Cross Cake

by Mae-Lan Mejia
(Santa Clarita, CA)

This cake was carved into a cross shape and then covered with fondant and hand painted. The butterflies are made from gum paste and they too are hand painted.

This cross cake is such a lovely addition to any Christian Easter birthday party. Simply bake a sheet cake and it’s easy to cut out the shape of a cross. Of course, while this cross is beautifully decorated in pinks and creams, you can use any color scheme on the cake to make it go with the color palette you’ve chosen for the decorations. For example, if you are throwing a party for a guy, you could go with blues and pale greys on the cake, which would look wonderful as well.

If you don’t think you can cut a cake into a cross shape, why not create a cross cake by baking a sheet cake and piping on a cross. Start with a sheet cake and cover it with white icing. Then use brown or black icing to draw a cross on the cake. Then you can place other decorations on it to add to the cake’s beauty. This may be a bit easier and faster than actually carving the cake into the shape of the cross.

Another fun idea is to start with the cross cake and accent it with cupcakes. Since you are using an Easter theme, consider decorating the cupcakes to look like beautiful flowers. For added interest, use a variety of bright colors when decorating them. Place the cupcakes all around the cake, which will add more color and play up the beauty of the cross cake as well. You can serve the cross cake at the party and then box up the flower cupcakes to send them home with your guests as party favors. Guests will love getting to enjoy this little treat later.

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