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If you have decided to monkey around a bit and host a Curious George Party, then you will want to be sure to plan some fun shenanigans to keep all your little monkeys having a swingin' good time. To help you out, I got my monkey brain to thinking and came up with several games that are either monkey-related or focus on the Curious George theme.

As you scroll through your options, just imagine your little imps going bananas as they play all the fun games. This imagery will help you decide exactly which games to select and which games to let go by the wayside. So, swing into action and start scrolling.


FACE PAINTING - As your guests arrive, invite them to transform themselves into Curious George with the assistance of some teen helpers who will apply face paint to make everyone look like monkeys. You can also give them some tails and ears to complete the look. Be sure to take plenty of pictures.

MONKEY BOUNCE HOUSE - Rent a jungle themed bounce house and turn yor little monkeys loose. They will quickly swing into action and have a great time to boot.

BANANA SCAVENGER HUNT - Make banana shaped envelopes from yellow construction paper. Insert a prize into each banana and staple the open edges closed. Hide thhe bananas and tell each monkey to find one banana.

MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DO - Guest monkeys form circle around birthday monkey who is first leader. Play fun music and birthday monkey does silly dance moves, or monkey moves, or whatever he/she wants and guest monkeys imitate. After 1-2 minutes give each guest monkey a chance to be leader.

MONKEY STRUCTURE - If you have a jungle gym, then let your little imps cut loose and act like monkeys.

MONKEY RELAY - Divide monkeys into 2 teams and line them up. Show them how to run (sway back and forth) like a monkey, swing their arms, scratch their armpits, and make monkey yells from start line to finish line. One monkey from each team starts by running like a monkey to finish line. When monkey crosses finish line next teammate starts running to finish line. Relay continues until one team gets through all of their monkeys first and wins.

Curious George Games

HOT BANANA - This game is played like Hot Potato except you use a banana. Put all monkeys in circle and have birthday monkey start with the banana. Turn music on and let monkeys pass banana to monkey sitting next to them. Play continues until music stops and whichever monkey is left holding the banana is out. Repeat until only 1 monkey remains and he/she is the winner.

PIN THE TAIL ON CURIOUS GEORGE - Game is played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Get poster of Curious George and make enough tails as there are players. Blindfold each monkey, spin them around, and have them try to pin the tail on George. Use double stick tape. The monkey who gets the tail closest to George's rear wins.

MUSICAL MONKEY CHAIRS - Set chairs in 2 rows, back to back using 1 less chair than the number of monkeys. Turn music on, have everyone walk around chairs like monkeys while making monkey sounds and moves. When music stops, monkeys sit down. The monkey left standing is out of the game. Repeat until only 1 monkey remains and he/she is the winner.

MONKEY PINATA - Blindfold monkeys with handkerchief. Wrap bat with red, blue, green, or yellow streamers and tie curling ribbons at bottom of bat.

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