang small and large inflatable monkeys around the party room and hang them from tree and plant branches.

  • Using lightweight fishnet, string across ceiling and fill with balloons. Cover walls with green streamers to create jungle atmosphere. Make large trees to put on walls and then add some monkeys to hang from the tree limbs--the inflatable type will work great for a 3-D effect or you can hang pictures of them, whichever you prefer.


You will of course have to plan enough activities and/or games to keep the party going. I have several monkey-related games that would be perfect for a curious George party. If you want to check them out, then you'll have to click on over since I've created a separate page of my Curious George Party Games and Activities, If you're wondering what's on the page, you'll find:

  • Banana Scavenger Hung
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do
  • Monkey Structure
  • Monkey Relay
  • Hot Banana
  • Pin the Tail on Curious George
  • Musical Monkey Chairs
  • Monkey Pinata

PRINTABLE GAMES - If you are thinking about possibly incorporating a printable game or two, this site has some Printable Birthday Games that might be of interest to you.


CHEF PISGHETTI’S MINI PIZZAS – Use English muffins to make the bottoms of your Pizzas, since this means that you will not have to deal with pizza dough. Cover each English muffin half with some pizza sauce. Then, have plenty of different pizza toppings available for your little monkeys to choose from. Let them add their toppings and then pop the little pizzas on a baking sheet and bake for about 7-10 minutes at 350. Making these pizzas will also double as another activity for your young guests.

SPAGHETTI BY CHEF PISGHETTI – Curious George just loved eating food made by Chef Pisghetti, and you can whip up a big batch of spaghetti and tell the kids that it was made by the Chef. Plus, spaghetti is a great choice when you are feeding a lot of people and most kids love it.

BANANA TRAIL MIX – Let your guests enjoy some delicious banana trail mix inspired by Curious George. Make your own trail mix or buy a bag. Then, mix in some dried bananas to the mix. Kids will love it!

COCONUT BANANA SMOOTHIES – Take coconuts and slice them in half, scooping out the coconut for another use so you can use the coconut halves as cups. Another option if you don’t want to deal with coconuts is to use cups that look like coconuts. Make up chocolate banana smoothies in the blender. Here's a yummy-sounding Chocolate Banana Smoothie. Dish out the smoothies into the coconut cups and top with additional slices of banana or other fruits. Serve immediately to your guests. They are sure to enjoy this banana inspired treat along with enjoying all of your other tasty Curious George birthday party food.

Curious George Party Food

CURIOUS GEORGE MONKEY BREADMonkey Bread is delicious, gooey and sugary, so kids are sure to enjoy it. To make it easy, make it with premade biscuit dough and have it ready to pop in the oven right before the party. Serve it up to your “Curious” little guests while it is still warm. It would also be great with a scoop of ice cream as well.

MONKEY TAIL SANDWICHES - Hot dogs of course!

MONKEY FRUIT & CHEESE PLATTER - Cut various fruits and cheeses into bite-sized pieces. Remember to soak your apples in lemon or lime juice to keep the brown away. Use toothpicks with red, blue, green, or yellow tops.

MONKEY CRACKER MUNCHIES - Mix chopped pecans and either red, blue, green, or yellow food coloring into cream cheese to slightly tint to party colors. Spread on top of Pepperidge Farm decorative-shaped crackers and top with piece of ham.

ANIMAL LOGS - Cut some celery stalks into pieces that are about 3" long. Mix red, blue, green, or yellow food coloring into cream cheese to tint it into party colors. You can also add some chopped up pecans to add a little additional crunch. Then fill up your celery pieces with almond butter, peanut butter, or your cream cheese mixture. Stick animal cracker in center of each piece and add a couple of raisins on either side of cracker.


YELLOW HAT BIRTHDAY CAKE – This cake is easy to make, although it takes a little time to deal with the layers. You’ll need two round cakes and you’ll need to bake a cake in a Pyrex bowl as well. Chocolate is perfect for this cake. After baking the cakes, stack the two round cakes together, using yellow buttercream to attach them. Then, carefully cut the Pyrex bowl cake in half to make the top two layers of the hat, adding more frosting between the layers. Place your layers on a large circle cake dish. Use frosting on the dish to make it look like the brim of the hat. Top the rest of your hat cake with the yellow buttercream as well. Use some black icing around the bottom to make a hat band. You’ll end up with a stunning yellow hat cake.

BANANA TOPPED CURIOUS GEORGE CUPCAKES – Make some cupcakes from a chocolate cake mix. Then, frost the cupcakes with blue buttercream. Purchase a bag of Runts candy. Pick out the bananas. Add a three bananas to the top of each cupcake. You’ll end up with cute cupcakes that take very little time to make.

CURIOUS GEORGE SCENE - Top off a cake that has yellow frosting on it with a cake topper--Curious George of course or create a festive jungle scene using some plastic jungle trees and Curious George characters.

CURIOUS GEORGE CAKE - Bake cake using a monkey-shaped cake pan and decorate with edible glitter, sprinkles, sparkling sugar, or gel icing.

MONKEY CAKE - Bake up two cupcakes and one cake that is round. Cut the cupcake in half--vertically that is. Put one-half of a cupcake on either side of your round cake to create the monkey ears and one in the center of the cake for the nose. Frost with brown icing and face with tan icing. Decorate with edible glitter, sprinkles, sparkling sugar, or gel icing.


Fill Curious George cellophane bags or boxes with any combination of Curious George stickers, bubbles, binoculars, sunglasses, balloons, plastic monkeys, stuffed monkey, or Barrel of Monkeys.

YOUR Favorite Curious George Party Ideas, Cakes & Costumes

Do you have some favorite Curious George party ideas, cakes and costumes? Do tell! Please share all your party tips and ideas for invitations, decorations, games, etc., along with your Curious George cakes and costumes.

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