Coolest Black Light Party Ideas

by Meganann

Black Light Pizazzz!

Black Light Pizazzz!

Serve Mountain Dew or other green sodas because they will glow :)

Put glow-in-the-dark tape around the room and on large pieces of furniture so people don't run into things.

Write messages on poster board using a highlighter. Hang signs to guide everyone to food, bathrooms and wherever else you want them to go or not go.

Send secret messages with Petroleum Jelly. It glows under a black light and does a disappearing act in regular lighting.

Have glow-in-the-dark body paint available so everyone can paint something on themselves or a friend.

Mountain Dew is definitely a great drink of choice for your black light party. While other green sodas glow, Mountain Dew always seems to give off the best glow and is perfect for this type of party.


I love the idea of using Petroleum Jelly as part of your decorating arsenal. You can easily create your party food signs by writing the food names on tablecloths so guests can easily identify what you're serving. In the alternative, you could write the food names on pieces of black poster board using the Petroleum Jelly as the "pencil" and set the signs by each of your dishes. That will instantly bring a fun glow to your party food table.


Another fun idea is for the gals to add a bit of the Petroleum Jelly to their eyelids for a beautiful glow at the party. To let the guys in on the fun they could add Petroleum Jelly to their eyebrows, mustaches and beards.


Highlighters or fluorescent paint can be used to help you create a great birthday banner that will easily stand out from afar on any party room wall. You can even have a poster on the wall where guests can use the paints or highlighters to write fun birthday messages to the guest of honor at the party.

Another fun idea for a black light party is to have all your guests show up in white t-shirts, or you can give them a plain white t-shirt to wear at the party. Guests can use highlighters or paints to write on the shirts, making their shirt look cool and unique. You can also create a fun game; see which person can get the most signatures on their shirt before the end of the party or get the best artwork drawn onto their shirt.

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