Cupcake Party Theme - 1st Birthday Party

by Carol B.
(Costa Mesa, CA)

Throw A Yummy Cupcake Party & You're Sure To Have A Delicious Outcome!

Throw A Yummy Cupcake Party & You're Sure To Have A Delicious Outcome!

For our daughter's 1st birthday we decided on a cupcake party.

Invitations: I made cupcake shaped invitations out of brown and pink construction paper. I put "Our little cupcake is turning 1!" on one side and all the party info on the back side.

Decorations: I put bouquets of pink and brown balloons throughout the room and tied a balloon to each of the baby's high chairs. I also gave the birthday girl a huge Mylar cupcake balloon. I covered the table with a pink plastic tablecloth and used cupcake printed plates. I hung pink and brown streamers around my doorways and window frames. I also hung them from our ceiling to our chandelier.

Cake: I made cupcakes and frosted them in a rainbow of pastels. I also made a special smash cake in the shape of a large cupcake for our daughter.

Craft For Older Kids: I made a bunch of unfrosted cupcakes and gave them each one to decorate. I provided vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry frostings, along with a variety of toppings like sprinkles, M&M's and some other toppings.

Music: I gave all the babies kitchen utensils like wood spoons, pots, and pans and let them make "music".

Party Favors: We gave all the babies pretty little Sippy cups, bubbles, and a chunky puzzle.

Everyone had a great time!

Reply: Great Ideas, But I Gotta Add My Two Bits

Thanks to Carol for sharing these lovely 1sth birthday party ideas for a cupcake birthday party. Her idea of cupcake shaped invitations got me thinking. If you have the time and the inclination, why not consider making real cupcakes for the invitations. Make up a batch of cupcakes, making one for each guest you plan to invite. Decorate them using the color palette you intend to use for the party.

Once the cupcakes are baked and decorated, slip them into small bakery cupcake boxes. Tie the boxes up with some pretty ribbon. On slips of pretty cardstock, write the party details, including the location, time and date. Tie the cardstock to the box with ribbon and then hand-deliver the cupcakes to each guest. It will give them a nice preview of the party and they are sure to love the idea of a tasty cupcake to eat. Your guests are sure to RSVP a.s.a.p.!

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