Coolest Princess Party Ideas

by Stacy Taylor
(New Orleans)

Making All Her Dreams Come True...

Making All Her Dreams Come True...

Every little girl should have a princess party. Do it up right and she'll surely feel like a real princess.

Turn your home into a kingdom setting. Magically transform the table into a banquet fit for royalty. Use lots of pink or lavender tulle to make big bows for the chairs and hang off the tablecloth. Serve little sandwiches cut into fourths and serve them on doilies. Serve sparkling cider in plastic champagne glasses.

Be sure to have all your little guests come dressed as princes and princesses.

Hang gossamer--a really cool decoration on the walls. Use lots of tiny white lights to add a fun atmosphere. Also hang lots of pink and white streamers and balloon--real cheap, goes a long way to help make your kingdom come alive.

Yup! this party does take a while to set up but you’re going to give your daughter a memory of a life time. When she sees what you've done--the way her face will light up will then also be a memory of a life time for you--well worth it all! Suck it up and do it!

Little girls just love pretending to be a princess. No wonder so many girls long to have their own princess party. Stacy came up with some fabulous princess party ideas that any girl is sure to love. Her exciting tips and ideas even made me come up with a few more princess birthday party ideas of my own.

To make sure all the girls at the party feel like princesses, make sure you have a tiara for each little girl to wear. It’s even fun to have the girls show up in pretty party dresses so they dress the part of a princess as well. You can even have some beautiful royal scepters for each girl to play with at the party.

Another of the exciting princess party ideas is to start the royal treatment at the front door. Roll out the red carpet for your daughter and her guests – literally! You don’t have to use carpet, but you can use some red fabric and roll it out on the floor to make it look like a royal red carpet.

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