Cowboy Games For 1st Birthday Rootin' Tootin Fun!

Fun And Fabulous Cowboy Games
That Will Lasso Your Little Cowboys Into An Afternoon Of Fun!

If you have decided that a Cowboy Birthday Party is the way to go for your little one's 1st birthday, then you will need to also schedule a bit of time to plan a few games and/or activities to keep all his or her cowpokes entertained.

To help get you started creating that fun-filled birthday hoe-down, I have created this page which contains several cowboy party games. These games are sure to help you wrangle up lots of rootin' tootin fun for your little buckaroos. So if you are ready to lasso in a successful little cowboy birthday party, then start scrolling through these foot stompin' fun-filled games:


Use some of the following little cowboy games to create added adventure for your cowboy party.

TOY HORSESHOE TOSSING GAME – This horseshoe tossing game is one of the cowboy games that will be simple enough for your young guests to enjoy. You will need to purchase some plastic toy horseshoes for the game. Set up a couple hula hoops a couple feet away from the “tossing line.” One at a time, let the little ones throw five horseshoes at the hula hoops, trying to get the horseshoes inside one of the hula hoops. Of course, the little ones may need a bit of help and parents may need to encourage them to throw their horseshoe at the hula hoop.

HORSESHOE PAINTING ACTIVITY – Another great activity for your cowboy birthday party is a horseshoe painting activity. At craft stores, you can purchase some horseshoe kits, or you can just cut some horseshoe shapes out of some Styrofoam for this activity if you do not want to purchase the kits. Provide your little guests with some paints, stickers, glitter and other decorative items. Let them paint the horseshoes, with help, of course, and after the horseshoes dry, they can go back and decorate the horseshoes with glitter glue, stickers and other fun embellishments. Then, when your cowboy party is over, the guests can head home with their decorated horseshoes.

Cowboy Games

COW BALLOON ROUNDUP GAME – Find bags of balloons in cow colors, such as white, brown, black, etc. Blow up plenty of the balloons before the party so they are ready. To play this game, release a bunch of balloons into the party area, letting the little ones know that the balloons are “cows.” Have a cardboard pen set up (it can just be a cardboard box) and encourage guests to try to “round up” the “cows” by making sure they go into the cow pen. It will probably take them a little time to get all the balloons in the “corral” but they are sure to have fun rounding up the “cows.”

COWBOY HOEDOWN – Have a good old-fashioned cowboy hoedown for your young guests. Most young kids love music and you can let them enjoy the music while dancing. Once you turn on the cowboy music, have kids start dancing to the music. The other adults at the party can help you get the little ones dancing. Some great cowboy songs you may want to use for your hoedown include the following:

- Home on the Range
- Back in the Saddle Again
- Ghost Riders in the Sky
- Ballad of Davy Crockett
- Happy Trails
- Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys
- Red River Valley
- Cattle Call
- Get Along Little Doggies
- O Susanna
- Wild Horses
- The Cowboy Rides Away
- The Cowboy in Me
- Amarillo By Morning
- I Should’ve Been a Cowboy

Cowboy Games

COWBOY/COWGIRL VEST DECORATING ACTIVITY – At the beginning of the party, let your little cowpokes decorate their own cowboy or cowgirl vest. Use paper bags to create small cowboy vests before the party. Then, as guests arrive, let them have some fun decorating their vests with stickers, crayons, etc. After they finish decorating their vests, they can put on their little vests and wear them during the cowboy birthday party. They will look so cute in their little vests you will definitely want to make sure you get some pictures of the little cowpokes.

PIN THE TAIL ON THE HORSE - Put a poster of a horse on one of your large, open walls. Make a bunch of horse tails out of construction paper--enough so all your little guests can have one and perhaps a few extras. Use double-stick tape. Whoever sticks their tail closest to the one on the poster shall be the winner.

Cowboy Games

BRANDING THE BABIES - Brand each of your little cowpoke with a temporary tattoo. As you "brand" the baby, be sure to make the sizzling sound.

PASS THE HORSIE - Play this game like Hot Potato. Sit all the little ones in a circle and have them pass a stuffed horsie around the circle as the music plays. Once you stop playing the background music, whoever has possession of the horse can win that stuffed horse or have that little tyke be out of the game, whichever you prefer.

Alternative: Substitute a rubber snake and you could play pass the rattlesnake.

COWBOY PINATA - Be sure to have a fun cowboy string pinata. It can serve a two-fold purpose. The kids can enjoy looking at it as a decoration during the party and later use it for a party activity.

BUCKING BRONCOS - Get some teen helpers for this one and have them dress up as little wranglers. Have them take turns bouncing a baby on their lap/knee area like a bucking bronco.

Cowboy Games

NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK - Spread a tarp or sheet on the floor and break apart a bale of hay. Hide little plastic horses, cowboys, etc. in the hay and have the little ones try to find the hidden treasure. Be sure to use teen helpers for this one.

PANNING FOR GOLD #1 - Fill a wading pool with sand and hide gold foiled wrapped chocolate coins or shiny pennies. You can use sand toys for sifting the sand or create your gold pans by punching holes in tin pie plates. Shine up your pennies with a solution of salt and vinegar. Use about 1/4 cup salt with 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar.

PANNING FOR GOLD #2 - Scatter gold foil-wrapped chocolate coins around the party room and let the little ones try to find them. Once again, teen helpers would be a great add-on for this game.

ROCKIN' HORSE - If you have a rocking horse, this would be a perfect cowboy party add-on. Be sure to tie a bandanna around the horse's neck. Have the teen helpers give the little ones each a ride.

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